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30-09-2005, 04:21
I was just flipping through my Hordes of Chaos Book and came with an idea.

Chaos Warriors are generally thought of as overpriced, but just to be goofy I thought of what it woudl be like to run a "horde" of warriors, no pesky marauders who run around with barely any clothes.

100 Chaos Warriors with hand weapon and shield cost 1500 points. That is alot of warriors. Split them up into regiments of 20 (which is huge), and that gives you five regiments of 20 Chaos Warriors in a 2000 point game. You still need command of some sort for each regiment, which is 30 points per regiment.

That gets me up to 1650. I've got 350 more points to spend.

I need something faster moving just to intercept the enemy fast elements. It is a good thing chaos hounds are cheap. Five regiments of five costs me 150 points.

I've got 200 points left to spend. I still need a general. I'm going to go really cheap here. An Aspiring Champion with great weapon and shield costs me 86 points. Now I'm down to 114 points and I still have no magical defense whatsoever. I'll give the Mark of Khorne to two of my regiments, now I'm down to 24 points.

I need something a little hard hitting besides a single hero with a great weapon. I'm splitting up one of my regiments of warriors into two 10 man regiments without command at all. Now I've got 54 points to play with, so I'll give them all great weapons. I'm down to 14 points now. I'll drop a warrior (bringing me up to 29 points) and add in a warbanner for a regiment bringing me to a grand total of 1996 (if I did the math right).

So, here is my army list:
Aspiring Champion - Shield, Great Weapon
20 Chaos Warriors - Shields, Full Command, Mark of Khorne
20 Chaos Warriors - Shields, Full Command, Mark of Khorne
19 Chaos Warriors - Shields, Full Command, Warbanner
20 Chaos Warriors - Shields, Full Command
10 Chaos Warriors - Shields, Great Weapons
10 Chaos Warriors - Shields, Great Weapons
5 Chaos Hounds
5 Chaos Hounds
5 Chaos Hounds
5 Chaos Hounds
5 Chaos Hounds
1996 points
4 Dispel Dice (used on the "one crucial spell per turn")
125 models (pretty damn large for a chaos warrior filled army)

It isn't a powergamer army, but I like it and think it could be fairly competetive as long as it doesn't face anything really over the top. It definately has weaknesses. It only has two relatively hard hitting regiments (although the frenzied khorne warriors do have two attacks apiece). It is not very fast. It only has 4 dispel dice for magical defense. Frenzy is barely even an issue here though, the chances of those two regiments getting drawn out are slim to none with so many warriors all over and so many chaos hounds.

The thought of 100 Chaos Warriors (counting the general) is cool. I don't know that I'll go out get the stuff to field this army (I'd need alot more hounds and alot more warriors), but I thought it was kind of cool.

It would definately look impressive on the table.

I'm sure it could be improved but this was just sort of screwing around (as you could probably tell by my rambling method of posting this army list while creating it rather quickly).

30-09-2005, 06:17
Because you qualified the list, I'm not sure if you're looking for advice or validation.

It's so simple that it probably would work. There are enough hounds to screen all but the most intense shooting for a couple of turns. There are only a handful of magic-heavy armies that would tear you up.

The obvious thing would be to drop one of the blocks instead for a chariot and a unit of knights for extra punch. You could also drop the shields from the flankers, add a champ, and switch one or both to 2x HW against low T low save armies.

30-09-2005, 07:03
I'd almost be inclined to replace the hounds with some Gor units. Warriors and Gors lead by a champion? That's a classic chaos army! :D

30-09-2005, 11:26
i think that is a great list! i wish i would afford to buy (and paint!) a 100 warriors.

30-09-2005, 11:36
I'm somewhat dubious. Sure, you have enough warriors to get to where you want to go (given enough time), but I'm not sure you'd do much damage once you get there.
Or to put it another way: I don't see how you intend to get much in the way of VPs.

It should do well on average, though.

30-09-2005, 12:23
I usually reckon that, as a sort of rough guideline, an army has to do really well in one phase of the game to play well, and possibly two phases to win regularly. I don't really see which phase your army would dominate.

30-09-2005, 19:20
The shooting phase!

I believe the general idea is that you have a horde of guys who have a 4+ save versus shooting with toughness 4, and a 3+ save in close combat. It is pretty similar to a Dwarf close combat horde, although it is quicker and the troops are better in close combat.

The only reason I left the shields on the great weapon guys is to give them a decent shot at surviving a little shooting. Probably not "required" though.

The idea of dropping a block for some knights and a chariot would significantly improve the army I think.

30-09-2005, 19:42
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Freak Ona Leash
30-09-2005, 21:35
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See, thats spam I believe. Spam=against rules. Against rules=bad for soul.

30-09-2005, 23:33
Well, the list obviously has pronounced weaknesses, but dropping things to get your impact units really isn't the point of the list so you really need to identify and counter the chinks in your masses of armour...

The main weakness I see resides in the hounds. Cheap and plentiful they may be but a canny opponent will not get distracted by the chaos warriros for a moment until the hounds are gone. Without the hounds, this army struggles both in terms of maneouver and combat. Once the hounds are dispatched you just have chunks of infantry waiting to get flanked and in that circumstance it doesn't really matter how good they are.

Problem is, hounds are particularly easy to get rid of because of their low leadership and survivability. Average amounts of shooting, a terror causing model or enemy fast cavalry/fliers could see them off pretty quickly so you really need to be able to counter this.

So ironically, I think the hounds are what needs protecting in this list. Use terrain or even the CW units. Something of a role reversal if you will. The warrior blocks are going to wade through most missile fire so don't really need to be screened unless facing helblasters and so on... The hound units have to survive to get flank charges or to lure out enemy charges, they can't be thrown away like in most lists.

Thats what I'd do with it anyway. :p

01-10-2005, 04:57
Buy the from Neil at the Warstore!

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Good store to order from, however I won't order any GW products from him because I can't do it over the net (paranoia of phone ordering, way too many times I've had phone lines cross and have been able to listen in on conversations people are having that I don't even know).

About the hounds:

I was pretty much thinking they would go behind the army for the most part because of their lack of durability that you mention, able to rush out in between various holes (fast cavalry is wonderful) if they need to, or able to run out on the flanks. I'd never use them as a screen.

02-10-2005, 00:57
(fast cavalry is wonderful)

Indeed it is, but unfortunately hounds are not fast cavalry.

02-10-2005, 01:14
Technically, not spam.

I'm helping him out financially with his army.

With his army...

02-10-2005, 03:54
Indeed it is, but unfortunately hounds are not fast cavalry.

Oops . . .

Well, then, that changes things a bit. Maybe some marauder horsemen woudl work, although I do not like the models myself (but I don't really see myself buying this army anyway, this whole discussion is just for fun).