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Inquisitor Feldenhaus
09-02-2008, 16:48
I was thinking about starting some orks, but don't know much about them. I am really drawn by the new models, and have always had a liking for the greenskins, anyway, what should I start with, and do you have any tips for a new Ork player?

09-02-2008, 17:07
First of all you will want to get the codex so you can do a bit of reading on them and get a feel for what type of army you want. The usual types are Horde (Lots of boyz), Speed Freaks (Smaller faster units, bikes trukks etc) and Dakka lists with as many long range guns as possible. Once you have made your choice, write up a list so it can be critiqued. From there once it has been fine tuned, buy the models paint them up and play a game.

I would start small with 500 pts or even 1000 if you are a keener and go from there. Take it slow and don't get too frustrated if you lose a few games.

Soulless Enigma
09-02-2008, 17:17
No matter what sort of army list you go for, you'll need a decent core of Boyz to form the choppa or dakka-fueled killing core of your army. Warbosses are always good, too.

Also, expect to kill some of your own men. It is the Orky way! As one poster on these forums once said (quite recently too, but I forget who it was):

"The only person allowed to kill my Orks is me!"

As such, you can never have enough Boyz. If you have to make the choice between a tooled-up Nob squad of 5 or a mob 30 Slugga Boyz (admittedly an exaggeration), take the Sluggas.

I still have to get the new Codex, so I'm afraid I can't be much more help. Still, that should help some.

09-02-2008, 17:25
Soulles is already giving the best and most important advice when it comes to greenskins, the codex and lotz of boyz.
At their price you want lots of them you can drown the enemy in a tide of greenskinned death

09-02-2008, 18:02
The most basic thing is do you plan to spend a lot of money on them? With the recent decrease in the number of boyz per box set, you will need to folk out more money for them. It used to be 16 boyz per box at 18 pounds and it's now 10 boyz at 12 pounds.

You can convert ork vehicles out of anything you can grab your hands on. Bells of Lost Soul have an article on creating cheap killa kan out of household materials.

09-02-2008, 18:04
Just get the codex and about 20-40 Boyz, plus a Warboss. That'll be enough for the core, as you always need a HQ choice, for which a Warboss is perfect, and 40 Boyz can be divided into mobs of 2x20, that's for the 2 Troops choices. From there, you can always go from Horde to any other type of army.

09-02-2008, 20:58
#1 Get the Codex

#2 Decide on what style of play you like - new Codex has options for mech, horde, gun line, hero hammer - then plan your first 500pts

#3 Fantasy Orks are just 40k Orks looking for a gun

#4 ebay is your friend

09-02-2008, 21:22
I'd recommend a full squad of lootaz, whatever else you end up taking. They can potentially throw out 45 S7 shots in one turn of shooting. Thats nice and scary. I know as an opponent it sure scares me.

Inquisitor Feldenhaus
09-02-2008, 21:45
Okay, I went out and got 1 squad of the new boyz, but didn't get the codex, and I was wondering, would it be okay to have models with 2 shootas in a slugga boyz mob?

Red Skullz
09-02-2008, 21:58
Hey, and might I congratulate you with a marvelous choice of army ;)

As for your last question, no not really. You can only have one heavy or in the orks case one special weapon per 10 boyz. Your options are either a big shoota (heavy bolter only assault) or the more popular choice a rokkit launcher (range 18" but assault).

I would recommend 1*20 sluggas w/power klaw nob & 2 rokkits and 1*20 shootas w/power klaw nob & two big shootas. This is a really nice core and I`ve used exactly the same core since I started with orks two years ago.

After that you really need to get the codex and read up on what style you want to go for. For me personally I field a combination of dakka, speed-freeks & choppa style army. Has worked well for me since I`ve still haven`t lost a battle (not bragging but it is the truth..). However what works for me might not work for you so try out a small battle with only the core and a warboss and take it from there. As you play some battles you`ll figure out what you feel you lack :)

Good luck!