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09-02-2008, 22:11
So, it was a 2250 game. The armies were not designed for that battle explicitly, but more for testing, yet with much consideration.

So, here are army compositions:

Vampire Counts:

Vampire lord, lvl3 mage, Master of The Dark Arts, Forbidden Lore (Lore of Heavens), Lord of The Dead, Skullstaff, Helm of Commandment
Vampire, Dark Acolyte, Lord of The Dead, Sceptre De Noirot, Dispell Scroll
Vampire, Dark Acolyte, Lord of The Dead, Staff of Damnation
Vampire, Forbidden Lore (Lore of Beasts), Lord of The Dead, Dispell Scroll

15 Skeletons, full command, War Banner
15 Skeletons, full command, Banner of Endless Nightmare
10 Ghouls
Corpse Cart
18 Grave Guard, GW, full command, Banner of Barrows
5 Fell Bats

High Elves:

Prince, Star Dragon, Armor of Caledor, Vembraces of Defense, Gem of Courage, Lance
Noble, BSB, Banner of The World Dragon, Barded Elf Steed, Lance, Dragon Armor, Shield
Mage, lvl1, High Magic, 2x Dispell Scroll, Barded Elf Steed
10 Lothern Sea Guards
10 Lothern Sea Guards
9 Dragon Princes, Champion + Standard Bearer, Lion Standard, Drakemaster had Skeinsliver
5 Dragon Princes, Champion + Standard Bearer, Banner of Ellyrion, Drakemaster had Amulet of Light
Lion Chariot
Repeater Bolt Thrower
Repeater Bolt Thrower
Repeater Bolt Thrower

The battlefield looked something like this:

HE side
VC side

From my point of view HE had Lion Chariot to my most left, next was the big unit of Dragon Princes, then his battery of bolters and infantry in the center on the hill, Prince on Dragon behind them, and to the right was smaller unit of DP in the woods and so was lone mage. I had, left to right, Ghouls, Grave Guard, Skelies with War Banner nad Skelies with BoTEN next to difficult ground, with Corpse Cart being behind them, and both Varghulfs and Fell Bats to the most right.

First Turn:

Ok, so his was the first turn, especially due to Skeinsliver, and he naturally headed right after me. Chariot and big cavalry took the flank, Dragon went closer to them, and the rest stood the ground. He never acomplished anything in any of his magic phases due to small number of dice and his army is oriented in a different way, so I won't mention it from now on. He fired all his bolters on one of my Varghulfs and took 2 wounds.

I moved ghouls straight towards his artillery, and with the rest of infantry started forming defensive positions. All the characters shifted in one Skellie unit, the other one went in front of it, Cart to the left and Guard i front of it. It thought this way he would have hard time hunting for characters, and all of my units could benefit from many spells. Turtle formation :) Batlike creatures took the other flank. I raised one unit of 10 zombies (Sceptre), added some more, and started filling up skellies. I used lightning attacks on Dragon, but with almost no success.

Turn 2:

Charge! He went after Ghouls with chariot to the front and cavalry flanking, and Dragon landed on zombies. He made more shots on Varhulf, but even though he needed 2 to hit, 2 of 3 bolters missed, so Varghulf regenerated whatever landed on him. I forgot to say that "small cavalry" charged the other Varghulf. So, ghouls dissapeared in an instant, chariot proceeding to hit the zombies as well, big cavalry holding ground. This is where Helm of Commandment started to shine, giving WS7 to zombies. He did roll under average, true, but after combat was over, there was still one "shiny" zombie standing. Unbelievable! On the other side, DP took two wounds from the Varghulf, he regenerated one, and he killed three of them, they broke and he caught them, running straight into the woods :(

It was my turn to charge, so I wanted to make the combat even, charging chariot and dragon with Grave Guard, formation 3x6. Fell Bats charged into one bolter which fled and was caught on the other side of the hill, forest Vargulf move towards bolters through the woods and other Varghulf closed in. In magic phase I resurrected all the zombies, made Grave Guard re-roll all to-hit and to-wound in h-t-h with WS7, added more skellies, and charged Dragon with more lighning with same success as last time. Guard smashed chariot and took a wound from the Dragon. He had break test with -6 modifier, so on 4, but with BSB near by and Gem of courage, or re-roll he rolled 1 and 3 and held ground. Amazing stuff, that item!

Turn 3:

He charged his DP in my GG. He shot at Varghulf in the open with most of his range attacks, taking him down. Those buddies are really tough, it took 3 rounds of concentrated fire to kill him. This time he was in charge of combat, doing so much damage to the Grave Guard on the charge, even though they had WS7, so combined with slaughter from Dragon, both GG and zombies totaly crumbled, but not before my champion took a wound from BSB. DP than crushed into Corpse Cart smashing it to bits and going behind skellies, and Dragon was facing the other side. His Dragon breathed fire a few times through the battle with success, killing 6-7 skellies and even managing to take a wound from one vampire.

I charged another bolter with Bats, they fled and I decided to redirect into shooters. How stupid of me, not only did their ASF cripple me, but I recieved no bonuses and he even had higher ground. And his Bolt Thrower engineers survived. Varghulf got out of the forest right next to the battery. Skellie units turned to face each of the enemies, the one with characters and War Banner faced Dragon, and the one with Banner of The Endless Nightmare turned towards Dragon Princes. This is where I missed Vanhels Danse Macabre since I failed to draw it with any of wizards nad in these situations it really shines. Fell Bats went down in numbers, needless to say.

Turn 4:

He charged his other infantry in the flank of Fell Bats, Dragon flew to the middle of the table, facing Vampires and skellies and brathing fire, and Dragon Princes turned to face the block of Skeleton Warriors. He shot with his bolter on Skellies with Vampires, killed a few. The Lothern Sea Guard killed the rest of Bats. He passed all fear and terror tests, each and every one of them, in the course of a whole battle. OK, I understand for Ld10 of Prince on Dragon and cavalry wih BSB, but come on, at least bolters and sooter could fail some tests. Anyways, DP challenged, Skellies accepted. They had WS7, after all :) This is where luck was on my side, as his championed failed to wound me, and one of my hits managed to pass his Armor Save 2+. We exchanged blows, mostly on the faces of Skellies, but with high static combat resolution I won and he held the ground after re-rolling.

Varghulf charged one unit of shooters in the flank, killing some and loosing a wound. Skellies turned and moved a little towards the Dragon. It here that I started to really dominate in magic phase. I shot his bolter crew with lightning, started filling skellies really well, so it was probably from the fear of worse magic spells when he took only two dice (although he had three in total, with already used two dispell scrolls, against my 12 casting dice and a bound item) to dispell The Beast Cowers cast on Dragon. The spell went through! So, Dragon will not move in the next phase.

Turn 5:

His bolter shot down my Varghulf which failed to regenerate. DP and Skellies exchange blows...

I charged his Prince on Dragon with Vampires with Skellies, challenging him with Skeleton Champion, ensuring I win with static CR. Varghulf fought with infantry, crushed them, ran into another which fled and was caught. His battery now consisted of one Bolt Thrower, and my hunters of one Varghulf with one wound down. Not much in magic phase, lightning scratched Dragon. Princes and Skellies exchanged blows, in challenge his BSB killed my champion, some Skellies died, I won by a little and he held his ground. His Prince and Dragon didn't manage to do the whole overkill, so broke and fled 13, I chased 11.

Turn 6:

His Prince rallied and turned to face me. Bolt Thrower kills some Skellies. DP and Skellies exchange blows...

Some zombies are summoned to claim quarters of the table. I charged his Dragon. If I fail to brake him with challenge it's a draw, if he flees I win. He lost but held ground. Skellies and DP exchanged blows.

It's a draw, with him winning for 6 points.

09-02-2008, 22:33
hmmm interesting battle report,

sounds like vans dance is really important...

why did you not take vampiric lore on the count? there are some really usefull spells in there, the multi wound regen could have helped out alot, and the wind of death spell would have hurt all sorts of things...

were you abele to get the staff of damnation off? how well did it fare?

to me it looks like it could really help to take the heat off on occasion, either removing a rank, or allwing your recently charged units another round of combat to kill something... [eg in this case the GG agains the dragon] as removing wounds from big nasty things like that is really usefull... [or all attacks against a character hoping for killing blow, you should be able to get a minimum of 3 attacks on someone]

09-02-2008, 22:38
Well, I am the high elf :)
This was truly a great game. I admit a took a GT winning list (all rights reserved, congratulations to the winner) and just expanded it by 250 pts with slight modifications just to see how it would work for me. I am not used to going so light on magic defence and putting all my eggs in one basket but i gave it a try and it worked quite nice. Btw, Jagosaja and me have a long history of draws. This game was no excepton. Jagosaja said it all. Looking forward to our next matchup. I'll get you next time Gadget, next time :)

09-02-2008, 22:58
Staff Of Damnation at the end turned out not to be such a useful piece of equipement. There are only a few times, if not one, in a battle where it shines, and the opponent knows he has to stop it. So I didn't manage to use it on GG, as it was "dispell scrolled". I used it on skellies and they did nothing. High armor save, what to add.

As for the Lore of Vampires, I'll most probably use it on the Lord the next time, switching from Forbidden Lore to Dark Acolyte. And Joske and I both believe that both aspects of Summon Undead Horde work just in 12" as the default forms of this spell, so it would not have helped me a lot.

And, yes, VANHELS DANSE MACABRE IS GODDAMN IMPORTANT!!!!! I'm never ever going to leave home without Book Of Arkhan again. I may even consider switching the last Vampire to Necromancer, and choose that spell just to be sure to get it, even if only to try to cast it once, using dice from basic casting pool.

10-02-2008, 00:15
There wasn't once when you beat and outnumbered him. Seems like last turn you should have autobroke the dragon princes if you outnumbered them.

10-02-2008, 08:08
not if the HE have that anti fear banner...

11-02-2008, 09:40
interesting rep, trying to resist the temptation to start a VC army, but those Varghulf models are damn tempting.....

11-02-2008, 16:45
Great game!

Note to self: New VC still require a lot of antimagic....:rolleyes:

12-02-2008, 07:50
Well, so and so. Whichever character you use, you get at least a dispell dice, so for 4 characters it is at least 6, and if you have lvl3 general it rises to 7 dispell dice. Give a scroll or two and it is quite a decent defensive phase. OK, if a magic heavy enemy wants his spell to get through, he will, but this is still better than average defense, IMHO.

12-02-2008, 07:53
We had a replay, Joske and I, with slight modifications, and it was a draw again. Damn!

12-02-2008, 13:49
Damn indeed :)

13-02-2008, 18:11
Great report. Only mistake I read was that teh vargulf is not a large target, IIRC. Therefore, they would need 3s at best to hit him, not 2s.

And I agree with some other posters that mentioned taking Necromancy. It is a great lore, and I would have taken that any day over heavens.

29-02-2008, 08:51
Great report. I really like the choice lore of Beasts for the Cower, Anger, and Bolt Thrower spell (Dragon Princes). I think you should have tried it with the Lord as well. Casting 2 Cowers and a Bolt thrower spell a turn would burn through scrolls in no time. Take the book and a necro for the two dances. Or maybe a dance for the little vamp if you really feel the need.

29-02-2008, 09:32
Well, I did cast that on Dragon and it worked. If you mean I should swap Lore of Heavens on Lord for Lore of Beasts, it may be an "all eggs in one basket" situation, relying on one spell to work. I changed my army list in the mean time, so I will post new battle reports soon.

03-03-2008, 16:34
He wouldn't have autobroken the dragon as the dragon causes terror. Unless I misread the report and it was Dragon Princes... Good fight though. I have yet to face the new high elves or the VC even though 2 of our group members play them. Our VC player also does Orcs as his first love and we have such a long history skaven vs. orcs that we usually default to that. Sounds like you guys may be setting up your own interspecies rivalry. :)

03-03-2008, 20:32
Actually we do. Sometimes High Elf switches to Wood Elves, and I sometimes switch from Vampire Counts to Beasts of Chaos. Good vs Evil, with me being evil one.

Those were Dragon Princes, but he had a banner that made him neglect fear so he still rolled. It was a really nasty unit of Dragon Princes.