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Captain Ahab
12-02-2008, 21:42
Well here is my 1000 point list from the new vampire counts book. I don't know fantasy very well though, what do you think? I was thinking about putting the vamp in the skeletons have the zombies on either side so they can march still, have corpse carts behind zombies, and wolves on the flanks. So I have 2 heros, and 3 core, the carts and wolves don't count toward core.

1 Vampire with lord of death, avatar of death, talisman of proctection, hand of dust. 200 pts

1 Necromancer with raise dead, scepter de neirot, 1 corpse cart with lodestone. 175 pts

1 Corpse cart with lodestone. 100 pts

25 Zombies with standard, musician. 112 pts

25 Zombies with standard, musician. 112 pts

25 Skeletons with full comand. 220 pts

5 Dire wolves. 40 pts

5 Dire wolves. 40 pts

999 point total, 89 models.

13-02-2008, 01:46
Im not too familier with the new vamps, but unless the wolves can't march without a vampire nearby, this list is great.

A few things id change from my limited knoledge of the list would be removing the Talisman of protection, as it sucks. Then take out a few more magic items (unless they are realy neccesary?) to add 5 more wolves.

Captain Ahab
13-02-2008, 04:51
The wolves are undead, so they need a vamp, but I was going to maybe hide them behind the zombies and be in range of the 12" general vamp to stay with the group. Since I want them at min 3 models (str 6 unit) when my zombies hit someone they pop out and flank. So I can drop the talisman, and I wanted to add maybe 3 zombies to each unit to make 28 each, and add spears to skeles. I am not sure what else to drop though, maybe switch out hand of dust(50pt) for something cheaper.

13-02-2008, 05:40
I'd suggest combining the zombies into one larger unit, say 40. Take a small unit of ghouls, drop skelys to about 20, mabie with spears as it's a VERY usefull option to have IMO.

Two corpse carts with loadstones is excess in 1k points IMO. Especialy if you are going to have a lone necro raising simply zombies. The +2 zombies per cast is not really worth the cost of the CCs to me.

I prefer to run the skeleton horde that starts small and gets raised bigger (granted in a 2250 bracket) and only run 2 CCs in that one. I'm also not a fan of the necro's whatsoever. Vampires are better in everything but lugging around scrolls.

If you drop a CC and the necro you get 180 (you are 5 points off IIRC), this is enough to get a decent vampire with important abilities to assist your army. Number one, Lord of the Dead and/or Summon Ghouls. I see your initial vamp has lord of the dead, thus making the necro almost useless in everyway. He as a single die to cast IoN on a 4+, when the Vamp can cast it on a 3+ on skeletons and increase them like zombies.

I do have to say that dire wolves are awsome, cheaper and raisable. Your vamp is also illegal. The Hand of Dust takes all his item points.

I'd suggest al ist more like this:

Vampire (General) - Walking Death(+1 CR is awsome), Lord of the Dead (Skeletons ROCK); Cadaverous Curiass, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Striking (This is a personal favorite item combo of mine. You get a 3+ armor save, hit most stuff on 2+, and are immune to Poison and KB)

Vampire - Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead; Scepter of Neirot, Flayed Hauberk

15 Skeletons - Spears, FC (Double US Banner or War Banner)

40 Zombies - Banner/Muso?

10 Ghouls/Skeletons

5 Wolvesx2

Corpse Cart - Unholy Loadstone

Something along these lines is what I like. Necro's are silly unless you NEED Danse and dont want Forbidden Lore.

I put zombies in there cuz you had them, but I don't see much of a reason to buy zombies anymore, they are far too expensive. I'd rather buy skeletons and raise them and create tarpits as needed since that is the ONLY thing zombies can do now (Screening excluded, but I can coun't the number of games my opponent wasn't on a hill with 1 hand).

13-02-2008, 13:35
I thought you could increase the unit size beyond the starting number for Skellies.

Captain Ahab
13-02-2008, 17:07
Thanks for the info, I'll have to get back to the store sometime and fix my list. Also necromancer2 you can if you have lord of death.