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11-02-2008, 18:03
This was a very anticipated game because although I've played a couple games against this players empire in large games, and have won, Kurt has always been an unstoppable killing machine. In this game I vowed to finally kill Kurt, but there were doubts on both sides.

This was my list:

Lord Dante w/ horse, shield, silver lance, virtue of the ideal
ASB Paladin Patrick w/ horse, warbanner, virtue of duty
Paladin Malorian w/ horse, shield, morning star of francasse
Lv 4 Prophetess Elisabeth w/ Chalice of Malfleur *general**heavens*
Lvl 2 Damsel Andrea w/ dispel scroll *beasts*
Lvl 2 Damsel Gayle w/ dispel scroll *beasts*

8 KoTR w/ FC
8 KoTR w/ FC
8 KoTR w/ FC
8 KoTR w/ FC
9 KE w/ FC, errantry banner
18 Skirmishing archers

8 Questing knights w/ FC
5 Pegasus knights w/ FC
5 Mounted yeomen w/ musician

5 Grail knights

Total: 2998

His list: (I have the actual list, but not on me. I'll update later)

Kurt Helborg
Priest w/ horse, full plate, shield, great weapon, rod of command
Lvl 4 mage w/ luckstone, dispel scroll, power stone*heavens*
Lvl 2 mage w/ dispel scroll, ring of valons*heavens*
Engineer w/ long rifle, orb of thunder

10 inner circle knights w/ full command and steel standard
10 inner circle knights w/ full command
20 flagellants
9 great swords
10 crossbowmen
10 handgunners
10 huntsmen

Great cannon
Great cannon

Rokket battery
20 flagellants
Steam tank

The board was 6X4. The terrain was pretty symetrical. A hill in every corner, a hill in the center with a tower on it, and a group of trees between the tower and the outer edge.

For deployment it should be made clear that he pulled a fast one on me. Usually he deploys fairly spread out and either has the knights in the center, or one on each side to flank. This time, after spreading me out with some troops he put all his knights on the right side.

He deployed a cannon on the left hill, a group of flagellants and the crossbowmen to come down between the left trees and the tower. The stank was behind the tower. The other flagellants and the great swords backed up by the handgunners were set to come down between the tower and the right trees and the tower. On the right hill he had the other cannon (w/ engineer) and rocket battery and in front of them where the two blocks of knights. Kurt was in the one with the steel standard and the priest was in the one closer to the edge.

I deployed my pegasus knight across from the left cannon. Two units of KoTR across from the left flagellants. The archers (w/ prophetess) behind the tower. A unit of KoTR (w/ damsel) and the KE (KE on the right) to face off against the flagellants and the great swords. The mounted yeomen were behind the right trees. And to face the knights I had, from left to right, the questing knights (w/ damsel), grail knight and KoTR. Because of the vows my lord and both my paladins were in the KoTR.

The huntsmen scouted into the right trees.

*Lord Dante looked across the field and saw his rival Kurt Helborg and his mind filled with contempt. Surely enough this man could hold his own in battle, and he respected that, but he had suffered defeat after defeat and now he had the audacity to come to the boarders of Bretonnia.

As he put on his helmet and cocked his magical lance in his arm, Dante made a silent vow that Kurt would regret this day.*

Brets pray and empire takes first turn.

Turn 1 empire:

Stank makes 6 steam points and moves up slightly. The flagellants on the left move up and the huntsmen move up out of the woods. The knights led by the priest also move up as far as they can. In the magic phase a comet is set to hit by the questing and grail knights and the priest makes his unit unbreakable. (He cast comet three times and it was the bound one that finally got through. Lord even miscast but luckstone saves him.) In the shooting phase the stank misfires and loses a wound. A cannon hits the lords KoTR and kills 2 knights. The huntsment shoot at the mounted yeomen and kill 4. The cannon on the left shoots at the peg knights but stops just in front of them. The rocket battery aims for the questing kights but it scatters and kills 1 huntsmen. Handgunners kill 1 KE. No one panics.

Turn 1 Brets:

The comets lands and kills 2 grail knights and 1 questing knight. The questing knights charge the huntsmen who flee and get away. The grail knights and the KoTR charge the priests knights. All other units move up. The archers march up so that next turn they can go into the tower. The mounted yeomen runs up to block Kurts unit from charging the side of my knights directly (I was thinking 40K) Most of of my magic is dispelled or scrolled, but I dispel the unbreakble from the priests unit. In combat the priest makes a challenge, and expecting he has something crazy I take it with my weapon destroying paladin. It doesn't matter because I only his once and nothing wounds. I kill 5 knights and they need snake eyes to stay, and this is when I find out about the staff which he uses and they hold.

*"Foolish knights" Dante said aloud, "they've jumped the gun. Ok men, CHARGE!!!." And with that there was a roar as the knights took after the pre-emptive knights. The enemy priest stepped forward and barked a challenge which Dante pasted onto a promicing paladin.

The charge struck home and many enemy knight fell, and just when he expected them to run and victory to be their Dante glanced to the side and saw that Sir Malorian had failed and now the cursed priest was waving some glowing staff that made his men mock fear (much like a Bretonnian would) and hold their ground.

"If only I would have taken the challenge that old man and his walking stick would be impaled on my lance..." Dante muttered to himself... *

Turn 2 Empire:

The steam tank generates 4 steam points and charges the KoTR on the right of the hill. I think he's out of range and holds, but it turns out he's good by half an inch. (this is going to hurt...) Kurt and his knights charge the mounted yeomen. The huntsmen keep fleeing and run behind the priest's unit. The flagellants move towards the KoTR on the left and the great swords and other flagellants move up to back up the steam tank so that if I charge the great swords with my KE then the flagellants hit my flank. The priest gets off his vow that lets him reroll to hit and wound and the rest is stopped thanks to my last scroll. The rocket battery hits my archers dead on and kills 7 of them, and they panic and flee. The crossbowmen shoot down 1 pegasus knight. A cannon hits the pegasus knights but I make my ward. The other cannons kills 1 questing knight. The handgunners kill 2 KE. In combat Kurt kills the mounted yeomen and overruns into the grail knights. Kurt alone then kills all 3 grail knights. I do 1 wound to the priest and his kights kill 1 KoTR. I lose combat but hold and Kurt overruns past the questing knights. The steam tank kills 4 knights, but they hold.

Turn 2 Brets:

Pegasus knights charge the cannon. The KoTR on the left charge the flagellants, and the KoTR on the left (but closer to the tower) move up towards the handgunners. The KE fail ld and must charge and decide to go after the great swords. The questing knights charge the flank of the priest's knights. The prophetess rallies. In the magic phase I get the wolf hunts and the KoTR on the left move a whole 4 inches closer to the handgunners. The pegasus knights wipe out the crew and go off the board. KoTR kill 6 flagellants. KE kill only 2 great swords and they hold. The KoTR fail to hurt the stank (surprised?). Bad things happen to the priest's knights and they run and are caught by both units of knights. In doing so the huntsmen are also killed.

*As the combat went on Dante noticed a dirty peasant running past them for a mere second before it was crushed by the incoming Kurt and his knights. With a flash of his runefang three living saints were cut down in seconds and with a blink Kurt was gone again, somewhere behind them.

Seeing things were getting desperate Dante quickly waved for the questing knight to commit, and with a thunderous crash they smashed into the flank of the enemy knights. This time not even that cursed rod would save them, and the bretonnian warhorses ran them down.

Kurt would have to wait, there were warmachines to take care of...*

Turn 3 Empire:

Flagellants charged the flank of the KE. Kurt and his knights reform and turn around. Mages head towards the right hill. In the magic phase the comet is cast behind the KoTR fighting the flagellants on the left. In the shooting phase the rocket battery misses, and the cannon kills 1 knight from the Lord's unit. The handgunners kill 1 KoTR. In combat the stank kills just 1 knight, but they fail their test and flee. The KoTR kill some flagellants on the left. The flagellants and great swords kill 3 KE and they flee but get away.

Turn 3 Brets:

KoTR on the left (who were going to go after the handgunners) charge the flagellants chasing the KE. The KE keep running towards the closest board edge which happens to be the opponents. The lord's knights charge the cannon and the questing knights charge the rocket battery. The fleeing 2 KoTR and damsel rally. The archers and prophetess move into the tower. The pegasus knight come back on the board behind the crossbowmen. In the magic phase the damsel tries to cast the oxen stands on the KE but miscasts and takes a wound, and the rest fo the dice are used to stop comet being cast again as a result of the miscast. In shooting the archers kill 1 handgunner. In combat both warmachines are destroyed but the lord unit only moves 4 inches and doesn't make it off the board. (engineer makes a challenge and is killed by the lord) Some flagellants are killed in both combats.

*If there's one thing Dante loves, it's destroying warmachines and the honourless scum that opperate them. As he charged up the hill an old man yelled out a challenge and even shot his long rifle at him. He ran him through with his lance, but Dante was still taken aback that there was still some honour in these peasants after all.

He was about make a wide swing to turn around when he suddenly pulled on his reins to stop his warhorse.

"Come back you bastards!!!"

Dante glanced back to see the feather headed Kurt Helborg coming after them, and the contempt he had for this man turned to rage.*

Turn 4 Empire:

Handgunners charge KE who have to flee and run off the table. The stank charges the damsel and her knights, and after remembering that they had rallied, they make their fear test and hold. Great swords start moving around flagellants on the right. Kurt and his knights move back as fast as they can. In the magic phase everything was stopped except for them getting rerolls. In the shooting phase the crossbowmen kill 1 archer. In combat the damsl and her knights are killed and more flagellants die (man these guys take forever...)

Turn 4 Brets:

Pegasus knights charge crossbowmen. Questing knights come back on the board and the lord's knighs turn around. The ASB paladin runs out of the unit to put himself infront of kurt at a slant so that if his knights charge him (and they have no way to get around) the two units will hit his flank. In the magic phase I cast comet and place it just behind Kurt's knights. I tried to cast something else (can't remember) and the damsel in the questing knights miscasts and loses a wound and a wizard level. Archers shoot at the handgunners and kill 1 more. In combat more flagellants die and the crossbowmen are all killed.

*As Kurt and his bodyguard came forward Sir Patrick ran before them and held up his banner. "In the name of Lord Dante, and everything that is holy, I swear you will die this day!"

Stunned and shocked, Kurt tilted his head and scratched at his mustache, taken in this odd sight.*

Turn 5 Empire:

Comet doesn't hit and gets a counter. Steam tank moves back towards the tower. Kurt DOESN'T charge, but instead lines up his knights better to take the charge. Mages make it to the woods. In the magic phase the lord unit is hit with a lightning bolt, and after a disgusting display of dice rolling, all of the KoTR were dead and the lord was left with only 1 wound :wtf: In the shooting phase the handgunners shot at the pegasus knight to no effect and the steam cannon shot up at the archers killing only 1.

Turn 5 Brets:

The comet hits and kills 2 inner circle knights and the ASB paladin. The questing knights, remaining paladin and the lord charge Kurt and his knights (here we go...) The pegasus knights charge the great swords. In the magic phase my prophetess in the tower throws everything at the mage lord in the trees and with some great rolling mages to kill him. The archers shoot at the steamtank and kill it... just kidding... they did nothing... The pegasus knights killed the great swords and overran into the handgunners.The flagellants on the left are finally all killed, and a few more die from the unit on the right. In the important combat we look at each other waiting to see it someone is going to make a challenge (I don't want to because I want to hit Kurt with the lord and the paladin) Kurt makes a challenge and the paladin takes it. The paladin not only does a wound to Kurt but also destroys his runefang. Kurt does a wound back. Between the lord and the questing knights 4 knights fall and I win combat but they hold.

*Lord Dante raised his sword to call for the charge, but before he could speak he was full of pain. All around him electrical energy was ripping through his knights. When the pain ended and the screams stopped his entire bodyguard was dead. Only Sir Malorian still stood.

Still stinging in pain he yelled at the tower, "Elisabeth! Mage in the Woods!" It was all he could get out of his burned lungs, but it was enough. A bolt of energy came down from the tower and with a scream and a splat the mage was no more.

Dante turned back to Kurt once more, and once again started to raise his sword, but the call to charge is halted again as a massive ball of fire falls from the sky killing Sir Patrick but also killing a couple of the enemy knight in a raging inferno.

"The devil is at work today men. Lets not give him any more time to finish us off. CHARGE!!!" And with that they stormed towards Kurt and his men.

Kurt seeing them coming stepped forward, "Come on you bastards! Which one of you is going to die first!"

Before Dante could answer the call, Sir Malorian wanting to make up for his failure against the priest answered the call and charged towards the Empire General. Malorian brought his magical morning star down with a crash that not only shattered Kurt's runefang as he tried to block the blow, but also his his arm cracking the bone.

Kurt wasn't finished however, and with a swing he sent his shield into the paladin's helmet with such a force that it broke Malorian's jaw.

While this dog fight had rages Lord Dante and his knights brought thier lances to deadly force and unhorsed many of the enemy knights. It looked like the knight might turn and break, especially at the sight of their wounded general, but then Kurt barked, "Stand where you are! I'm not done with them yet!"*

Turn 6 Empire:

Stank moves up a bit. The other mage moves over to where the lord had just died (for some reason...), and in the magic phase casts the comet behind the bret lord. In the shooting phase the stank fires it's cannons at the left KoTR but fails to wound. In the combat phase 8 handgunners are killed but they hold, and some more flagellants are killed (only 1 left). In combat there are a lot of attacks but only 2 empire knight fall and it is a draw.

Turn 6 Brets:

Comets lands and kills the bret lord and 1 questing knight. In the magic phase the mage in the woods take a wound from a lightning bolt, but when she tries to cast the other one she miscasts and loses a wound. I forgot to shoot with my archers at the wounded mage... In combat the flagellant and handgunners are finished off. Kurt kills the paladin, and the questing knights kill 1 empire knight. The questing knights hold.

*The battle raged on to practically a stalemate but just as Lord Dante killed another enemy knight the unthinkable happened. Another ball of fire fell from the sky and consumed him in flames. All around he battle stopped as the glorious ideal knight fell from his horse screaming and rolling around on the ground as his armor melted to his body.

"My Lord! Hold still!" Malorian yelled as he shifted to jump off his horse to help his general. Kurt, seeing his oppertunity swung his broken arm like a flail and sent to remains of his shattered runefang into the paladins neck.

With a thump the paladin hell beside his dying lord.

Dante saw all this and wondered why the lady of the lake had doomed him so. As the questing knights kept up the battle, his eyes closed and he fell into darkness, his mission uncomplete.*

When we added up the victory points the brets had won by 744 points for a minor victory but with Kurt not dead it seemed pretty much like a draw.

Looking back we both made mistakes, but it was a great game and we were both pleased with the outcome : ) The only thing that eased the pain of my failed mission was that in the next game a woodelve player killed Kurt with killing blow from a waywatcher ; )

Thanks for reading.

11-02-2008, 18:19
ok, The enigneer had the orb of thunder not the lord, the level 2 had the ring of valons, other inner circle were immune to panic, warrior priest had a great weapon(plain) lord had a power stone not a bound item

come on man, I gave you my list. And yes kurt died to the wood elves, But I slaughtered her army. I think it was a fair trade.

p.s don't worry, I'll beat you next time:evilgrin:

11-02-2008, 19:33
nice going, kurt for the win! (or not as in this case)

11-02-2008, 20:02
One day I'll beat Kurt... one day... sure I've failed with almost every army I own... but maybe my wood elves can kill him too ; )

13-02-2008, 19:20
LOL nice read. GJ.

14-02-2008, 13:31
steam tank can only build up 5 steam points a turn just so you know lol

14-02-2008, 15:01
great match, but rocket batteries just aren't worth their points

14-02-2008, 16:05
When they hit they sure worth it ; ) But I agree, so far from what I've seen they don't make their points back in the long run.