View Full Version : rough list for a VC army, let me know if its crap

09-02-2008, 20:54

i was thinking about building a small VC army around the few modells i have. the following list doesnt have any point values but i think it would come out to about 1000 pts. this list is put together from the modells i like in the range so just let me know if it would be terrible in a game.

modells i have so far
old school mounted vampire on steed with heavy armour. love this guy but never got around to painting him.

20 skeletons

1 necromancer with sword and skull staff.

thinking of adding

unit of 20 zombies
5 black knights
10 ghouls
4 stands of bat swarms.

10-02-2008, 16:22
ditch the bat swarms and get 5 more black knights and get some fell bats or wolves as war machine killers.