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Death Korp
11-02-2008, 20:19

(Chaos At the Moment)

Marshall Alexander of the Black Templars looked down upon the defiled plains of Barrak. Crucifixes, bloodied corpses and shattered aquailas littered the battlefiled, showing the herectical forces of Chaos defience against the Emperor. He turned around to face the heroic Lord Commander Cawthron and his aides. "It is time Lord Commander, you know what to do." said Alexander.
Lord Commander Cawthron smirked and walked slowly up to his command position. As he walked, he went past the brave Infantry, the sturdy Baneblades and the mighty Artillery, all under his command.
When he reached the command post, he could see that the sun was rising, sending the bright rays across the plains. All waited for his word to attack. And he did.

He spoke words, words that would shake the earth as if Gods battled on the very plains they stood on.

Hello again, and this is my second project log (well, more successful one anyway...)

I love the idea of Apocalypse. Tanks rolling across the battlefield, aircraft strafing enemy positions and artillery blasting the living crap of the enemy position. And, don't forget the infantry charges. One slight problem...

I don't have an Apocalypse army.

So, this is my attempt to Apocalypse my 40k armies. These are:

Imperials (Black Templars, Imperial Guard, Space Marines (unkown)).

Chaos (Chaos Space Marines, Daemons and Chaos Renegade Militia).

I want to have at around 10,000pts of Imperials and 5,000pts of Chaos. For Imperials, i want to have a large infantry force, supported by tanks, Space marines, flyers and Artillery. For Chaos, i want lots of crazy marines and daemons, backed up by daemon engines and Militia. This will probably be a combat force.
I am building backstories for both my Imperial and Chaos armies, as fluff does help sometimes to make the army more interesting. I am going to be working on one section of a Faction at a time, so it will hopefully be a good mix (May differ though)

Here is the list:


Black Templars
Imperial Guard (Mostly Cadian, Krieg and Catachans too)
Space Marines (don't know the chapter yet)

Chaos Space Marines Warband (mix of Chapters)
Chaos Renegade Militia
Daemon Host

I might as well show you what i have painted at the moment for Black Templars, Imperial Guard and Chaos Marines (i'll tell you what i have too unpainted wise)...

Imperial Guard (Insert Regiment Name here)


I have gone through many attempts to start a guard army, but failed each time because of Chaos. But, this time, i will get an army done for them!


Leman Russ Vanquisher (is painted, but not on picture)
Platoon of OOP Cadians (Command Squad and 2x Squads)
Platoon of Vostroyans (Command Squad and 2x Squads)
Catachan Conscripts (20)
Death Korps Grenadiers (10, and painted too!)

I am planning on getting 10-20 Rough Riders for these guys, and making them into Vostroyan Light calvary!



Sorry for the dark picture. My biggest army. I have painted at least 1750pts here, so i only need a little bit more to make it 2000-2500pts. I won't be bits on these guys for a while.

What i Have:

Emperors Champion
20x Crusaders
5x Crusaders in Rhino
10x Assault marines
5x Terminators



My first army that i painted. These are not the models i painted first, but i started in the 3rd edition codex with Word Bearers (The codex before the newest one). I have quite a bit of these guys to be stripped, so lets see what i have... (I am replacing my old marines with the newer ones)

Daemon Prince
4x Chaos Lords
5x Terminators
10x Bloodletters
6x Daemonettes
5x Raptors

Thats what i remeber anyway...

I have some Inquisition guys too, but i'm only having a small amoUnt of these guys.

The way i want to expand on these armies is to do a small bit of each army at a tme, so i can slowly build each one of them up nice, and i won't get bored of one...

I have other things to spend my money on too (like games, albums, clothes etc) so this will take a while to complete. Also, i want to do Warhammer, LOTR and Specialist Games (and some other bits...), but i don't want alot for this stuff. The rest of my hobby stuff will go into the Call to madness project log (see sig).

And for the last cheesy one liner...


DK (And leys see if i can keep up with this one, and if any of you reach here, thanks for reading the begining!)

Death Korp
12-02-2008, 08:46
First update!


10 Guardsmen, ready for action (painted 4 to add to the squad). I like these old cadians, so i will be having a platoon of these guys. They are not very well armed (flamer) but will be good in Cities of Death battles or trench engagements.

Next, ill be doing more guardsmen, so be prepared :)


Colonel Haizelhoff
12-02-2008, 13:05
Nice color scheme death korp really!!!! I agree the old cadians are cool. If they were as detailed as the current models I'd definetly get them instead of the stupid new cadians, pity this is not traitor guard but oh well;). Nice and hope you get the army finished.

12-02-2008, 14:09
I think the Imperial army (Marines+Guard) has the most potential of apocalyptizing. Its a daunting project but looks really good! Kepp it up ;)

Comrade Wraith
12-02-2008, 14:33
Very very nice. Please keep your project going, I have tried and failed to keep my nid log sustained i will ressurect it plus scenery sometime soon.

Good luck to you.

Will you be scratch builing things like flyers or superheavies?

Death Korp
14-02-2008, 18:37
Cheers for all the comments guys :)

@Colonel Haizelhoff: Cheers mate. And don't worry, i'm hoping that i will give the renegades some love in a couple of years time...

@Leonathion: Thats the exact reason that i am actually doing Imperial Guard and Marines. And most models i have painted are for both armies.

@Comrade Wraith: Cheers mate. I know what you mean about project logs, with me, its just sheer laziness and not enough money or time...but i will change it. And, since i've said i'm lazy, i will probably not scratchbuild anything (except mabye a titan) as i can get the nice looking models off of FW (Even if its bloody expensive!).

I am ordering the 3 Leman Russ Apocalypse set tommorow, so i will be reciving some armoured support for my Black Templars! And i am hoping to get some more of them old Guardsmen finished...


Comrade Wraith
14-02-2008, 18:39
Excellent. I'm looking forward to seeing these guys made up and ready to go. I was thinking of scratchbuilding a warhound aswell. I couldn't afford anything off Forgeworld so well done you.

Yay Apocalypse!

Death Korp
14-02-2008, 18:44
Cheers mate. And i was wondering what the f**ing hell does Pneumonultramicroscopisiliconivolcaniosis mean :confused: :p


Comrade Wraith
14-02-2008, 18:45
Ahahahaha Knowledge is power. but seeing as this log looks so promising I'll PM you.

Death Korp
14-02-2008, 18:57
And i will guard it well, wow, i am befazzled by that word. Back on topic...

I think i will go airbrushing with my tanks, and do Khaki and Catachan Green. It will look snazzy and will fit with my Cadian 8th colour scheme :)


14-02-2008, 23:51
mammoth task you've taken on,

like what i see so far, stick with it and the glory will be yours!:evilgrin:

Death Korp
23-02-2008, 09:51
@BishopBlack: Cheers mate, sticking to it will be hard....

I'm hear to just let you know what i have been up to :)

In the end...i didn't order the tanks.I spilt my money with my dad to buy the Apocalypse book, dice and templates from Gamers Warehouse for his birthday, so that has buggered the tanks up.

I'm painting loads of LOTR at the moment to leesen the load i have to paint, so i can start getting this log moving. I've also being tempted by the new Vampires unfortunatly too, which could prove to be a thorn in my side for this project (well, the new models are the shizz aren't they :P).

I'm painting some Easterling Kataphrakts at the momnet, after that, i want to paint some more guardsmen. Yeahy...

So, don't be expecting much at the moment guys 40k wise from me at the momnet, got to paint what i have AND restrain myself from buying Vampire Counts!


02-03-2008, 15:23
well when you leave the dark lands of warhammer and return to the grim trenches............let me know.

mean time good luck!
P.S the new vamp army is nice
Bishop out

Death Korp
02-03-2008, 19:30
Return to the old trenchs i do Bishopblack, but on the 'other' side...


Zariskiz looked on. The Imperial lackeys had set up a perimeter up on the hill on the opposite side of the desolate Barrak plains. He sensed that the powers of Chaos were at work in the blood red sky above him. Pale green Lightning bolts defiled the land below, the water turing into gore, the soil turing into sickening flesh. He turned to his brother Morrailis, a powerful sorcerer of the Gods.
"Start the rites of summoning," Zariskiz said, "the Gods will be pleased this day." :skull:

Welcome all, once again after a time in the world of revision for exams (wohoo!)

You may be wondering, 'Eh? I thought Death korp was doing Imperials?' Well, i'm doing Chaos for a bit. 'Why? Burn the heritic!' you may be thinking. Well, here is a little explanation..

I have a mixed painted Chaos army, that has been around since the release of the 3rd edition Codex (the one before the newest one). I have added bits and pieces to it for ages, then i stopped, and dabbled in other armies (namely LOTR and Black Templars). Then, last year the new codex came out and i got excited, and bought some new stuff (Lord, Terminators and Spawn), painting them all, and then stopping. Now, i looked into my old box a couple of days ago, and found the makings of a 3000pt (!) army using various Imperial and Chaos pieces. You don't see that every day do you :D.

I painted them in a Iron Warriors colour scheme but they are my own Renegade Warband (insert name here! Help me pick a name!) led by the brothers Lord Zariskiz and Socerer Morrailis. I will be building up the army to the point where the developing fluff reaches the stage of the large battle of what you read above. The same will happen with Marshall Alexander and his Imperial Cronies, but they are for when the new imperial Guard stuff comes out (GreatcoaTs FTW!)

Onto the hobby side of things, here is what i have painted today,


5 Chaos Space Marines, took me about 3hrs in total to do them all, from metal to basing. Record for me. i have a mixture of old and new, Chaos and Imperial bits on these guys, to make them look unique. it is not my best painting, since i hate painting trims, and i will be doing ALOT of power armoured guys.


And my very blurry picture of the army at the moment. I want to add to this army, as it will have the pleasure of being my first Apocalypse army (When you have the models, but not painted, then why don't you paint them?). I'll put a wish list down for this army:


Daemon Princes (nurgle and undivided)
Lords (Main one, Random ones, Typhus etc)
Socerers (Power Armoured and Terminator)
Terminators (Undivided, Nurgle and mabye Khorne)
CSMs (Loads of these!)
Nurgle Marines (Tasty FW FTW!)
Spawn (My favourite Chaos models!)
Mabye havocs and Defilers...


Chaos Armoured Spearhead (Land Raiders! Got one already!)
Warp Rift (Just some more daemons needed, the older ones)
Malestrom of Gore (Khorne Beserkers!)
Baneblade(s) or Variants (Shadowsword, Stormsword, Stormblade, PlaugeReaper or a Khorneblade)

And some random Renegade Millitia and FW Chaosy stuff for IA6.

I'll have all the random CSM models anyway, the Apocalypse stuff and the millitia are on thought for now (the Warp Rift though will happen, i like daemons!). It will hopefully reach about 5000pts, but it will definatly reach 3000pts. When this is finished, i might do a little more on my Imperials.

And one last thing....



03-03-2008, 16:29

We will meet in battle! and I've gota million mates ;)

look forward to seeing your stuff!

Colonel Haizelhoff
04-03-2008, 16:47
Brother in the struggle to fight the Imperium: I salute you! The paint job is neat, but a small thing. A very thin layer of bestial brown over the metal and it looks a lot nicer IMO. The army is gonna be nice, and me too just found out my brother is giving away all his SM and CSM (perhaps a little night lords:evilgrin:) to me (he quit about 2 years ago).

Pvt. Ratt
04-03-2008, 17:13
great job!
i'm gonna keep looking at this one it actaully look promising.

Mr Feral
04-03-2008, 17:37
I like the Iron Warriors, a nice clean paintjob (woot woot for turquoise topknots!). A Renegade Warband eh? :) Are we to expect some other chapters / legions included as well?

Typhus sounds good, not to mention Renegade Militia ;)

Death Korp
04-03-2008, 19:46
Christ on a Motorbike! I thought i was never going to get any replies :D Looks like i've stirred up some intrest!

Lets reply...

@BishopBlack: I'm not a Traitor, I'm just a Lunatic. And Warseer is full of us Traitorus types, so i'll beat you ;) Thanks for the comment.

@Colonel Haizelhoff: *Salutes Back*. I might experiment with the brown wash, but i like them looking clean... Looking forwards to seeing the Marines mate!

@Pvt. Ratt: Cheers, and keep loooking! There is alot more to come yet out of this log!

@Mr Feral: Cheers! I will hopefully by adding some other Warbands to the Warband (WE, DG, The Cleaved and mabye a Tzeench Warband, ohh aswell as some Fallen hopefully!). I want to try to kep the list to a minimum, as i want some Millitia too!

Well, i have finished painting 2 more CSMs, but theres no point taking a picture of them until i finish the last 3. I'm hopefully stripping my Loyalist Land Raider too, and turning it to Chaos :evilgrin:

And some Fluff to keep you going...


Segmentum: Obscurus.

Sector: Scarus.

Sub-Sector: Kerak.

System: Barrak. Three planets (Prime, Secundus and Tertius (Extermius: Inquisition File X2VII).

Surveyed: Unknown.

Planets: Inner Planets Barrak Prime Ash World, Temperate.

Outer Planets: Barrak Secundus Rock, No Atmosphere.
Satellites: Barrak Prime - 1
Barrak Secundus 1

Asteroids: Outline asteroid fields Uncharted.

Comets: None Known.

More to be done later, and a little about the incident on Barrak Tertius...


Death Korp
08-03-2008, 18:08
Hello again all :)

I have finished a 10 man Chaos Space Marine Squad!


As you can see, i have given the banner a red colour instead of a turquoise one. Why? Because i have decided that i am going to unify this army by having red banners. This will be useful when i start moving on to other units, such as Plauge Marines and Chaos Millitia for example.

I am in the process of stripping a Land Raider to Chaosify an add to this army using fairy powerspray. If this works, then i won't have to replace as much as i thought i had to, thus saving me money for some more nasty things... :skull:

That means i would have 30 marines and 13 Khorne Bezerkers (!)

Thank the Lord for an easy colour scheme!


Comrade Wraith
08-03-2008, 18:45
Superb they look really nice.

I like the richness of the blue it really stands out, keep it up!

Death Korp
08-03-2008, 19:07
Superb they look really nice.

I like the richness of the blue it really stands out, keep it up!

Cheers mate, i like the colour turquoise, and i thought it would make a nice contrating colour! :)


Death Korp
09-03-2008, 17:34
Wow, another update!

I had a small 500pt battle with my dad today, and what a blast! Here are a couple of pictures of it (some are blurry, be prepared!)
The Steel Malice destroyed the Eldar, with only 3 marines left! (My Aspiring Champions plasma pistol killed him). Victory!


The Steel Malice taskforce, intent on destroying the Neo-Iyanden patrol.


The Neo-Iyanden Patrol, peparing for the worst.


Dark Reapers destroy the Raptors unmercifully, ripping them all apart.


Guardians ambush the Chaos Marines.



Death Korp
09-03-2008, 17:37
Now on to the proper update :)

I've finished my Sorcerer Morrailis in his Power Armour:


I like the red on his robes, as it contrasts to the rest of the model. But coming up there will be a Land Raider, another 10 man Marine Squad and a Rhino, so 1500pts isn't far off....I still need to buy the codex too :P


Colonel Haizelhoff
09-03-2008, 18:53
nice dudah

Death Korp
09-03-2008, 21:02
Cheers mate :)


Comrade Wraith
09-03-2008, 21:23
Lovely stuff, this guy will stand out from the rest no problem keep it up

Col. Wales
10-03-2008, 02:19
So far so good Keep it up.

Death Korp
10-03-2008, 21:09
Cheers guys :)

I feel like a painting Machine! I've finished a World Eaters Dreadnaught! (Very poor picture, looks SO much better ni real life!)


And here is what i am painting next..


Land Raider (You can't see much as it is black at the moment :p)

I am going to the Ammobunker Open Bash on May at WHW (see the Ammobunker for more details) to meet some of the people there. I am taking these guys with me to the bash, and here is what my Army List looks like...

Chaos Lord w/Daemon Weapon and Melta Bombs and Personal Icon

4x Terminators w/ 2 PWs., 1 Chainfist, 1 Powerfist, 1 Reaper and 1 Combi Flamer.
1x Terminator AC w/ PW and Combi Melta

8x Khorne Bezerkers w/ 1 Plasma Pistol
1x Skull Champ. w/ PF, Plasma Pistol

9x CSM w/ Heavy Bolter and Plasma Gun
1x AC w/ PF
Rhino w/ Extra Armour and Havoc Launcher

9x CSM w/ Heavy Bolter and Plasma Gun
1x AC w/ PF and Plasma Pistol
Rhino w/ Dozer Blade and Havoc Launcher

Land Raider w/ Extra Armour



Total: 1500pts

I like the list, and i will test it out if i can before i go to the Open Bash (dosen't amtter really, i'll probably get thrashed anyway).

And here is a list of what needs to be painted:

Chaos Lord
5x Terminators
9 Khorne Bezerkers
10 Marines
10 marines
Land Raider

I've done most of this already, so lets get on with the rest...


Comrade Wraith
10-03-2008, 21:12
Cheers guys :)

I feel like a painting Machine! I've finished a World Eaters Dreadnaught! (Very poor picture, looks SO much better ni real life!)

tell me about it, same with my modernised guard.

Brilliant work though, very efficeint, more so than me, well done looking forward to more on this log.

Col. Wales
11-03-2008, 03:35
Nice dread and its world eaters too so it has a reason to be bughouse nuts. (too bad for the bad pic).

Death Korp
11-03-2008, 06:59
Cheers all :)

Yeah, i wish i got a better camera, since this one is pathetic really (or i don't know how to use it :()


Colonel Haizelhoff
11-03-2008, 15:35
Bad pics can really ruin the blog (no 1 will bother to comment) but this is a nice log. Nice dread'

Death Korp
14-03-2008, 21:38
Cheers Colonel Haizelhoff, i know what you mean about poor pics ruining plogs, my last ones were exactly in that problem :(

Anyways, just to show i have been doing something, here is my 2nd squads Icon Bearer.


It is on top of my PIP Steel Malice (name of the army) Renegade Warbands' Land Raider. It is daubbed in red Chaos stars to so its true worship. there is a little khorne sybol on the right side of it, because it will be transporting khornate
troops about most of the time. After the Land Raider, i am planning on doing the 2nd Marine squad, so i can take them off my to paint list. I have done the icon Bearer for these, just the troops need stripping.

Anyways, i am going to Sheffield Triples Wargames show tommorow to spend some dosh on the bring and Buy bit. I am looking out for:

*Imperial Guard metals and Tanks
*Anything Chaosy or Space Mariney

Or anything else which looks like a good deal. Even if it isn't for any of the armies above. I even may consider buying some WW1 British Troopers to go with my Emhar MkIV (I think is called that) 'Male'. I even might get some Medival models, as they are nice, and i really want to do an army of them one day :). But i'll wait and see what is there.

I'll give an update tommorow in either of my Logs, depending on what i buy. Don't worry, my CSMs are High Piority at the moment though .


Colonel Haizelhoff
15-03-2008, 09:45
the icon bearer is nice. Cant wait to see the land raider

Death Korp
15-03-2008, 16:14
Cheers mate, the Land Raider is nearly finished :)

I went to the Sheffield Triples today, and by the Lord, what a day! I loved every part of it, the range of models avalible was fantastic! I spent 50 on stuff (nearly spent another 10, but i'll save that in my Bank Account), on a varitiy of stuff. Here is what i bought:


*15 Tzeench Horrors (cost me 21, less then half price!)
*West Wind SOT3rdR German Gas Mask Helmets (2nd pack for stockpile towards the beginnig of my IG army)
*36 Snazzy Dice
*Renegade Minatures WW1 Late War British Assault box set (for 23! 8 off! These are going to be stock piled for a future WW1 project when i have finished my Chaos off, will be in my Genereal Project Log, or a special Log...)

So, all in all, i am very happy with my purchases, and i hope they will race the web pages of Warseer soon enough.
The horrors will be done soon, as they will be a handy reserve force for my CSMs. These will be blue and pink horrors, the classic match up.

Soon enough, after i have finished my Chaos Army, the Might of the Imperial War Machine will slowly turn its attention to the World of Barrak Prime....


Mr Feral
15-03-2008, 16:47
15 Horrors for 21 pounds, I envy you!

Nice Icon Bearer as well.

Comrade Wraith
15-03-2008, 17:13
Good work up there.

15 Horrors for 21 pounds, I envy you!


Death Korp
15-03-2008, 17:33
Cheers guys, i feel really lucky to find them guys! :D

Need to stick the tracks on the Land Raider, then it is finished! :D


Death Korp
17-03-2008, 10:01
Well, i have completed my Chaos Land Raider:


So tha means i am definatly half way now to completing the Chaos Models i own now (Yippe!). But now here comes the big question.

And here is the Army List models i need to get painted by the 3rd of May:

Chaos Lord
5x Terminators
9 Khorne Bezerkers
10 Marines
10 marines
Land Raider

Whats next?

I am going to be waiting for the next Wargmaes show (Fiasco at Leeds, which was the first one i went to, the one 2 days ago was the 2nd) for adding some infantry and Machine gunners to my British, since i might be able to get them cheaper there if they are there. So i won't be touching my British for a while yet :(

So, here are the next possible choices:

*Wait until IA6 coms out and add some more Tanks and stuff to my CSM army.

*Start a Renegades and Heritics army to add to my CSMs.

*Finally start the Imperial Guard Army i've always wanted....

It will probably be either the first or latter option, since i can use the Loyalist Imperial Guard as Traitors if needs be. I want to start using the heads i got from WW though, so it probably will be Guard.


Mr Feral
17-03-2008, 16:33
I think you can guess which one I would like to see.

Nice LR, the red quarter Chaos stars are a nice touch.

Colonel Haizelhoff
17-03-2008, 17:22
Well the LR is nice and I'd definetly go for the guard, since you already have some of them so you can paint them while waiting for IA6 and they are damn good looking. Of course renegades and heretics are always welcome;). Still I'd say go for the guard.

Death Korp
18-03-2008, 09:08
@Mr Feral: Erm... Imperials? :p Thanks for the reply mate. The stars on the Land Raider were a ***** to paint. Thank God its done.

@Colonel Haizelhoff: The thing is, i'm not sure. Since IA6 is coming out this summer, i could wait, and expand my Chaos army even BIGGER to add all sorts of things. Then, next year i can do a Krieg army when i get a job. Hmmm....Cheers for the comment :)

Anyway, here is a random Imperial Guard Tank Crewman with a Sot3rdR head on it. These guys look funky, and Krieg like!


But, i am still not sure if i should do Guard, or make a MASSIVE Chaos Army...


Inquisitor Feldenhaus
18-03-2008, 10:56
Well, I for one would go MASSIVE renegade army, since with just a little bit of greenstuff, you would have some pretty nice renegade guardsmen, especially since the gasmasks already give it a "renegade" look.

Mr Feral
18-03-2008, 11:38
I agree with Inquisitor Feldenhaus. You could even go for the subtle "lberation" approach, not too much Chaotic influence but more archaic and worn equipment, as well as propaganda written over banners and tanks. A breakaway military faction declaring independance and becoming mercenaries even. You could even have some pirates as well for a modelling challenge.

Death Korp
18-03-2008, 13:12
@Inquisitor Feldenhaus: Yeah, i could do that....but i would use the FW Renegade sets to spruce them up instead...and my Green-Stuff-Fu is not that good anyway. But a good idea, thanks for the comment :)

@Mr Feral: Hmmm...i like the idea of Space Pirates, as using the Empire free company and some 40k bits will be quite cool. But i wouldn't do them as Chaos, since they would fight for anyone...or themselves...but i will include them in the army somewhere, as that idea is SO cool!
The 'Liberation' theme is what i am trying to do for the Barrak renegades, some propaganda would be quite cool on the banners, symbols of Chaos that the Guardsmen do not recongise. For the leader, i probably will use the FW renegade command, as they are really cool!

So, i think it will be renegades. Makes more sense really, as i have a large CSM army already, and some more Chaosy bits could make it larger. If i continue, i am aiming around 7000-10,000pts of Chasoy goodness. Renegades, Daemons and Marines. This will mean that i will have 1500pt armies for the rest of my armies though. But, oh well.

And i have added some evilness to the crewman, to show what these guys are going to look like if i do them...


I like him...


Colonel Haizelhoff
18-03-2008, 13:56
Very nice stuff! 10,000 points of chaos is crazy but very chaotic:evilgrin:. Whatever you do I won't mind;).

Mr Feral
18-03-2008, 16:52
I like him too. Although you've finished this one, on others a little bit of gouging out the plastic on some elbows and knees makes their fatigues look worn. The colour scheme works well with it's muteness *thumbs up*

ps. Is the armour grey or green? I can't quite make it out, but it works well. In the words of the internet, we wants MOAR. :p

*EDIT* I must do some space pirates / mercenaries some day. I reckon Empire Milita combined with CRM weapons would work.

Death Korp
18-03-2008, 18:11
Good Lord!, MORE posts!!! :D Keep em coming!!!!

@Colonel Haizelhoff: Well, its a 1/6th of the size of General Stiners' Imperial Gaurd Force in total, so it isn't that crazy :D I probably will not even get that far, since i have changed my mind so many times, its unbelivable! But i WILL!!! get a Chaos Apocalypse force, I will!

@Mr Feral: Thsi is only a tester, i'll wear and tear the actual Guardsmen. I might not yet, as i might have them as 'fresh' if you know what i mean!

The Grey is VMC German Field Grey, its a nice colour, and i have used it for many Imperial Guard type things.

Yep, that was my idea too (Space pirates) for them. What could i use them as? I was thinking a Workers Rabble or Conscripts, but they are kinda elite to, aren't they? I'll have to find a parrot somewhere though for the Captain :D

Ahhaar! I was thinking of doing a senario with the Space Hulk set (Which i have), with Guardsmen defending a ship from Space pirates!


Mr Feral
19-03-2008, 10:32
Are you using the IG or IA5 list?

I'd say go with a Infantry Platoon / Renegade Militia, with a Captain-esque character as the Junior Officer / Champion. That and stay off the fancy weapon upgrades, flamers (molotovs etc.) and grenade launchers (handheld bombs perhaps?) could work though.

Your SH idea sounds promising, perhaps with IG trying to hold off the pirates from stealing guns and supplies perhaps?

Death Korp
19-03-2008, 10:46
I don't know what list i will use for them, but i am swerving to try to get units that can fit in both. I want to paint them as 'loyalist' Guard so i can use both lists. I can add renegady stuff to the basic Guard, and imperial stuff so i can use ALL the choices avaliable.

As i said in this post already, i will be trying to use things that can be used in both lists, and can be obviously seen to what they are.

And finally, that was the first idea i had. I could start a campaign with my dad doing something like that, since he has Loyalist Imperials, and i will have a mix of the two...


22-03-2008, 23:46
How ya doing traitor :D
Love the free hand heretic symbols on the tank!
great work!

Death Korp
24-03-2008, 13:45
Bishopblack: Fine loyalist scum :D Cheers for the comment.

I haven't updated in a while (sorry in advance).

But, i have been doing something though. Today, i have been given a load of Dark Eldar from a cousin who didn't play anymore. Here is what i have:


*28 Warriors
*Subbucuss (Can't spell it)
*2 Warp Beasts
*Codex Dark Eldar (Update)

But what on earth am i going to do with these guys? Well, i will be adding a bit more stuff to them i hope, and attaching them to my Chaos Army as a Cult of Slannesh, to boost up some points, and an excuse for some assault troops with a high iniative.

And here is a poor photo of a Khornate Bezerker that i painted.


I will update soon :D


Mr Feral
24-03-2008, 13:50
I believe with a bit of careful bending at the knee joint, it's rather easy to make the Warriors look like they're running.

Nice Berzerker as well, he looks angry.

Death Korp
24-03-2008, 14:59
Cheers matey :)

I will have a look at bending some 'bondage warriors' (i like calling them that :D) legs tonight, currently creating a Raider.

Also, i realised that i had 40!!!!!!! warriors, including the ones i already had! Damn, ain't i lucky!

So that means my Chaos Apocalypse army will include:

*CSMs (Main Part)
*Slanneshi Dark Eldar (smallest force)
*Renegades and Hertics (super heavies and tanks in here)
*Daemons (bits of all!)

I think this army will reach above 10,000pts, as the amount of stuff i need will take me over that point. I want to do Marines and Tyranids too :'( Money...Why?!?!?!


Colonel Haizelhoff
24-03-2008, 15:58
I like the bare arms m8. Looks good and clean paint job wise. Running models might give it a more charging and aggressive feel which would be great. Wonder why i didnt do it on my KBs (oh yeah they were metal).

Death Korp
03-04-2008, 20:00
@Colonel Haizelhoff: Yeah, in hindsight, i would have used runnnig legs, but oh well :D


Hello all, i'm not dead!

As can see, i haven't updated in about 2 weeks. Why? Sheer laziness :D I couldn't be bothered to pick up a brush and finish things off....

But, now school has begun again (since Monday...) and the the Ammobunker Open Bash is in a months time, i have actually finished something(s).

Here is the new Bezerkers (inc. the one in the previous post) and a horror.


I'm proud of these guys, taken me long enough to do...

So, i need to do the following things this month if i can:

*9 CSMs (Icon Bearers' squad)
*8 Bezerkers
* (optional) 14 Horrors

I am saving up my money randomly to see how long it takes for me to go and spend it all (:D). This gives me time to paint what i have at the moment (LOTR, CSMs and Chaos), and finally knock down the crazy stockpile i have of these guys...


Death Korp
18-04-2008, 18:54
Ok, i'm alive :D


All 12 done :) Just a quick update to show i am alive :D


18-04-2008, 19:46
This is Gunner aka BishopBlack!
Good to see your army coming along!
I'm also doing Chaos now...hehe

Colonel Haizelhoff
18-04-2008, 19:58
Cool horde of red devils charging out, eeek run! I like them with a good clean paintjob.

Death Korp
20-04-2008, 10:20
Cheers guys for the comments :)

Here are some bits i have been making:

Rhino, 5 CSMs and a BT Dread out of bits:


And finally, a picture of my Chaos army so far:


Thanks for looking :)


Comrade Wraith
20-04-2008, 10:28
Lovely work.

Trying to find something to critiscise constructively.....but can't....

Colonel Haizelhoff
20-04-2008, 11:15
Nice to see the whole army almost apocalyptic ;)

Mr Feral
20-04-2008, 11:55
Nice Chaos!

How many points is it now?

I seriously dig the warband feel you've got here.

Death Korp
20-04-2008, 15:36
Wow, cheers guys for the replies :)

@Comrade Wraith: Cheers mate. You may not find anything to critize because of my appauling photography skills... :(

@Colonel Haizelhoff: Its getting there though :D! Cheers for the comment.

@Mr Feral: I think the force is worth 1700-2000pts (Codex is coming through the post next week along with Harry the Hammer!!!!!) Cheers for the comment.

Since Colonel Haizelhoff has reminded me, i want to put a list down of what remains to be done for the CSMs (Including things i want to add). And here it is:

2x Predators
2x Rhinos
10x FW Plauge marines
9x Thousand Sons
10x Possessed
10x Old Daemonettes
15x Horrors
10x Old Bloodletters
1x Terminator Lord
1x Daemon Prince
10x Havocs
1x Bloodthrister

Thankfully, i own most of these things aready, so yippe (!) on that part. And then, after these i want to finish off my BTs, since these are ment to be really good in 5th Edition:

1x Land Raider Crusader
1x Razorback
1x Predator
1x FW Ven. Dreadnaught
10x Neophytes (Don't Know about this yet)
9x Bikes
1x Attack Bike
2x Land Speeders
10x Assault Marines
5x Assault Terminators
5x Terminators
15x Crusaders
1x Terminator Chaplain
1x Bike Chaplain
5x Command Squad
Both Special Characters

And they are both of my Apocalypse Armys, and then, its back on to standard 1500pts armies (except for IG).


Death Korp
21-04-2008, 19:53
Well, i have finished my Rhino (sorry about the appauling photo :()


I've done some nice freehand on the front of the tank (its called Deliverence), and i am 5 models away from getting to where i origninally wanted to get to for the Ammobunker Open Day :) Look at the link in my sig if you want to take a look :)


Comrade Wraith
21-04-2008, 20:17
@Comrade Wraith: Cheers mate. You may not find anything to critize because of my appauling photography skills... :(

Well thats an added bonus for you then isn't it:p

Can't say my photos are too good either....

Nice Rhino.

21-04-2008, 21:06
despite the high level of Blurrovision, the army looks great! nice work death korp, paticularly on the khornate stuff!


Death Korp
23-04-2008, 19:10
@Comrade Wraith: lol, cheers for the comment!

@Hawke: Yep, sorry about the blurrivision. Can't do much about that atm :( Cheers for the comment!

Well, here is the last unit that i wanted to make for the Open Bash:


I am going to see if i can complete my Predator in time too, since i have completed everything. But two things are going to be in the way:

*Revision and Coursework
*Running out of inks, and there is going to be no more inks in stock until june! I live off them things!

But i do have a 4 day weekend next weekend, so i will have the friday dedicated to finishing my Predator for the Saturday!

Cheers for looking :)


Comrade Wraith
24-04-2008, 15:32
*Revision and Coursework

Sucks donit.:(

Lovely work altogether once more. Good use of the blue.:)

Death Korp
05-05-2008, 21:02
Sorry to say this, but its a...


So, after the AmmoBunker Open Bash (see the link in my sig!), here are the things i have completed over this 4 day break!


Fire Support Dread for my Black Templars!


Chaos Predator (did crap in the Apocalpse game!)


And because i can, a battle between my painted BTs and CSMs!

But, i have started something.

I have delved into some of my old stuff, and found a small inquisition army, Which consisted of an Inquisitor and 6 Retinue, 5 GK Terminators, 5 GKs and a Vostroyan Platoon. I have decided to expand on these to give me a break from power armour, and here is the first of them:


My Retinue i've just finished today (and a really poor photo, looks alot better in RL). Going to expand them though, and the Stormtrooper colour scheme is going to be the scheme for my Stormtroopers.

So, thats it for a bit


Comrade Wraith
06-05-2008, 19:57
Sorry DK i strayed from your log, something about the lack of tea after a nuclear attack.

ANyhow, those armies look great, Iron warriors have always been on my "to do" list, seeing your army has moved it up a couple of pegs.

Great stuff.

Death Korp
06-07-2008, 20:10
Well, i thought it would be a good idea to raise this log from the wastes, as it is my most successful log :D

I have painted alot more Iron Warriors in the time i have had, and have been up to plenty more too to throw into the bargin. So, here is what i have been doing:




Continued in the next post...

Death Korp
06-07-2008, 20:15


Well, i have been quite busy over the past couple of months,and since one of my armies is ever getting closer to Apocalyising, why don't i celebrate it here? Also, i am starting to add more to other armies too, so that means more Apocalypse goodness :evilgrin:



06-07-2008, 21:09
nice work korp! looks like alot of works gone into this army and works really nicely!

iron warriors, don't they just rock?


Mr Feral
07-07-2008, 11:31
Hark on you and you're ability to paint things faster than me!

Nice Iron Warriors, the turquoise is a nice touch.

Death Korp
07-07-2008, 14:43
Ah! Comments! :D

@G.Hawke: Cheers mate! It has taken me a while to get this far, and its nice to get comments from it too :)

@Mr Feral: Cheers for the comment mate! I like the Turquoise too! :)

My Chaos Space marines are nearly 3000pts, and i want a bit (well, alot) more for them too. My Tyranids,aiming for 3000pts,will be done for the TO40KPs and my Templars will be done over the next couple of months to finish them to 3000-4000pts.
Tehn, its on to the future projects which are Codex marines, orks and definatly IMPERIAL GUARD FTW!!!!!


Comrade Wraith
07-07-2008, 14:56
Good to have you back, and that's one fine army you have there, a lesser foe will quake in his boots (if any)

Lovely work.

Why do I get the feeling you'll complete the nids before me... and started a whole yonk ago

14-07-2008, 03:07
The army is coming on nicely the Imprerium may yet fear for a 14th Crusade.

Death Korp
14-07-2008, 11:02
@Comrade Wraith: Cheers mate :) I have a good chance of finishing my nids now as i have found a colour scheme i love.

@Gunner: Don't give me ideas, as i actually may mae the 14th black crusade.. ;)

Well, update.

Finally finished my Carnifex. Realised i have made some mistakes, so i'll go over them later.

I have an Ultramarine Cpatain on the go too, converted from the GD 08 (yes, i'm off) model.