View Full Version : Slaanesh Mortals Army (Lets Play a Game)

13-02-2008, 01:52
Hey all,

Every once in awhile I get an itch to paint one certain army, in one certain scheme for no particular reason. I'm looking to make this army *useable*, not necessarily a power list, but also not complete crap. So, with this in mind, bear with me because I am not going to post unit extras and stuff because that will be up to the eventual owner, not me.

Here are lists of items I have to choose from, to make a roughly 1500 point list. Im making these choices based on what looks good, the plays good part is where you come in, masters of chaos. :)

Slaanesh hero (the girly lookin' one)
Hero/lord on Demonic Steed (the snake with boobies)
Hero with two axes
Sorcerer on foot and mounted

14 Chaos Warriors
14 Chaos Warriors
5 Chaos Knights
15 marauders

Beast Herds (specify arrangement)
Mounted demonettes

Chaos Giant

Again, a roughly 1500 pt. army with as much or little wargear as you like, although you don't have to specify.

I have made a few, and this one is my favorite so far:

Girly Hero
Two Axe Hero (each go in the units of warriors)

14 Chaos Warriors
14 Chaos Warriors

Beast Herd of about 10 gors and 5 ungors
20 demonettes
5 mounted demonettes


So, let me know what you think is best. Not expecting a brain buster of a thread like some other tactics threads, just mellow and thinking of what would look best.

Thanks all for your time and take care!