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12-02-2008, 08:12
Vampire Lord, Magic level 3, Master of The Dark Arts, Forbidden Lore (Lore of Vampires), Lord of The Dead, Skullstaff, Helm of Commandment, 450 points

Vampire, Dark Acolyte, Lord of The Dead, Sceptre De Noirot, Dispell Scroll, 195 points

Vampire, Dark Acolyte, Lord of The Dead, Book of Arkhan, 180 points

Vampire, Dark Acolyte, Summon Creatures of The Night, Armor of Night, Black Periapt, Talisman of The Lycni, 195 points

15 Skeletons + full command + War Banner, 165 points
15 Skeletons + full command + Banner of Endless Nightmare, 165 points
20 Zombies, 80 points
5 Dire Wolves, 40 points
5 Dire Wolves, 40 points
18 Grave Guard + GW + full command + Banner of Barrows, 310 points
4 Fell Bats, 80 points
Varghulf, 175 points
Varghulf, 175 points

Total: 2250 points

Power Dice 13
Bound Items 1
Dispell Dice 7
Dispell Scrolls 1

The idea is to keep the characters with the blocks, forming a solid defensive line, giving WS where required, summoning and Vanheling tarpits - big blocks of zombies, filling them and the skellies along with healing Grave Guard if necessary. Vampires are not to see combat, but to raise army and boost defense. Speedy Vampire goes with Dire Wolves, Fell Bats and Varghulfs on the flank, screened by them, while healing and maybe raising more Fell Bats or Wolves, mostly Bats.

Any comments would be highly appreciated! :)

12-02-2008, 08:47
If you're going with the banner of the barrows and the helm of command I highly recommend keeping the vampire lord out of the grave guard and tucked behind them in another unit. I would probably drop one of the vargulfs and use the points for a another bunker unit of skeletons and two units of dire wolves. Although, I can't deny the kick-assery of taking two vargulfs. I have my doubts about summon creatures of the night. You can only ever get one wound per casting, so it seems like a weak choice unless you back it up with a corpse cart. I might also drop the rod of flaming death for the light armor that give bestows a shooting penalty on your enemy, that vampire is a pretty big target out there all by his lonesome. You could cut the zombies, which I'm convinced your should never actually take to start the game, and buy a couple units of dire wolves to support the fast vamp.

12-02-2008, 09:08
Somehow I lost faith in Dire Wolves when they cut their S on charge. On second thought they still charge 18, and if near Varghulf they are even more useful. Will think about it.

Lord is in skellies, of course. When enemies get close one skellies go behind, other in front with GG on one flank, zombies or terrain on the other.

I have thought about that armor, but what about cannons, templates, lightning bolts, etc? Maybe Wristbands are slightly better. Although Armor of Night is a Heavy armor, -2 for shooting and 10 pts cheaper, I'd still take ward save. Maybe AoN combined with Enchanted Shield? Same cost, 3+ Armor save. Damn it is difficult to decide! Or keep the Rod and fry the shooter? DAMN!!!

As for zombies, I have to take the third core, this is cheapest, and is not bad if raised and "crowned".

Maybe I should drop one Fell Bats, and add two units of dire wolves? DAMN!!! So many choices!

12-02-2008, 09:34
I wouldn't use dire wolves in the new army myself, s3 with a low ws seems sub-par for 8 points.

12-02-2008, 09:37
Maybe AoN combined with Enchanted Shield?

Can't be done. DAMN DAMN!!!

12-02-2008, 09:49
OK, so I swapped one unit of Fell Bats for two units of Dire Wolves, with same purpose, to flank. Also I swapped Rod of Flaming Death for Armor of Night and Black Periapt. If somebody is really magic heavy on me this is good. How does it sound now? I will change it in the list as well.

Jack of Blades
12-02-2008, 09:58
What's the point in knowing all 6 spells of a lore you know 3 spells of anyway, when you could know 4 and get another power dice? :wtf:

Other than that it's fine I guess.

12-02-2008, 10:10
You are talking about the biggest dilemma I have about my lists. Having 13 dice, maybe adding another with Periapt and having Book of Arkhan is a good magic phase. Adding another dice would be great, but would not make huge difference comparing to the fact that I might not draw Vanhels at all. The risk is too big, and I need that spell on Lord. Chances that I would get that spell anyways are good, but this is something I don't want to take chances on. And with Skullstaff I don't need 5-dice casting. Those spells aren't important anyway. But the question is good.

13-02-2008, 06:02
What's the point in knowing all 6 spells of a lore you know 3 spells of anyway, when you could know 4 and get another power dice? :wtf:

Other than that it's fine I guess.

I see it completely opposite Jack. One more PD and spell instead of having access to ALL the spells? Not to mention being able to chose a different lore for each fight (Hi bretonnian, meet the Lore of Metal!).

As for the list, I love it. I'm all for casty vampires, and I plan to run Count Manfred in my 2250 list (he's too damn amazing not to take imo). But mostly just him, you have 4 ******* casty vampires, enough to scare the crap out of anyone but a sturdy dwarf player heh.

Dual Vargulfs, i'm doing that too...those buggers are godly.

Lack of corpse carts isn't my cup of tea though. I'd suggest mabie dropping one of the vamps for one, as +1 to models raised can add up with all those IoNs going off. You also get another bound spell to help secure the magic phase.

I used to be all about the crown of command, and it sure is a great thing to have on a lord (7 WS will make most RNF hit a unit on 5+s) using it, but Mannfred is an amazing characer. 105 more points nets you 6 PD, Lord of the Dead, Creatures of the Night, and ALL vamp/death spells.

So far, my games have gone 100% my way using Count Manfred, 2 CCs, and a fighty vampire. The Crown is great, but doesn't seem worth it when you can just raise back skeletons and have Manfred dealing out wounds (He has the Sword of Unholy Power, and wont let it out of his cold dead hands). He's also hard to kill with 5 wounds (KB is a fear though).

I still like your list though, probably get a low comp score though. Beware heavy antimagic and Balefire-laden enemy VCs ;)