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13-02-2008, 15:31
I've been play testing the new rules thanks to warseer and my local Battle Bunker, and so far I like this list (posting this from work so I wont remember the names of all the items):

Vampire Lord Lvl. 2
+1 Level
Forbidden Lore - Necromancy
+2 Power Dice
Summon Ghouls
Walach's Armor
Rod of Flaming Death
Black Periapet

Vampire BSB Lvl. 1
Regeneration Banner
Avatar of Death

Vampire Lvl. 1
+1 Magic Level
Summon Skeletons
Book of Arkhan

Necromancer Lvl. 1
2x Dispel Scrolls


10 Skeletons w/ Cmd and Banner of the Dead Legion

10 Ghouls

10 Ghouls

Corpse Cart

Corpse Cart

19 Grave Guard w/Cmd

15 Grave Guard w/GW Cmd and Banner of the Barrows

PD = 11(12)
DD = 7(8)

I have the BSB sit with the larger unit of GG and the other characters I place more or less on a whim, either shielding the lord in a skeleton bunker in the back of the army or placing him in the GG as well. I sit back the first turn or 2 and just raise into my units, then when I'm comfortable with their sizes, I rush out and prepare to receive or give charges.

My magic phase is fairly overwhelming and the regen unit is fantastic, its taken an entire armies worth of shooting and magic and held up great. Most of my points are spent in my characters, about 1k so that is my biggest risk. So to score any real points on me, you have to kill both GG units and 1/2 my characters. I can throw away every core choice and be just fine.

I want to give my count a 4+ ward, but I know he will go stupid on an important turn at some point during the tourney and I just don't want to deal with that random variable. I'm also torn on giving him helm of command vs the rod of flaming death. I haven't used the helm yet but the rod is pretty fun so far.

The army I've tested this the most against is a 7+ DD Walter army and have done fairly well. 2-1-1. I've also gone against HEs, WEs and Lizardmen and have done exceptionally every time. All armies, minus the wood elves, sitting with heavy magic D as well.

Please pick apart this list, and give me any insight you might have on ways to optimize my characters/unit selection for this "raise" style of army.

13-02-2008, 21:21
One potential problem with your list as i see it is that its entirely infantry. Even with the new ability to spam Vanhels you could find your self very outmaneuvered. The Rod of Flaming Death can potentially help with this, by panicking a would be flanker, but some of the best flankers, Mounted Demonettes and Wild Riders specifically, are Immune to Panic (or psych entirely in these cases).

I see you are using the tiny units that u make grow through magic. This can be a big risk, but from your comments it seems to be paying off. (And I know it does, being the Lizardmen player in there).

14-02-2008, 03:13
sorry to ask but were ae u getting the rules for the new vampire counts

14-02-2008, 13:28
Almost all of the rumors posted on warseer are spot on. But other than that I hit up my local Battle Bunker last weekend and made various lists and memorized most point values.