View Full Version : New Vampire army (using new book)

09-02-2008, 04:31
so here is the list that I played using the new book. i did have a nasty massacre in my favor against the HE, sorry i can't remember all of the names of magic items.

Vampire Count Blood Armour of (? - 4+ armour save, 5+ ward), Dark Acolyte and bloodline extra power level
Necromancer extra spell, book of arkhan

2x 25 skeletons with full command
20 ghouls
2x 5 dire wolves
5 bat swarms

24 grave guard with full command royal banner of strigos

black coach

sorry i can not remember everything, but it is a very cool list. I kept the black coach very close to Konrad, in the future i am going to keep that black coach right where it was (konrad has a tendency to go blood crazy and run out of his units). it was an awesome combination.