View Full Version : Gauging interest for a 40K Armies Overview

10-02-2008, 15:13
Maybe it's just a pipe dream or something, but ever since the Warhammer Fantasy Armies Overview project came out I've noticed a drop of in the "what army should I pick" threads in fantasy general discussion.

Therefore I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in doing a similar project for 40K. It's not that I dislike all of the "what army should I pick" threads it's just I think that a centralized resource detailing each armies playstyle, models and perhaps general background would be useful.

10-02-2008, 15:16
I think it's a great idea, especially to cut down the billions of ''what army should I pick '' threads. However, I for one am far too lazy to do it, but I applaud anyone who does.

10-02-2008, 15:27
I would be willing to help out, as i too hate the ''what army should I pick '' threads that pop up every now and again and think it would be good to have a overview

10-02-2008, 17:24
I'm not familiar with the fantasy thread you're talking about, but I think an overview would be a great idea. I was actually just about to start a new thread myself asking people how they thought the armies of 40K ranked as far as easiest-to-most difficult to play.

I'm not looking for a new army, but it seems like a helpful discussion for anyone looking for more perspective on an army before jumping right into it.

10-02-2008, 17:34
I think that's a nice idea - it would've helped me a lot when I was choosing an army! I can help out a bit, although my knowledge is pretty limited to 'nids and a little eldar..

10-02-2008, 17:37
I'm in the same boat as you Adiem, I only know about space marines, and even then it's only in 4th edition. But I figure even a rough guideline for new players will help.

10-02-2008, 18:23
I'd be willing to contribute with some Necron detail should such a plan get up & running

10-02-2008, 22:05
You know something sad, this thread has been bumped to the bottom of the page by another 4 "What Army should I pick" threads. So in order to jump start things I'm going to start writing about marines, and people can either write their own mini-article (Just consider it a prototype for now) about their own army or give me suggestions of how to improve my explanation of marines.

Space Marines- The standard begginers army, that can also be a favorite army of veterens, it can be highly forgiving for a new player due to its high toughness and armour saves, but with further effort it can be made into an army suitable at every phase of the game.

Generally considered a jack of all trades, an the master of none it can remain competitive. Common builds include, footslogging, mechanized, semi-mechanized (counter charging), fast (bikes and speeders), terminator heavy, etc.

Models are primarily plastic, with high levels of compatibility between kits, making it a converters dream. With the exception of drop pods there are no major "holes" in the model line making it easy to start building. Convienitely space marines are included in the starter set, making a cheap alternative to buying the more expensive mult-part kits.

In addition to the standard or "vanilla" space marine list, your army can be customized by using the traits found in the back of your space marine codex, or you can use any number of space marine variant lists: Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves or Black Templars.