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07-02-2008, 14:08
What kind of units do you run in tandem and why?

My basic hard-hitting combo is a unit of savage orc boar boyz with a unit of wolf riders to protect them from baiting. Sometimes I add a wolf chariot in the mix to get the chance of combined charge with the wolf riders: surprisingly effective.

Another one is a unit of orc boyz protected by a unit of night goblins with fanatics from knights and such.

With my empire, I usually field a unit of knights with a helblaster. I know it sounds strange, but a single 5-strong unit of knights is very good at shielding the helblaster from missile fire and can quickly move out of the way when juicy targets get in the blaster's range.

Now you. :)

07-02-2008, 14:26
I like to run a unit of Chosen chaos knights of slaanesh , full command, Rapturous standard with an exalted champion with Enchanted shield, chaos steed, and berserker sword. I also run 5 regular Chaos knights of Slaanesh combined with a slaanesh chariot with sorceror as a frontal/flanker combination.

For empire I like a unit of 24 spearmen with FC, BSB with Griffon Standard, 6 handgunner detachment, and 10 swordsmen detachment.

For Orcs and Goblins I favor 19 Big Uns with 2 choppas, FC, my Warboss and 5 boar boys in the flank.

I can go on if you'd like.

Your Mum Rang
07-02-2008, 14:43
4 Minotaurs of Khorne + 8 Warhounds. A cheap screen that won't panic your hitty unit when they run.

07-02-2008, 15:14
2 treeemen taking a charge with a bsb floating nearby, keeps the treemen from breaking and allows dryads or something else to flank charge