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12-02-2008, 16:04
Alright, so this was me and my gaming buddies very first LoTR battle, and I must say, it was great!

The scenario was Contest of Champions for the Legions book and the lists were as follow (approximately):


Jared, Captain of the White Tower
Shield 55

10ish Warriors of Minas Tirith
10ish Shields, 5 Spears 85ish


Gurak, Orc Captain 45

5 Orcs with Two-handed Weapons 30

5 Orcs with Swords and Shields 30

6 Orcs with Spears 36

Alright then, lets get started shall we?

Jared looked around at his assembled warriors, barely a dozen in number. This was what Boromir had sent out to deal with the Orc threat in this area? They were greatly outnumbered and he had no doubt the Orcs would use that to full advantage. He would have to inspire this lot if wanted to survive this.

Turn 1, Good Priority:

"Forward men!" Jared shouted at the top of his voice, waving his sword in the air towards the advancing Orcs. In the corner of his eye, he could see a small group carrying huge axes breaking away from the main group of Orcs.

Turn 2, Good Priority:

The Orc advance had picked up full speed now and Jared ordered his men together. "Lock shields! Spears at the back! Do not give them an inch men!" The moment before the orcs hit their line all turned silent, and Jared stared into eyes as black as the abyss for a second, and then the orcs struck them.

Turns 3-4, Evil Priority:

The Orcs charge had almost shattered the line of humans, only their captain holding them in line. The Orc leader slaughtered his way through, and was just about to step out behind the humans when a figure blocked his path. The Orc snarled and launched himself at Jared, only to be driven backwards by the steady skill of the human captain.

Turn 5, Good Priority:

Elsewhere, the tide was turning against the Orcs. Without their leader, their charge had lost its momentum and the heavy armor of the humans stopped their blows.
The Orc captain was being aided by two other Orcs, and Jared was fighting for his life, and managed to punch through the Orcs defence, and slammed his shield into the head of the enemy captain, momentarily driving him backwards.

Turn 6, Evil Priority:

Finally, the Orcs were being pushed back, but the combat was devolving into a grueling affair of attrition.
Jared was being pushed back by the overwhelming number of Orcs attacking him. Suddenly, he saw an opening in the Orc leaders guard, and with all his remaining might, he rammed his sword straight through the Orc, killing it instantly.

Turn 7, Good Priority:

With the Orc leader dead, Jared leapt back into the main fray. With his leadership his few remaining started to push back their enemies, orcs falling left and right, Jared himself wading through the thickest fighting. Almost half his warriors were dead, but the Orc force had been broken, and most of them were fleeing.
"Victory is ours, men!"

First of all, this battle report isnīt all that accurate, as I am sure you have noticed. This is because I prefer to write a narrative, as that is much more fun than: "x good warriors died, and y orcs lost their fights".

Second, this was an awesome battle, with the Gondor captain personally killing the Orc leader, and the warriors duking it out. It was really close for a while, and if the Gondor captain hadnīt defeated so many orcs at the same time, I would probably have lost. The numbers of the Orcs really counted, as they surrounded my line, and nullified my spearmen.
The flow of the battle was also really nice, with the first turns steady lins turing into a mess were warriors were trapped or running to save their friends.
In the end, I think it was the superior armor of my warriors that saved me, as the orcs struggled to kill my troops.

Major Victory for the forces of Good! Saurons darkness has been pushed back, even if only for a little while.