View Full Version : Frenzied characters riding unfrenzied chariots.

01-10-2005, 18:25
I guess this question has popped up before, and I'm also pretty sure there is a ruling on it somewhere. In any case, here goes:

I give the Black Maul (+2 strength, frenzy) to a beastlord with the Mark of Chaos Undivided. I mount said character in a chariot. Will this force the chariot to move as under the influence of frenzy?

(I'm assuming "yes", but it strikes me as slightly odd in any scenatio.)

01-10-2005, 18:43
Yes, he must charge if able to do so, and he cannot leave his chariot.
I would also assume that the beastlord is in charge of the chariot, not the ungor :).

01-10-2005, 22:16
I think the charioteer accompanying the Lord on the chariot will not be dumb enough to discuss the tactical value of a frenzied charge with his short-tempered master who is possibly foaming from the mouth, wielding a hurty magic weapon etc.

"Charge! Rwawawahahaha!"

"But my Lord..."


If that is what you mean by "slightly odd".

Inquisitor Maul
01-10-2005, 22:51
Cenyu, that made me laugh :D

01-10-2005, 23:07
I agree - The chariot is for all purposes a mount. It would be the same if he was rider a monster or anything else. There's no getting out of a frenzied character having to charge if he can :)

Mad Doc Grotsnik
02-10-2005, 22:07
I also concur. It's no different to Khornate Knights. They are frenzied, theirs Horsies aren't. Unit is subject to the rules for Frenzy.

Good question though!