View Full Version : 2000pt orc and goblin army for a newb

07-02-2008, 18:36
Hey, i'm newly getting back into warhammer. Its been awhile since i've played so i was wondering if you guys could look over this list and let me know any suggestions to improve it.
I have these models.
50 orc boyz with hand wep and shield and two commands
60 night goblins with commands split into two 30 regiments includes two fanatics and netters
20 black orcs with command
3 squig herder teams

The list i was thinking off was something like this
Black orc warboss 263pts
-With heavy armour and shield
-akrit axe
-best boss hat
-kicken boots

Black orc bigboss 180pts
-banttle standard bearer
-heavy armour
-morks spirit token

Night Goblin Shaman 135pts
-staff of stealin

Orc Shaman 100pts


3 regiments of 25 orc boyz 510pts
-Hand weapons, sheilds and full commands

2 regiments of 30 night goblins 386pts
-handweapons , shelds, nets , 2xfanatics, full command

2 units 5 wolf riders 132pts


2x bolt throwers 80pts

2 boar chariots 160pts

comes to 1946 pts

Any ideas if this is any good as a balanced list to have fun with but still be slightly competitve ( not in a tournament way though). Any ideas what changes to make. All comments and critisim welcome. feel free to let rip :)

07-02-2008, 18:45
Very good list

almost the same as mine but i dont have the chariots

but i will work well

07-02-2008, 20:26
nice rounded list, drop the staff of stealin, you will still have 7 dispel dice and get a scroll for that "must be stopped spell".

give the night gobbo shaman the squig pipes that make cavalry run.

and I take it you are using the black orcs as normal orcs?

I like it.. simple and to the point.. just how an orc likes it!

07-02-2008, 22:40
I would swap shields on your Orcs for additional hand weapons. There are these combat calculators on the interwebs where it shows that in all cases additional HW is a better option (only spears are better if you don't have the charge).

Everything else looks quite okay, maybe add extra crew member to your chariots. You could also add a Itty ring to one of your mages, this will put a little extra pressure in your magic phase.