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12-02-2008, 04:39
I have a upcoming tournament at my local gw, and i am deciding to bring my rats this tournament. Basically i came up with a list that isnt too SAD, has a solid Ld, alot of units, alot of magic, and a moderate amount of shooting kick. Heres what i came up with any ideas are welcome.

Warlord - Weeping blade, Hvy armor, Shield, Warpstone amulet ( Gives troops ld10, good at bullying around unit champs for a nice overkill bonus)
Warlock - Full kit minus pistol, Scroll ( 2d6 str 5, and a scroll)
Warlock - full kit minus pistol, storm daemon, Warpstone charm ( charm will help keep this guy alive)
Warlock - Eye of the horned rat ( extra dice so i can cast WL on 3 dice with every warlock)
4 units of 29 clanrats with full cmd ( i keep these guys at 29 because the chars join these units making them 30 strong, makes them rather hard to hinder their ld, and 8 men need to die for a initial panic check.)
4 units of 25 slaves with musician ( ran at 25 for ld purposes, outnumbering, and panic checks. Used to deploy in a checker board and used to redirect units so clanrats can flank. also may be used to beat weaker units in cc)
2 units of 5 night runners ( cheap units, placed first so i can see 2 of my enemys units. Also claim corners for 100vp, Also guard my WLC from being charged and keeps scouts away from them)
8 jezzails ( kills knights or big things etc)
2 units of 5 gutter runner tunnel teams, posioned hand weapons ( these guys are great, they kill war machines, gunline units, chage ranked units and assassinate mages, jump into combats to help out clanrats, what ever i need them for)
2 warped lightning cannons ( i mainly use these to shoot into cc as they dont need to randomize hits. Also pretty useful at killing knights and weakening infantry units Since the average str is 6 and average range is 28 inches)

Army specs
models 250
PD 8 (+/- 1 for eye of horned rat)
DD 5
Scrolls 1

12-02-2008, 16:59
That is a boatload of rats. Have you painted them all already, cause if you havn't, I dont envy you. Looks good, the only thing is I have found that hte tunneling teams are not actually that great, just my opinion though. Nice to see skaven without the bell and greyseer norm, gl at the tourny

12-02-2008, 17:29
Looks good, but I can offer a few bits of advice:

-drop the clawleaders on the clanrats, because the points for a single additional attack just isn't worth it
-with the points gained there, you can add +1 night runner to each unit. 6 is better than 5 because "If one of them gets shot, no panic. If two of them get shot, panic, but they're below US5 now and thus will not panic anything else. Units of 5 are fine too, but easier to obliterate in one phase of shooting/magic, thus causing panic 6" around it. Any bigger than six and you risk having fleeing units of five models or more causing panic all over the place.."

Thats all I got for you, other than that it looks like a good list!

12-02-2008, 17:42
Maybe change your unit of jezzials into 2 4 man units.

They are easier to panic but you enemy has to split his fire.

12-02-2008, 17:48
I like you list alot..

Have fun with it.

12-02-2008, 18:05
with their low BS you need bigger units of Jezzials.. I like the list, but I'd never paint it.
It's similar to my dream list at 3 units of clanrats 2 units of slaves.

12-02-2008, 19:27
The two WLC's I presume are for Cross-Firing units? If so, great, but, with that many rats I can see you running into a serious space problem. On our gaming boards you would, for absolute certain.

You might find weapon teams in such a crowded army ALOT easier to hide than in conventional armies, Move them behind Slaves, let the slaves get gnobbled, then open fire!

12-02-2008, 21:12
I'm not fond of WLCs, and you seem to have plenty of warlock generated lightning anyway.

But that's about it, otherwise seems pretty solid. I know the WLC is a personal preference thing, some people dig it -- I hate it. From other skaven related threads, I gather you know what you're doing anyway.

12-02-2008, 22:10
I agree about the tunneling teams and the gutter runners, should all be 6 imo.

12-02-2008, 23:46
well the unit champions are really just there to get enemy characters stuck killing just 1 rat, instead of several so i can keep my ranks longer not for the extra attack.

THe reason i keep the gutter runners at 5 strong is because most war machines are 3 man crew, meaning u will only get 5 men in combat with them. Also if i kamikaze them into a unit to kill a single mage (3 models can get in btb with a single character) the other 3 models are just dieing anyway and i lose a extra 17pts. although it would help them when attacking a weak unit or support my clanrats

Raising the night runners to 6 man may be a good idea (although regardless of 5 or 6 man 2 wounds to the unit still causes panic), where would i get the extra points for it though?

As for the WLC i do use them to crossfire a single unit alot it really depends on how big of a threat it is. I normally like shooting through units on a angle or down the flank of knights. as for the jezzails spliting them into 2 units of 4 may indeed be a very good idea, now instead of taking 2 wounds and losing 8 models mostl ikely i got 2 units of 4, so if i lose a check on the one unit i still have some left.

13-02-2008, 01:11
drop a few slaves to get the night runners, losing like 4 slaves wount kill u

13-02-2008, 02:26
Losing a few models from skaven ranked units is normally a bad idea, has both rank bonus and ld are based off of it and thats they have going for them. Also the night runners really are just there to claim that corner, and guard my cannon 1 extra guy isnt worth weakening my units in most cases.

13-02-2008, 13:57
Losing a few models from skaven ranked units is normally a bad idea, has both rank bonus and ld are based off of it and thats they have going for them. Also the night runners really are just there to claim that corner, and guard my cannon 1 extra guy isnt worth weakening my units in most cases.
well then there you go. Isnt this torny the 3k special character one or is it a different torny?

13-02-2008, 18:15
why is everyone so keen on the unit of 5 gutter runners there paf!

13-02-2008, 19:48

Well 5 gutter runners are good at killing mages ( charge them into a ranked unit kill the lvl 2 mage)

Killing warmachine crews
Killing shooty units


13-02-2008, 21:04
soz i ment night runners

13-02-2008, 21:45
Flank 5 Night Runners with Additional Hand Weapons into pretty much, ermm, any unit, and you've got +3 CR for virtually no points lost or gained.

13-02-2008, 21:52
wellnot really as they dont break ranks being a skirmished unit and as theres only 5 and there t3 with no save they wont be unit streanth 5 post attacks. so they wont get plus one for flank they wont win combat then will run at ld 5 thats assuming they get into combat if they get shot at by anything they will flee!

13-02-2008, 22:10
I was more thinking 10 attacks into a flank of 5, pretty good odds. At best, they'll take a model away from the front line of combat, which can drastically turn the odds in your favour. The best example of this is against WS 3 T3 opponents, hit on 4's on 10 dice, wound on 4's, good odds.

14-02-2008, 00:57
well my night runners are just to guard my cannons and be deployed as a throwaway choice to get my enemy to deploy more units before i have to throw down ranked units.

14-02-2008, 13:38
How are they guarding the cannons? Missile screens? Against decent combat troops, I would think they would either be overrun or flee (if fear causers).

15-02-2008, 00:35
well it depends they block los so things cant declare charges against my cannons causing it too flee. In addition it keeps enemy scouts further away from my cannons.