View Full Version : 2k HE army, looking for tuning

07-02-2008, 22:44
Here is the list:


Prince 621
w/lance, armour of caledor, vambraces of defense, amulet of light
Star Dragon
Mage 140
w/ 2 scrolls


24 Spearmen 241
w/ full command
24 Spearmen 241
w/ full command
10 Archers 110


8 Dragon Princes 315
w/ champion, standard, banner of A. protection, gem of courage
Tiranoc chariot 85


2 Bolt Throwers 200

Total 1953
PD: 3
DD: 3 + 2 scrolls
models: 73

So for the past couple games, i have been using this list, and i have mixed results. My first game against an all elf WE army was a draw, second against a four chariot DE army was a minor loss, and my most recent game vs. a DoW army with arsnil was a massacre in my favor.

I am thinking of a couple changes. First I could drop the DP to 5, giving me 150 points extra, which would let me get another mage and upgrade the existing one. Or I could keep magic the way it is, add some Shadow Warriors and another unit of archers. My models are limited, but I might try and squeeze in the one eagle I have.
Alternatively I could upgrade all the spears to seaguard with those extra points.

I am open to suggestions and opinions!

08-02-2008, 00:07
I dont normally complain about armys but unless your going to a tournament dragons are a bit nasty to use in friendly games.

Still I agre that droping the dragon princes to a smller number would be better, maby take only 5.

Also you could drop the spear units down to 20 to get more points.

With these points saved you could go for another mage, one mge is unlikely to do anything.

08-02-2008, 14:12
i like the list i use almost the exact lord -light, and two units of spears, so i really like that but the above poster is right with 5 dragon princes you can put a bsb in the unit and make it a really hard hitting unit. the bolt throwers are good but if your in close combat so quick mabey one is good and take a white lion chariot with korhill and its stubborn. but i think its a good list mabey try swaping out a unit here and there and use what fits your tatics. i like to hit hard on round two. howler wind is good on a unit of 12 swordmasters if you can get it off too. good luck.

Stella Cadente
08-02-2008, 15:54
I'm glad to see you haven't taken a cannon like most annoyingly stupid people

Personally I would drop the dragon down to a moon dragon
and only take 5 Princes as said, that'll save you a few points
Then I would drop the spearmen to 20+command, and buy another unit with the spare points left over of 20+command

10-02-2008, 21:04
Well half the reason I took the star dragon is because I tend to end up fighting a multitude of chariots (recently a 4 chariot DE army), so the autokill is nice. Prefer not to have star lance on him, because he needs the extra protection of 2+ reroll with 4+ ward. I have considered a BSB, but its a big points sink into a unit that almost always dies. I would like to experiment with a lion chariot, but sadly i only have the one chariot, and no money to buy more =(
I can see how having an extra unit of spears could come in handy, and i might try that next game. At this point, its either adding magic, adding more shooting, or more combat (in for of spears)
Nobody has commented on the option of taking seaguard yet. Any thoughts on that?

Jack of Blades
10-02-2008, 21:07
It depends on what you want your core units to do. I would personally not use Spearmen and just use Sea Guard with Archer detachments, and the reason to take Sea Guard is for the flexibility imo.

Overall, they're a good choice. But then so are all HE core units.