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11-02-2008, 03:29
Hello, although i've been playing the game for a while, i am very new to the lizardmen. this being the case, i would greatly appreciate some help with this prototype army list. feel free to tear it apart.


Slann- Plaque of Topec, Diadem of Power, Battle Standard Bearer- Total 400


Saurus Scar-Veteran- Halberd, Light Armour, Sacred Spawning of Itzl, Cold One, Glyph Necklace- Total: 149


15 Saurus- Spears, Full Command- Total: 240

15 Saurus- Spears, Full Command- Total: 240

15 Temple Guard- Shields, Full Command- Total: 305

13 Skinks- Scouts- Total: 91

12 Skinks- Scouts, Brave- Total: 89


5 Saurus Cavalry- Full Command- Total: 225

3 Kroxigors- Total: 174

3 Terradons- Total: 105


2 Salamanders- Total: 130

Total: 1999

any comments are welcome

11-02-2008, 13:26
Remove the hero on cold one and replace him with a veteran with a Jaguar charm. They can take great weapons, charge an extra 4", and see 360 degrees.

Sarus spear men and temple guard are good with a hero with a gleaming pendent in it and skinks in front. You could take one of thease instead of the jaguar sarrus, and unscout one skink unit.

Your slann is rather useless. They only have a real effect at 2nd genneration. Id remove the 2 sallies for this upgrade.

11-02-2008, 21:17
First off, welcome to the cold-blooded side of warhammer!

I disagree with prety much everything Conotor said:

The list is good as a basis, let me share a few thoughts with you:

-Since your main opponents are Skaven and Ogres, magic defense is a high priority (especially if we're talking about a 3-butcher ogre army or a grey seer and friends skaven approach). The Slann with diadem will give you a solid dice pool in general.

-Slann: You'll find that 5th generation is a really good mage, while a 4th generation one is even better! Not being affected by miscasts raises your mage's survivability and makes sure that you won't lose a whole magic phase because of an unlucky miscast.

-That brings us to the next point: you have to flesh out your magic phase a bit. 6 power dice won't suffice nor will 8 (which you will hardly ever get, as you'll need some dispel dice for magic defense). A skink priest will help lot, raising both your power and dispel pool. In my opinion, Plaque of Dominion is as solid a choice as the Diadem of Power, without being dependent on how the opponent's magic phase progresses.

-I'm not entirely sold on spears for saurus warriors; the -1 save is a huge trade-off. More often than not, 12+ attacks will do the trick anyway. I'd spend these points on bulking up the units a bit (perhaps to 18-strong, 6-wide)

-Temple guard are great, I'd give them a magic banner, either War banner or one of the movement banners(jaguar or Huanchi). Jaguar standard ensures that once you start winning combats, you keep rolling. The number seems odd...14 or 16 is the way to go. (depending on the formation you're interested in using)

-Scouts: The usefulness of these depends on how much terrain you regularly use. In my experience, I can only hide a single 10-man group, so any other skink units I field are normal skirmishers. As far as the brave is concerned, what's your plan for him? If it is a way to spend left over points, these are points better spent elsewhere.

-Cavalry: Full command bugs me a bit. The unit is too fragile, and suffering a single casualty will greatly hamper its chances of making an impact in the game. I'd go for 6-strong, (optionally with standard and War Banner). Such a unit has no need for a supporting character and can take on most units even when charging in the front.

-Salamanders, Kroxigors, Terradons: no problems here, they are just fine. If you plan on using the Kroxigors as a standalone unit, make them 4-strong. If their role is support, they are perfect.

-I know that what I've suggested totals to much more than 2000 points, but I'm sure you can pick the points you like from my advice, then discard the rest.

Hope I've helped


12-02-2008, 01:46
-Cavalry: Full command bugs me a bit. The unit is too fragile, and suffering a single casualty will greatly hamper its chances of making an impact in the game. I'd go for 6-strong, (optionally with standard and War Banner). Such a unit has no need for a supporting character and can take on most units even when charging in the front.

thanks everyone for the advice. i just have one question concerning the above passage. if i up the size of the cav to 6, what would i do with my mounted scar-vet? do you think i should put him on foot either with a unit or with the jaguar charm?

12-02-2008, 05:29
a lvl 4 mage that doesn't have a ton of killing for 400 pts is not going to earn back it's points. Go big with the 2nd gen or I wouldn't take a slann. I would also take the jaguar saurus of doom. Won't get a much better fighter than him. Other than that the army looks fine.

12-02-2008, 10:01
First, as mentioned before go second gen slaan. A lot more PD and drain magic(neutering grey seers), is really useful. For 585pts you get BSB, Dominion, Tepok and Diadem of Power.

Scar-vet: 133pts gets you a JSoD, GW,LA,Shield, Jag Charm,Sotek. He is better than yours so i would suggest taking him. There is also the opportunity for a ward here.

Drop spears on saurus the aren't worth it. I would also suggest 1 squad of 25 with quetzl over two of 15.

Skinks. Drop them to 10 each and use them to block LOS to the saurus.

Not sure how many points those changes are but it will make your list better.

12-02-2008, 11:15
Conquahex: If you up the saurus to 6, you can either a)use your saurus hero on his own with the jaguar charm or b)keep him mounted, and let him join a unit of saurus for extra power. Bear in mind that, since he causes fear (due to the cold one), this will render your warriors/temple guard immune to fear and keep them from auto-breaking.(as in the case of losing combat against an Ogre unit)

Side note: Glyph necklace is good, but you might want to consider the Aura of Quetzl if you want him to go head--to-head with an ogre Tyrant...

As far as the 2nd Gen. is concerned:
Most people around here will tell you about how good a 2nd generation slann is. However, he can lose you games as easily as he can win them and you won't have much of an army as well if you choose to go down this path.

What these guys are doing (and, although I respect them, I disagree) is pointing you towards the classic cookie-cutter list. You might as well go ahead and copy a netlist and be done with it.
I think your list will work just fine without a JSoD or a 2nd Generation slann, although it may require more thinking and planning ahead in order to win.

Bottom line: The core of the list is fine, playtest it and you'll see what needs to be changed in order to fit your battleplan.