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14-02-2008, 15:00
In a month my local store will be running an escalation league for Fantasy. Starting force size is 500pts, max L1 caster, 1 warmachine/chariot, 1 hero, 1+ core, no terror allowed. I don't play Fantasy all that much (I have Lizardmen as well though) so looking for some advice/help here.

First Thought:

Vampire: Master of the Dark Arts
- This would give me 5 power dice, and since I get 2 spells (invocation + 1) I can hopefully get them off when needed. Also, since I can cast more than once the extra dice could really help. Its kind of "breaking" the L1 caster rule, but as I understand VC is all about the magic. This maxes his vampire power choices otherwise I'd take the one that lets me increase skeleton units beyond starting.

15 Skeletons: full command
- Need some kind of center unit. I like the models and they seem better than zombies (which I can raise w/ the above character).

10 Ghouls
- T4 and decent (for VC core) hand to hand killing should make these worth it, plus I like the models.

5 Dire Wolves
- Don't need to explain this much.

All this comes to a low 400pt total (roughly). So not sure where to go from here:

Add more wolves? More Ghouls?

Thoughts, input appreciated. We will be expanding to 750 then 1000pt each after a month and are free to change our lists at that time.

14-02-2008, 16:26
I would add another unit of wolves. They are great screeners and not to mention effective flankers, especially at 500 points.

EDIT: OH!! Don't forget about the corpse cart with a lodestone. Shut down the limited magic phase even more. It's 100 points.