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11-02-2008, 17:10
Ok so I've got a 2000 point game on wednesday against a Lizardmen player. His list will look something like this:

2x 20 Saurus with Full command
10 Saurus Cavalry
2x 10 Skinks with Blowpipes
10 Skinks w/ javelins
Skink Priest - Cloak of feathers and other stuff
2nd Generation Slaan with bodyguard of 14 Temple Guard w/ Full command

Now I've only started Wood Elves so dont have many models at my disposal so I'm putting together a List that looks like this:

Alter Noble
-Great Weapon, Light Armour, Shield, Helm of Hunt, Hail of Doom

Wardancer Noble
-Blades of Loec, Annoyance of Netlings

-lvl. 3, Dispel Scroll

- lvl.1, Disple Scroll

10 Glade Guard
10 Glade Guard
12 Dryads

8 Wild Riders

3 Treekin

6 Wardancers

6 Waywatchers


Now I know I havent got an optimal list and am very character heavy but any suggestions as to how I can not take too bad of a mauling from magic?
And/or tactics in general?


11-02-2008, 17:21
I imagine you're kind of stuck for models so won't give you much grief about the oversized dryad and wild rider units.

To your question about magic defense. Since you're taking a wizard lord I'd very strongly suggest you invest in the want of wych elm. At 55pts it's spendy but getting to re-roll every dispel roll against a 2nd gen. Slann? Yes Please!

Also I'd look at replacing the lvl 1 spellsinger with a lvl 1 branchwraith with the cluster of radiants. This will get you 6 dispel dice which, along with the reroll and a single scroll (on the wiz lord) should hopefully get you through 2 turns without being immolated. After that you'd better be on him.

Also remember the damnable skinks and their poison weapons. Mr. Treeman can still fail his armor and ward saves all to readily so try not to get overly close to the stinks.

11-02-2008, 17:33
i agree with most of what raven says, but instead I would take the divination orb. as this is the one army that it WILL be effective against. also, your wardancer noble can not have both blades and annoyance. i would keep the annoyance over the weapons.
when you play your game, don't take more than 6 wild riders in a unit, as they become too unwieldy. everything else looks good, go kill a frog. and let me know how it goes.

12-02-2008, 01:49
Actually, you will never 'be on him', since the slann can continue to cast spells while his unit is in combat. Your best bet is maximum carnage in case you don't break him (temple guard are stubborn and cold-blooded). Its imperative you get a combined front/flank charge or you won't win. If he covers the flanks of the templeguard with the blocks of saurus, then you will be hardpressed to get a victory. Lizards are one of the toughest armies for us wood elves (dwarves being number one PITA).

My advise is, get another unit of wardancers and drop the treekin (they have no static CR and won't help you against big blocks of saurus). war dancers and wild riders have the best carnage potential, and its kills you need to get to that slann. If you kill the slann, you will win.

Use dryads (preferrably two units of 8) to take out the skinks. Don't underestimate these buggers! They are top wardancer killers! (of anything lizzies have). In fact, screen your two units of war dancers with two units of dryads until the skinks are out of the picture. You can also use your treeman as a shield, but focus on getting him in the combined charge against the templeguard. Depending on deployment, you may need to worry about the other saurus blocks (you don't want to be counter-charged), but if possible, ignore them and go straight for the slann....he'll probably be expecting that though...so it all comes down to deployment...

Ignore the saurus cavalry if you can (otherwise pin-cushion them if you feel they are a threat).

Personally, I would prefer a fully kitted Highborn for combat than a Spellweaver against Lizards (either Alter or Wardancer kindred), but if you do go with the spellweaver, you should go level 4 to increase the likelihood of rolling call of the hunt or ariel's blessing. Problem is, you won't have much of a magic phase against a slann....

Hope that's useful!

12-02-2008, 03:00
i agree with sabreur and drop the treekin, keep the spellweaver. reduce the size of the first wild rider unit to 6 and take a second unit of them and if he builds a castle hit them on both sides wild riders on each flank of the saurus blocks and wardancers up front. hit hard and hit fast and kill the cav with shooting (keep those waywatchers close to them). don't worry about magic, just go for that frogs throat (or his temple guards).

12-02-2008, 11:49
Sorry I must not have made it as clear as i thought. When I read back over it I see this is the case.
These are ALL the models I have, so I cant sub in anything else, Im using every available model!

13-02-2008, 02:15
Sorry I must not have made it as clear as i thought. When I read back over it I see this is the case.
These are ALL the models I have, so I cant sub in anything else, Im using every available model!

Yeah, I got that, my only model-swap suggestion was the branchwraith.

I still think with what you've got available you'll just have to make do the best you can. Remember to get those wild riders into a flank while the same unit is engaged with something else killy.