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Commissar Molotov
14-02-2008, 02:53
I've had the Inquisitor rulebook kicking around for a while, but despite reading it, I've never been able to actually play the game. Partly because getting into 54mm can be a little difficult. I have (and have had) a few of the models - Covenant, Barbaretta, Artemis, among others - but especially the scenery and the like can sometimes cause problems.

I've managed to get my local group into the Specialist Games, starting with a (fairly extensive) Necromunda campaign, where I was able to identify those who had a passion for the narrative (doing things not neccessarily to win, but because it was cool) and then going through Gorkamorka, finally ending up with Inquisitor.

I've decided to go ahead with Inquisitor 28mm, because I've read a few sites and as a cash-strapped student with a lot of Necromunda terrain, it seems to make sense to me. Especially as the rest of my friends are also cash-strapped students.

I decided to try a few test games with my friend, Nick. First off I tried a Hive Ganger character (using Talon (http://specialist-games.com/assets/Talon.pdf)'s stats) and an Enforcer. The Enforcer quickly gunned down the Ganger and let us learn shooting and injury. Then an Inquisitor turned up, quickly minced the Enforcer in combat, and let us learn the rules for combat.

After that, I scoured my miniatures collection and offered Nick an Inquisitor (the Gideon Lorr model, with the flintlock plasma pistol) and his choice of either a preacher (a Necromunda Redemptionist) or a Sniper ('Mad' Larkin, from the Last Chancers). His eyes lit up and he quickly went for the Sniper - we generated some rules for the Sniper using the Pathfinders (http://specialist-games.com/assets/Pathfinders.pdf) pdf. I took the Inquisitor from the first game (incidentally, he's one of the 'Crusader' models from the 40k Witch-Hunters), and the Hive Ganger.

The game was incredibly interesting, actually - Nick's Inquisitor quickly defeated mine in combat, injuring mine in the arm and forcing him to drop his sword - he then promptly spent actions picking up the sword and going on a rampage, dual-wielding power swords. It's that kind of detail that really attracts me to the game. There was some really interesting back-and-forth that eventually culminated in the Hive Ganger getting a plasma pistol shot to the head, and my Inquisitor being captured.

I'm mostly the 'fluff' one in my circle. It's typically down to me to create the 'framework', and then my friends are a bit more confident working within the guidelines I've set. When it came to Necromunda, I set up the 'setting' of the campaign,I created the settlement the gangs operated from, I ran the campaign newsletter, mediated the games, agitated the rivalries to really get people involved.

So I'm looking to do the same for Inquisitor. After the games we worked out special rules and the such for our Inquisitors, and came up with our characters. Nick named his Witch-Hunter "Inquisitor Balthier" (apparently Balthier is a character from Final Fantasy XII? I haven't played it.) and I named my Malleus Inquisitor "Inquisitor Hoth".

Inquisitor Hoth and Inquisitor Blathier have crossed swords before. Five years ago, Balthier intervened to execute an unsanctioned psyker - a psyker Hoth had abducted as part of his investigations into the so-called 'divine vessel'. Balthier captured Hoth, intending to turn him over to an Inquisitorial conclave. Hoth spoke eloquently at the conclave, managing to get the charges overturned. Balthier was outraged, feeling that he had been made to look a fool, and began to pursue Hoth.

The next time the pair met, Hoth threw Balthier from a sky-scraper, expecting to never see the Witch-Hunter again. Balthier is persistant, though, dedicated to vindicating his suspicions and ending his vendetta once and for all.

Per the background we wrote up, Hoth is a Thorian, whilst Balthier is an Amalathian. I deliberately decided that both Inquisitors would be puritan, as I like that 'shades of grey' element that Inquisitor offers. I also have a plan that at some stage the two rivals will have to team up to go against real Chaos-worshippers. Cliché, yes, but ohsofun, and that's what the game's about, right?

So here's the stats we've written up:

Villem Hoth, Ordo Malleus:

Equipment: Stubber (One Reload), Power Sword, Paladin Shield (http://specialist-games.com/assets/FO31InqSwords.pdf), Carapace Armour on all locations.

Abilities: Leader, Nerves of Steel, True Grit
Telekinesis, Psychic Shield, Psychic Impel.


Balthier, Ordo Hereticus:


Equipment: Plasma Pistol, Naval Pistol, Power Sword, Average Bionic Eye, Hunter Servo-Skull with Bio-Scanner, Flak Armor on all locations except Head (which has two points of armour).

Abilities: Word of the Emperor, Feint, Heroic.


I have some more ideas regarding their backgrounds, but now I'm looking into a small campaign setting, based (to a degree) on the Karis Cephalon campaign. I like the set up of Karis Cephalon (the mixture of farming, mining, industry and civilisation) and I wanted to do a world similar. So I've tentatively named the world 'Nova Castille'. A civilised world with farms and mines, a slave underclass with a elite of landowners (the only ones allowed to vote).

A few of my friends have expressed interest in Inquisitor. Now, our Necromunda campaign quickly grew beyond all proportion, and I'm keen for that to not happen here - at least, not for the first story. After we've got our first campaign under our belts and we're more confident, then I'd be happy for multiple Inquisitors with multiple retinues. I've heard of Inquisitor being played almost as a roleplay game, with each player having one Character within the retinue. I've got three players, so Nick would take Balthier and another (perhaps his Pathfinder/Sniper, Rourke) whilst my friends Darren and Richard have expressed interest in a Tech-Priest and an Imperial Guard veteran, respectively.

So I certainly have the makings of a warband, I'm looking to creating a campaign. I've considered using the idea of fractious mutant/human rivalries. I read in the Karis Cephalon campaign that a mysterious plague was running rampant through the mutants, increasing and inflaming tensions - mutant unrest was at an all time high. I figured on Nova Castille something similar might happen - the mutants aren't kept in the most sanitary of conditions, after all. So I was figuring that the mutants are beginning to get restless, to rise up. This is causing a converse amount of displeasure, and anti-mutant groups are starting to gain attention. One in particular (the 'Eagle's Claws') are carrying out purges against the mutants.

The wealth of the elite is built on slave (mutant) labour, so they wouldn't be happy about either. Balthier, as an Amalathian, would want to preserve the status quo that has existed on Nova Castille for millennia, so he'd want to quell the mutant unrest and bring the Eagle's Claws to heel.

My basic plan for the campaign was to have Balthier pursuing the Eagle's Claws, who are being financed by a mysterious benefactor. When Balthier crosses paths with Inquisitor Hoth, he assumes immediately that Hoth is supporting the unrest (showing Istvaanian or Recongregatory tendencies), and so he attacks.

In fact Hoth has visited Nova Castille because an astrological alignment is weakening the boundaries between real space and the warp. As a Thorian, Hoth is looking to investigate the theories of the Divine Vessel further, but believes that a Chaos cult has infiltrated Nova Castille, and is stirring up political tensions to disguise their real aims. (I've not thought it through fully, but I had considered that they were trying to recover an artefact or summon a daemon, something like that.) and the two retinues must team up to stop the real bad guys.

All your thoughts are welcome, really. This is partly a ramble but also a plea for some thoughts. I'm new to GMing (well,to GMing Inquisitor, anyway) and I'd welcome any ideas.

14-02-2008, 22:51
I tend to take the "one character per player" approach. It makes things a lot easier to keep track of for starting players. Have everybody form into one or 2 groups depending on numbers, with someone (most likely the Inquisitors) as leaders. This will cut down on the amount of extra subplots opening up and derailing the main story tioo much. If there is only one band, then the GM can concentrate on playing the "bad guys" and telling the story.

Good luck with the campaign.

p.s. Remember that it isn't all about fighting. Think of it as being similar to Resident Evil in a way. Fights to add action between sequences of story telling and problem solving.

Commissar Molotov
15-02-2008, 03:30
Thanks for the response, Catferret. The "One Character per Player" approach is certainly useful, but it could potentially cause problem if someone's lovingly created character gets dropped early on. Then again, there's the judicious remit of the GM to fix things like that, I suppose.

I'll try to keep you guys acquainted with what goes on. :)

15-02-2008, 19:59
If they happened to die, then fudge it a bit so they are injured and lose a permanent health level on the location. It's not pleasant but better than death. Just keep a narrative flowing to explain things.