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11-02-2008, 16:51
Hey Everyone! tell me how you think this list looks.
Chaos Mortal Army

1499 Points

Exalted Champion 240
Berserker Axe (sword), Juggernaut, Enchanted Shield, Mark of Khorne, Army General

Aspiring Champion 190
Battle Standard Bearer, Mark of Khorne, Banner of Rage.

Warriors 412
13 Warriors, Mark of Khorne, Full Command, War Banner, Chosen, Extra Hand Weapons, Shield.

Knights of Chaos 310
5 Knights, Chosen, Standard, Champion, Mark of Khorne.

Warhounds 30
5 Warhounds

Warhounds 30
5 Warhounds

Warhounds 30
5 Warhounds

Marauders 137
16 Marauders, Shields, Light Armor, Full Command.

Furies 120
8 Furies

the exalted would either big monster hunt(berserker blade) or hang witht the knights, the aspiring would stick in witht the warriors, the hounds would screen and the entire thing would advance as a phalanx. except maybe the knights go off as a flanking unit. furies war machine hunt. Marauders are there to give me some combat resolution, maybe outnumbering. Magic wise i should be all set with those extra dispel dice from khorne units.

help is welcome.

11-02-2008, 23:53
Drop the chosen status on the unmounted Chaos Warriors and invest more into your unit of Marauders (25 is a nice size). The static CR of the Marauders will be more of use to you than having nearly a third of your points invested into 13 models, which will surely be the first thing to be targeted, and suffer from shooting.