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10-02-2008, 14:37
Lord Choices - 216 points

General Of The Empire 1+ save
Hand Weapon
Full Plate Armour, Shield, Warhorse, Barding
Runefang (100 points) – roll to hit, wound auto/no armour saves

216 points

Hero Choices – 429 points

Warrior Priest 1+ save
Second Warhammer
Armour Of Meteoric Iron (25 points) – 1+ save
Dispel Scroll or Ring of Volans (25/20 points)

144 points (or -5)

Battle Wizard
Hand Weapon
Level 2
Dispel Scroll
Power Stone or Dispel Scroll (20/25 points)

145 points (or +5)

Battle Wizard
Hand Weapon
Level 2
Rod Of Power, Wizards Staff

140 points

Core Choices

Spearmen 5+ save
20 troops
Hand weapon, Spear, Light Armour
Shields, Musician, Standard, Sergeant

140 points

Swordsmen 5+ save
18 troops
Hand weapon, Shield, Light Armour
Musician, Standard, Duelist
Standard Of Arcane Warding – M.Resistance (2)

163 points

Handgunners -
21 troops
Handgun, Hand Weapon
Marksman, Hochland Long Rifle

193 points (Unit of 11, 2x Detachments of 5)

Crossbowmen -
5 troops
Crossbow, Hand Weapon

40 points

Free Company -
5 troops
Hand Weapon
Musician, Standard Bearer, Sergeant

25 points

Knightly Order 1+ save
5 troops
Warhorse, Barding, Hand Weapon, Full Plate Armour, Lance, Shield
Musician, Standard Bearer, Preceptor

155 points

Special Choices – 214 points

Pistoliers 6+ save
5 Troops
Brace Of Pistols, Light Armour
Musician, Outrider, Repeater Pistol

114 points

Great cannon
Three crew w/ hand weapons

100 points

Rare Choices – 425 points

Flagellants – Count As Core
30 Flagellants
Prophet Of Doom

310 points

Helstorm Rocket Battery
Three crew w/ hand weapons

115 points

2000 points

What do you guys think of the list.

Tactics and such would be good as i can't really change much with the models themselves (though open to hearing ideas).

Obviously the units of 5 are detachments not units themselves, but not assigned to a particular unit yet..