View Full Version : 1000 pt. Vampire Counts (6th.) Need tips.

12-02-2008, 11:27

I started playing a vampire counts army about a month ago, it's my first WH army so I'm a noob looking for tips on how to create a 1k army. So far I've played 5 500-1000 point games, but having only won a single game >:( and otherwise been usually massacred to the ground.

My army at the moment includes something like this.

Lvl 2 necro with the book
Vampire thrall with walking death, on a horse

Spirit hostx2
Black Knightsx5, FC + Banner of the barrows (the vampire goes with them)
Black Knightsx6 / Grave Guardx15 (i gave up with the GG tho), FC.

Wolvesx6 (gave up with these too when many of my friends play with shooty armies and they seemed like free 60 points)
Zombies as a bunker

Ok, the list changes often since I'm testing new stuff so I don't have the model count / point values right.
The problem is that my core is pretty much messed up with a combined charge from chariots / knights / fc or whatever - The guys i usually play field fast armies with MSU, always coming for my things 2on1 or 3on1. I can't catch them with my knights (M8-9) or they completely destroy them (white lions for example).
Ok I have let the knights be fooled off by FC / Flyers a few times, yet I can't seem to get a flank charge with them because they get always locked in combat when i need them.
By the time they are done fighting, my infantry is destroyed, general probably dead and spirit host destroyed. If i build larger infantry blocks, they are avoided and my other units picked off instead.

So please, I would like to get some pointers on where I should be putting my points in =/.

12-02-2008, 18:21
I'd say 2 units of BK's is a lot for 1000k.

I'd get another magic user and Skellies are better in a fight then Zombies. Raise Zombies to block charges... then counter charge with other units.