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14-02-2008, 17:17
First report here so be nice.....

my list:

captain, general,
full-plate, shield,
warhorse with barding,
sword of power.

captain, BSB,
full-plate, shield,
imperial banner.

10swordsmen with banner, duelist,
5 halbediers, detachment,
15 spearmen, banner, seargent,
10 handgunners, marksmen with HLR.

Orc list, not too sure here,

orc bigboss,
heavy armour, extra choppa,

x2 units of 10 orcs with full commands,
one with spears, one with choppas,


GIANT!!!! (scary music plays.....and...stops.)

So there are the lists, the board was 4x3, with a forest and tiny hill on one side, with a building and mound of rocks one the other. In the middle there was another mound of rocks.

the orcs got to choose which side, and choos the one with a building.
Giant was deployed on left side of building, the 2 units in the middle, the boss on their right, and chariot on his right.

The captain deployed on the left of the forest, the gunners in it, the swords men, their detachment and the spearmen with BSB on the right.
Empire won roll and chose to let the orcs go first.

Turn one:

Everything advanced forward and tryed to look menicing, the giant angled himself to attack the spears flank.

Everything but the gunners move forward. The captain moves so the giant has to attack him, or be flanked. Handgunners hit 4 times, and wound twice on giant. (4 wounds left...)

Turn 2:

Giant charges captain, (goodbye, sniff,) the orc units shuffle so 1 is behind the other:confused:, chariot charges swordsmen, whose detachment countercharge. Boss moves up to rear charge halberds next turn.
Giant gets 5 wounds with 'swing with club', and causes 5 wounds!!!
Dead captain...
impact from chariot kills 3 swordsmen, but they fail to do any more damage.
Halberds fail to hit, but swords cause a wound. The chariot breaks, and flees. The halberds chase, but roll 1 inch behind:mad: the swordsmen then fail their test, and go after them too!:mad::mad:

swordsmen turn and charge boss, while spearmen charged the front orc unit.
the halberds keep chasing the chariot. the gunners shoot at the giant, but do no damage.
the BSB in spearmen unit challanges the orc champion, and kills him 10 seconds flat. The rest of the unit runs, and the spearmen overun into orc unit no.2. The swordsman seargent dies in a challange agains the orc boss, but both sides hold.

That's part one of the batrep, hope you liked it, i'm playing the rest of the battle tomorrow, so you'll get the results then.

Brother Enok
23-02-2008, 21:08
Excellent report. Small battle can be so intense. Every man counts and all.