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14-02-2008, 08:37
His List:

2x 20 Saurus with Full command
8 Saurus Cavalry
4x 10 Skinks with Blowpipes
Skink Priest - Cloak of feathers and other stuff
2nd Generation Slaan with bodyguard of 16 Temple Guard w/ Full command

My List: (Only models I have at my disposal)

Alter Noble
-Great Weapon, Light Armour, Shield, Helm of Hunt, Hail of Doom

Wardancer Noble
-Blades of Loec

-lvl. 3, Dispel Scroll

- lvl.1, Dispel Scroll

10 Glade Guard
10 Glade Guard
12 Dryads

8 Wild Riders

3 Treekin

6 Wardancers

6 Waywatchers


Ok so the board had a wood in the back right of his deployment zone, a hill in the right corner of mine, and a large ruin on the left of the board.

Deployment went like this.

-------------Saurus---Temple Guard w/ Slaan---Saurus--------------Skinks in Wood--
Saurus cavalry------ -----Skinks-----Skinks---------------------------
--------------Skinks in Ruin---------------------------------------------------------
Wild Riders----Wardancers------Waywatchers------------------------------

-----------------------------------------------Glade Guard----------Glade Guard on hill

He had a big skink screen in front of his two Saurus and Templeguard blocks.
He also won the roll for scouts and so took both the wood and ruin and unfortunately screwing my Waywatchers over..
I then place my free wood between my Wild Riders and his Saurus Cavalry.

I got the Hidden Path, Tree Singing, Ariels Blessing, Fury of the forest.

He got 2 spells that gave 2D6 Str4 magic missile (one which was flaming), on D6 Str.2 magic missile with no saves. and cant remember the others.

I won roll for first turn.

Wood Elf Turn 1
My wild Riders moved up into the wood, my waywatchers moved into the ruin and the Wardancers moved just to the right of the ruin. One mage moved behind the ruin and the other moved into the ruin. The Dryads moved to the right of the ruin. The Treeman moved up the centre with the Alter Noble directly behind him and the Treekin moved forward on the right flank.
I got no spells off in my magic phase.
The Glade Guard on the hill took down three Skinks in the wood. And the other unit took down two in the screen.

Lizardmen Turn 1
His Skinks moved out of the ruin in front of my dryads and the skinks in the wood moved out of it. His Saurus on my right moved forwards with all the the Skinks in the screen..
Magic phase was again uneventful, I let one spell through but it only scored one hit which I saved.
His Skins beside the ruin fired into my Dryads and only killed one!

Wood Elf Turn 2
The Dryads declared a charge against the Skinks in front of them and the Alter Noble charged across into their flank.
The wardancers moved further through the ruin until they were on the Lizardman side of it, the waywatchers moved into the ruin on the right, both mages moved to the right side of the ruin.
Treeman and Treekin both moved forward with the galde guard not on the hill.
Once again I got no spells off and to add to it i rolled a miscast, but I was ok, nothing happened.
Glade Guard on hill killed two more of the skinks from the wood and the other glade guard killed one from the screen. One of the mages used their longbow to kill one of the skinks in front of the Saurus. The Waywatchers fied on the same unit killing two.
The Dryads and Alter combined charged reduced the Skinks to 2, who promptly fled, the Dryads pursued 4 where the Alter pursued 11, running them down and coming into contact with the other Skink unit that had been reduced to 7.

Lizardmen Turn 2

He moved his Saurus cavalry foward into charge range of my Wild Riders. Once again he moved his Skinks and Saurus on my right forward. He moved his skinks from the wood towards my Treekin. He moved his Slaan unit forward a bit and angled them towards the ruin to face my Dryads.
He also reformed his Saurus nearest the ruin to face the left side of the board and face my Wardancers.
His magic was much more effective this round and decimated my Dryads to just 4 strong!
His Skinks shot at my Treeman and took two wounds off him from Poison and the skins in front of the Treekin killed one of them.
My Alter Noble caused a maximum 5 wounds on the Skins reducing them to two members and causing them to flee, I then opted to restrain him. He took a wound in the process.

Wood Elf Turn 3

My Wild Riders charged his cavalry in the front, I then opted not to try and charge them in the flank with my wardancers as I didnt think I'd make it. Turns out I would have and should have stuck with my first instinct...
Instead I opted to charge them into the Saurus block and my alter charged their flank. The Treekin charged the Skinks on the right who fled and were caught!
My Glade guard not on the hill moved forward to get the Saurus into half range and the ones on the hill shuffled slightly nearer them. My treekin moved to the left, towards the ruin. My waywatchers moved nearer the lizardmen board edge.
One of my mages moved nearer the other side of the board so it could see the cavalry combat and the rest of the board.
Once again every spell I attempted was dispelled... (stupid Slaan)
My two units of Glade guard hit the Saurus hard and caused 7 wounds.
My wild Riders caused no wounds on the Cavalry, however an elven steed brought down one of the enemy! He then slew 5 elves in return but I rolled a double one on my Break test and held!
My wardancer character challenged his Saurus champion and killed him, the rest of the wardancers slew another 7 Saurus (using the +1 attack dance)
My alter Noble killed two Saurus of the same unit.

Lizardmen Turn 3

He charged my Alter Noble in the side with his Temple Guard and charged his Saurus going for my glade Guard further forward again, but missed out on hitting by 2 inches!
He got nothing through in the magic round, mainly because I had held onto my dispel scrolls and used one now.
His last skink unit Shot my Treekin causing 1 wound.
In the combat phase his Saurus killed all my Wild Riders and restrained. His Temple Guard slaughterd my Alter Noble and went forward inot b2b with one of my Wardancers. My Wardancers Killed another 6 Saurus using the Killing Blow Dance.

Wood Elf Turn 4
The Treeman started moving towards the wardancer, saurus, temple guard combat. The Treekin charged the Skinks on the right and wiped them out. My remaining dryads charged the rear of the Temple Guard
My Glade Guard reduced the Saurus unit charging them to three models and waited the inevitable charge next turn. My waywatchers and mages continued taking pot shots at his Saurus cavalry, killing two.
In the magic phase I finally managed to get off a spell and cast Ariels Blessing on the Wardancers.
The Wardancers finished off the Saurus and were left in combat with the Temple Guard. The Dryads killed three Temple Guard aswell.

Lizardmen Turn 4
His cavalry reformed to face the rear of my wardancers and his three remaining Saurus charged my Glade Guard, killing 4, the glade guard slew one in return.
The magic phase was uneventful and I used my last scroll.
My wardancers formed up with the Templeguard and killed 6, the Dryads claiming another two, three Dryads were dragged down in return.

Wood Elf Turn 5
The Treeman declared a charge on the flank of the Temple Guard and the Treekin marched forward to be in charge range next turn. The Glade Guard on the hill moved down off it. The Waywatchers moved to get between the Saurus cavalry and the rear of the Gladeguard to stop the dancers being charged in the rear.
Once again the magic phase was spectacularly uneventful. I miscast again and as a result my opponent could cast one of his spells immediately, however now the Slaan itself was engaged in combat and so could not avail of it. I did get Furyof the Forest off against the Saurus cavalry which caused two wounds, the Waywatchers then killed another two Saurus Cavalry leaving just one.
The wardancers finished off the remaining Temple Guard easily, however the Treeman and sole Dryad fluffed their attacks on the Slaan and only caused two wounds.
In the Saurus/Glade Guard combat another two Glade Guard were slain and both Saurus were dragged down in return.

Lizardmen Turn 5
His cavalry charged my Waywatchers who stood and shot and killed the last one.
In combat the Treeman, Wardancers and Dryad only managed to take two wounds off the Slaan, with the treeman fluffing all his attacks again.

Wood Elf Turn 6
Treekin charged the rear of the slaan who was finally removed of all his wounds by the combination of Wardancers, Treekin, Treeman and one Dryad.

In retrospect I really enjoyed this battle. Its the first Fantasy game I've played of over 750 points and it was against a fairly experienced player.
One big mistake I made was committing the Wild Riders to combat a turn too early instead of waiting for the Wardancers to get into a better position, this turned out to the better for me though as it freed them up to munch through the Saurus and Temple Guard units. I was suprised the dancers lasted that long against a block of infantry as I was under the impression that Wardancers really didnt do prolonged fights due to their fraility, however I didnt lose a single Wardancer! This may have had something to do with Saurus's low WS though...
Also I never managed to get off my Hail of Doom Arrow which could have really hurt a unit of ten skinks...

14-02-2008, 12:21
Great Rep. Fun to read and very clear.

Seemed like a pretty fun game. I was even worried for you for a while with the loss of those wild riders... But you defiantly turned that around. What was your VP like?

Keep it up. Pics?

14-02-2008, 15:07
You place the free woods BEFORE deployment.

14-02-2008, 16:27
great report, you know your stuff:D

14-02-2008, 16:46
very good, and congrats on the win. I must say I like cc oriented WE, and I'm getting more and more keen on wardancers.
As said the free wood deploys before any units :)

15-02-2008, 19:50
Quick note- scout deployment is like normal deployment, so, if he won the roll, he deploys 1 of his scout units, then you place one of yours etc. So, he couldn't completely edge out your waywatchers.

15-02-2008, 19:54
Be careful in the future of Salamanders! Those automatic hits will ruin you in the future if you get within 15" of them.

18-02-2008, 12:33
Quick note- scout deployment is like normal deployment, so, if he won the roll, he deploys 1 of his scout units, then you place one of yours etc. So, he couldn't completely edge out your waywatchers.

Dammit... Ah well. Next time :P