View Full Version : Is it the blood kiss, or what? 1.5k NEW VC

15-02-2008, 12:17
Or why am I building a VC army with a fever, this is insane... Anyway, dwarves got shelved, and I looted the undead models from my pals who didn't need them. Here's the first list I made, and the "upgrade" after losing by a very big margin with it.

1k list, massacre loss
vampire: general, dark acolyte, master of the dead, book of arkhan =
vampire: master of the dead, dark acolyte, sceptre de noirot, dispel scroll=195
Necromancer: extra spell, 2xpower stone=120

16 skeletons, FC, spears, 2xus=194
16 skeletons, FC, warbanner=178
6 dire wolves 48
20 zombies=80

And the upgrade, this time 1500 points.
book of arkhan
sword o might
master of dead
dark acolyte

master of dead
dark acolyte
sceptre de noirot
dispel scroll

dark acolyte
avatar of death (GW)
bloody hauberk
talisman of lycni
black periapt

16 with spear, banner&musician, 4. rank-banner

16 with spear, banner+musician, 2xUS-banner

5 Dire wolves

5 Dire wolves

5 fell bats

5 Black knights
with barding, banner+musician, warbanner

2 wraiths+banshee
Zombies got removed, I'll try to summon them when needed, otherwise keep summoning skellies. I'll be playing against balanced empire (or rather, magic-heavy balanced empire, he knows what I'll be bringing).

Should I take the wraiths, or a varghulf? The list is in proxy state expect blocks and characters, so a lot could be changed.