View Full Version : Luthor Huss question

10-02-2008, 22:58
I noticed under the army list entry for Luthor Huss it states he has a special rule called fiery demagogue.
Though in his entry i see no mention of this rule.
In fact i can't find any reference to it at all in the whole empire army book??
Am i missing something obvious? or is my book missing some information?

11-02-2008, 02:55
I believe it was a rule during playtesting that was removed in the final version, but they forgot to remove that line

11-02-2008, 05:36
i wonder what could be that fiery demagogue?

11-02-2008, 19:54
Everyone has that question. The short answer is Games Workshop made a mistake.

11-02-2008, 22:31
He gets a 2+ Inv. save, the unit he is with causes terror double distance, his stats are raised to 10 for 3 turns, his armour save becomes -10, all hits wound automatically and are counted as magical and flaming. Furthermore, he get's double charge distance, always strike first, and his attacks can't be blocked by any special rules, such as Croms skills in making magic weapons count as mundane, and they all are killing blow on 4+. But wait, it get's better, He can only be hit by mundane weapon attacks, which get not strength or to-hit modifier or the likes. He is immune to all harmful magic, and passes all characteristic tests, and always gets his armour save, regardless of specific attack rules, suck as the cannonball ignoring armour saves. .... Honestly though, I believe it has something to do with Husss being a passionate orator, making flagellants core period, or perhaps allowed the player taking two units of them, representing his rousing of a flagellant army as described in SoC. Where an entire army of rabble seated themselves outside Altdorf, led by Huss, and he presented Valten to Karl Franz.

11-02-2008, 22:51
The rule was that you were encouraged to sledge (a cricketing term wherby fielders engage in banter with the batsmen in oreder to throw them off their game) your opponent using language appropriate for huss. Sigmarite dogma and the like. Sounds odd i know but true.