View Full Version : Best player vs bots PC games

12-02-2008, 17:46
The title might confuse some, but what i mean is games like Battlefield 2 or Counter Strike where you can play large games that aren't campaigns etc.

I've been reccomended UT3, but looking st pictures it doesnt look like a game i would like. The reason why is really weird, i only really like games with weapons used nowadays (M16, SAW etc) or that use bullets, the whole big colourful laser type weapon doesnt really appeal to me, but if enough people say i should get it i mostly likely will.

It also has to work well on Vista, i tried playing BF2 on my new computer and it took a very long time to load and the game was very laggy (singleplayer). Most likely because of my RAM (only 1GB)

Oh, and here are my computer specs:
2.4 ghz quad core
nvidia 8800 GTX 768mb
1GB of RAM

Many thanks :)


12-02-2008, 17:52
Get UT, its worth it and you can download mods to get real world weapons if thats your thing.

12-02-2008, 21:57
Get another stick of ram for your pc and play bf2.
I believe BF3 is on its way, so maybe a coupla gigs more might be a good investment)

There is a mod available that allows 64 player bot games on BF2 if your fed up with the standard 16 player maps.