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07-02-2008, 22:46
I dont have the rulebook at the moment to access.
Do fleeing fliers use their fly move?
By that I mean can they be destroyed by fleeing into a unit with unit strength of 5 or more?

07-02-2008, 23:23
BRB, Page 68, last paragraph.
Fleeing and pursuing
...Flyers can flee over interposing terrain and units, but if their move ends inside impassable terrain (including woods) or non-fleeing enemies, they are destroyed as normal.

So unless their flee distance means they land on an enemy unit, they ignore them.

If the unit they land on is <US5, then they will 'bump' through them to 1" out of contact in the direction they were fleeing (a la friendly fleeing through units).
(This is my interpretation of the rules, as the Flying rules state 'as normal').

07-02-2008, 23:24
Flyers always fly when they flee (unless they can't for some reason eg. fleeing from inside a wood). This means they are only destroyed by impassable terrain and enemy units if they end their flee move on top of it.