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13-02-2008, 03:39
I became inspired to make write up this list from another list on this site.

-Master rune of Swiftness
-Rune of Fury
-Rune of Cleaving
-Rune of Stone
-Rune of Resistance
273 pts
(with the Hammerers)

-Master Rune of Balance
-Rune of Spellbreaking
149 pts
(with the Longbeards)

-Rune of Cleaving
-Rune of Fury
-Rune of Stone
140 pts
(with the Warriors)

262 pts

186 pts

115 pts

145 pts

-Rune of Battle
259 pts

-Full CMD
143 pts

Bolt Thrower
-Rune of Penetrating
85 pts

Grudge Thrower
-Rune of Accuracy
120 pts

Organ Gun
120 pts

Total = 1997 pts
Models in Army=104

Army would deploy in basic defense formation with artillery on a hill. The Thunderers and Quarrelers guarding flanks with one also covered by the slayers.

What do you guys think?

13-02-2008, 05:02
Two Questions

1) Where would you place the Organ Gun

2) Where is your Gyro Copter

About the list. I think you should switch the Lord and the Thane in their respective units. A thane in a unit of hammers isnt as much of a threat as a lord, which means that no one except crazies will attack the unit if it has a lord in it. If you put them in the warriors, it spreads out your hitting power across all three units, thus allowing you to stay balanced throughout your turtle shell (what my dwarf player calls that tactic, the turtle shell cause he doesnt move...at all)

I really think that your slayers are free victory points for any army with a decent amount of shooting or magic missle. Same thing with Quarrlers. While they do have a higher range, they dont get the +1 to shoot like Thunders (I belive anyways) so it makes that flank weaker. The only way to really remedy this is to either A) Put the organ gun on that flank, or B) change them out for more thunderer's. Also, A Gyrocopter would help you out a TON here. It will allow you to slow down people to get more turns to shoot at them. Though be warned, that it will be the first thing that people shoot at, as it is close and annoying.

Couple things to watch out for. Flyer's! Harpies, Eagles, BM on Manticore, Hero lvl character on Pegasus/Great Eagle, etc. They will definatly try and hit your arty by turn 2 to silence the guns. I dont know how you set up terrain, but I assume you try and get a hill, so be wary of fliers and shooting scouts (IE shades etc) as they will target warmachines as well to try and kill crew. My shades have fifteen dwarven Crew kill's under their belt, so let that be a warrning. Lastly, take out enemy war machines as quickly as possible. Its alright to let units coem forward without you shooting at them with yoru warmachines as long as you are killing your opponents. Stone throwers, Rocket Volley, Doom Diver's, Even cannon's are Brutal against your list as you are packed in tight.

Other then that, I hope you do well, just remember that you dont move....ever, so once your shell is broken, it is usually either game over for you, or the end of the game for them.