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13-02-2008, 14:57
Is there any way of emailing Games Workshop?

A lot of people here seem to quote replies they've had from them and things, but I can't find an email link anywhere on the website. Plus their feedback page confuses the hell out of me :wtf:.

13-02-2008, 16:32
its gonna depend on who you want isnt it.......


lists lots of different email contacts you can use.

13-02-2008, 16:40
I got a phonecall from an email I sent in. They said it was quicker than to email as they were snowed under.


13-02-2008, 17:21
Hmm, they say on that page that they are no longer accepting customer service e-mails as of 2005 - so how are people on this forum e-mailing them? I've seen countless quotes of e-mails from GW.

Colonel Deal
13-02-2008, 18:16
That's only for hobby specialists, things like rules queries and so on. The customer service e-mails do get answered, albeit slowly.

Light of the Emperor
13-02-2008, 20:11
Good luck emailing them. I have never received a reply to any of the emails I sent 'em. Calling is a lot better and more personal too.

13-02-2008, 20:32
If you know the name of the person you want to send it to, most of the GW e-mails are the persons first name, then a . followed by the last name.

For the US it would be sent to @games-workshop.com
For the UK it would be sent to @games-workshop.co.uk

Unless they changed it since I left, or put some harsh filters on e-mails, that should get you what you need.

There are some exceptions, but most of them are for people you will never really need to communicate with anyway.

14-02-2008, 11:14
My emails are often replied to. Sending them mail with Highest priority and requesting for a read receipt is a combination that works for me.

14-02-2008, 11:16
Replying to an order confirmation is normally quick if it's about an order problem.

14-02-2008, 17:22
I thought GW stopped taking emails, or is that just emails regarding rules queries?

14-02-2008, 22:00
Hello All,

Games Workshop US has recently added a new Customer Service department.

You can contact them at custserv@games-workshop.com.