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15-02-2008, 14:22
Well, this wont' be a coherent report, as it's more of a scrambled and somewhat ranty recollection of quite possibly, the worst game of Warhammer Siege ever.

The lowdown for the battle is as follows, 1000 point Dwarven, 1000 point Empire, versus two 2000 point armies which were an Orc & Goblin/Dark Elf Aliance. Myself and my gaming partner were the attackers with the Orcs & Goblins.

Turn One D: Luckily, the cannon on the tower nearest a Siege Tower containing some very nasty Witch Elves missed it's intended target with a ground sticking misfire, we sighed, onwards - into the Organ Gun and Bolt Thrower skewering nine Black Orcs/Big Uns, the Blorcs carrying the battering ram with Grimgor leading. Overall, we'd expected at least some magic in their army, but there wasn't a single magic user apart from a Warrior Priest.

Turn One A: So after taking fairly heavy losses from the front firing War Machines, I declared the Waaagh! as per our plans to get the General's Unit with the Battering Ram to the gate, as quickly as possible, and to get the two Gigantic Spider Goblin Bosses up onto the walls, as one was a character killer with armour and ward save ignoring items, and the other, was a suicide bomber with the Brimstone Bauble and no armour. The Ram moved 5", and two units got 5/6" on their movement rolls, fantastic, we thought. Then, one Gigantic Spider rolled 1, took a wound, and two units of goblins rolled and took small casulties luckily. This completely and utterly disrupted our coherent charge plan, fair enough we thought again, it's Animosity, it's Da Way We Roll!

Then, shooting, both my Rock Lobber and Doom Dive Catapult Misfire...I'm used to this by now, however, I rolled a 6 & a 5, so they simply missed their shooting this turn. Turn over, we didn't have magic either.

Turn Two D: Again, shooting was beginning to hurt, Organ Gun and Bolt Thrower skewered another rank and a good eight Big Uns between them, so we turned then to the Cannon. Who subsequently turned it's sights to the Siege Tower, understandably. Hit, rolled 5 on the wound roll, Tower Down! Only 2 Witch Elves died in the collapse which we thought marvelous, until our opponent's reminded us of the fact that they did not have Ladders...
The hand gunners on the opposite side of the fort opened fire and goblins and cut several down, not entirely useful, there were plenty more.

Turn Two A: We marched everything that didn't fail animosity, which happened to be the eight spider riders...for the second time in a row. The giant spider, now wounded, moved forwards, were we'd planned to have him and his bomb into combat with a War Machine by now, he was now subject to yet another short ranged firing round in the turn to come, which didn't bode well for him. With the tower gone we had to bring the Witch Elves around and switch places with a unit of goblins that did have ladders, bringing the Witch Elves into alignment with Corsairs.

Shooting Phase. Crossbows took one man down with a hail of fire, woopee! Then the Rock Lobber...missfired...again. Rolled a 5 on the chart so repeat process. I then, now knowing the precise ranges both machines required to get to their intended targets, rolled for the Doom Diver...which missfired...again. Now, getting frustrated as only this sort of rolling can, I was relieved to see both rolled a 5! Saved, for now.

Turn Three D: With the Besiegers closing in their fire gathered momentum, but the Organ gun only got limited fire...limited enough. The cannon was now in Combat with the Character Hunter Spider so couldn't fire, and the handgunners cut more Goblins down on the fire side. With their shooting slowly being cut off, they ended.

Turn Three A: Finally both units of Corsairs charged the walls, ladders raised! The Big Uns managed to charge too, after having been stuck last turn due to Animosity. The Dark Elf Shades made their ascent too, so it began to look good.

Shooting. I have no idea why the dice hate me so much, as once again, BOTH War Machines misfired! I could not believe it, I simply couldn't, in eight previous games as Skaven I'd only misfired three times, now i'd misfired more than my entire gaming year in one night! Both rolled the not fire next turn roll, so I sighed, and moved onto to two hails from Goblins, who despite needing 7's to hit, cut down two handgunners, who reinforced themselves from within the tower they were staring down from with a dwarven frown.

Now in the second round of combat after drawing, the Goblin Boss killed two cannon crew, still but they didn't run, unmodified leadership & dwarves really have got something to answer for... combat across the wall went relatively bad, with allmost no casulties on the defending side and several corsairs cut down in the storming.

Turn Four D: The Organ Gun opened fire on the now closing Spider Riders, finally they decided to move, but were cut down to one Rider in one fell volley! Every other game I've used them in, they'd been fantastic, now they were utterly useless. The Bolt Thrower misfired and missed it's firing for this turn, not spectacular, and no consolation to 6 misfires on my part!

Combat went well for the Defenders, who cut down several Corsairs from both units, and several Big Uns, there is definately something to be said about the hitting on 6's rule combined with Dwarven 'wounding on 2+,' but heh, we got slaughtered. Nothing ran this turn however.

Turn Four A: Everything that didn't fail animosity (goblins...) moved, and the Witch Elves moved around. No shooting other than bow fire, which killed another handgunner...

Combat went badly again, with little to nothing wounded yet no unit running. The Shades began to win their combat against the hand gunners however. There was a glimmer of light!

Turn Five D: With the combat between the Harpies and Spider Rider and Weapon Crew on the towers to be had, the shooting went with little noticeable casulties for once. The Harpies had whittled the crew down last turn, and now found themselves ripped apart by hungry claws. The Spider Rider finally managed to wipe out the cannon, left only with a wound for the Spider and one for the Boss. They continued their barrage in combat, hammers falling on appearing heads and finally they managed to break a unit of Corsairs, which fled down the ladders!

Turn Five A: At this point we began to lose hope, with the Ram now at the doors, and with everything, including the Witch Elves trapped behind a Goblin unit until it rolled a 6 on Animosity and charged out of the way up and against the walls that wasn't missile troops, it was down to shooting.

At this point, if I'd got two more misfires I would have walked, I'm not a bad loser at all, but there is an absolute limit to what a man can take when dice are concerned. Luckily, both hit, but only managed to wound the cannon for the Lobber, and take two down from the Doom Diver...

Combat went bad again, witht he exception of the Harpies who stayed on the tower, and the rider who charged down.

At this point the turns became congruos, with only combat left. The Flagellants pouring from the gate only lasted two turns in combat with the Black Orcs and Grimgor, but they certainly did their job in stalling them. The Sixth turn saw a precise shot from the War Machines, killing the Organ Gun with a perfect roll after the crew were damaged last turn, and the Doom Diver piled up onto the wall, killing 4 men. The Corsairs rallied, but then died ont he walls, leaving room for the Witch Elves to follow up behind them, the goblins to swing around the walls to take it (and later be overrun, slaughtered and pushed off the walls by the Dwarven Thunderers) and the four turn combat High Born on the far wall finally succumbing to 3 hammers and a Thane with absurd strength and armour.

The Knights that slipped out of the gate before Grimgor got there attempted to Rear Charge the Black Orcs, who were countercharged in the rear by a unit of 10 Dark Elf Crossbowmen. One combat turn lost each, the knights were finally routed on the third, and ran far, allowing the Doom Diver to cut three down in the sixth turn and Grimgor, who'd only killed 5 flaggellants up until now, charged and ran down the rest of them.

The only good thing in the last few turns was the death of the Knights, the Swordsmen Unit in the Courtyad being pincered by the remaining harpies and a rather valiant Goblin, who killed 6 before finally succumbing.

We broke the gate down on the 7th Turn, after the succsesful stall from the frenzied and zealout driven Flagellants...

All in all, our perfectly made plan, as in common witht he O&G army went tits up, and the dice rolls in combat (we didn't get one hit in the first two turns of mass combat...) made me think hard about the game...the 6's To Hit is far too harsh for my liking, and it should be a -2 to hit at least, with poison on several of our units being worthless, we really have to rethink our battle plan for next time...

6 Misfires? Good god...

15-02-2008, 14:53
Lol, you won... how is that bad? When I read the title I thought everything fell apart and it was a worthless game, but in fact it was an interesting game with a big swing in the last couple of turn that led to you winning.

You should change the title to: How TO play warhammer siege. : )

Did you use the rules from the last edition? Or mix in your own?

15-02-2008, 16:15
Lol Malorian, we didn't win, the victory conditions were absolute killing of the defenders, or we had to occupy more sections of the castle than they did at the end of turn 7...we occupied a grand total of...none.

There was only one Harpy, US didn't count, and the Spider Boss in the Courtyard got mowed down even after killing the Swordsman (there was one left at the end of combat) I meant 'good things' as in scraping back some shred of decency by killing two units...

If only we'd played the rules where you only have to break the gate...

Rules? We used the Siege book, and the Alessio/Thorpe update document from the website, although we had to make up a house rule for units that had moved into a tower from the walls, going upwards, who then chose to charge a unit they couldn;t see that was on the wall they'd just left. Boy, did that cause a 'heated beardy session,' lol, it was a great game, I have to admit, a whole new dynamic to Warhammer, but I can't help but grumble, lol.

15-02-2008, 16:32
Oh... I guess I just assumed that with the gate open you won in the last turn...

Ok, I understand now ; )

15-02-2008, 18:28
It all boils down to karma you see :)
Nice game, and of course reliable plans are not the gobbo way (DE is another story)
Magic might have given you the game here, in siege scenarios the attackers can field much more magic and still outnumber decently (especially o+g)

15-02-2008, 18:57
Hehe, well, we talked it over for like, four hours before we started and decided to not bother with magic simply based on the 6 Dispel Dice they'd have as a base. We worked out which spells wouldn't work, and which spells would, and just couldn't fancy the odds. Although we now know the opponent will be taking very, very little magic, Warlock Engineers and Necromancers will definately be a viable method of attack, with still plenty of points left over for Slaves and so on.

And boy Seven, you're right about the karma...I need to start praying to the Dice Fairies more!

I like this Reporting Malarky...methinks we'll do it more :D

15-02-2008, 19:29
Just a quick note- Huzzah for the victory of Light. Also, Bolt Throwers can't misfire [Dwarf turn 4].

Gazak Blacktoof
16-02-2008, 11:15
Actually magic is very potent for the attackers in a siege game.

I thought you'd come to an understanding with your opponents not to use it becuase it can break the game, it looks like you ignored it because yoiu thought it would be worthless.

Getting twice the number of points as your opponent allows you to consistently dominate the magic phases in a siege.


Next time you should take more warmachines. A single stone thrower and a single doom diver isn't going to cut it at 4000 points.

If you have the models, flying creatures are also very good at attacking the walls. When you can take multiple lord choices one of them should probably be riding a big scary monster. Even a single manticore would enable you to start ripping the defenders to pieces quickly.

16-02-2008, 14:13
Hi Gazak,

Yeah, we didn't think it was worth it, but we've seen beyond that now and are definately considering it, especially with Skaven magic and Vampire Counts (Zombies on the Walls!)

According to the siege rules we're not allowed more than 2 per team, or that is what I was told; I had turned up with 3 Lobbers, and two Doom Divers, but had to change it (to three turbulent uproars) so I will have to look into it more, if I can take more War machines with O&G, then I definately will next time!

And we were two seperate lists of 2000, not one of 4000, it was Siege Doubles I guess you could say...and with flying Creatures in an Orc & Goblin list, the base cost was a whopping 600+ points, which was not the sort of investment I had in mind...although saying that, one fighty Wyvern, and then some goblins, and then the rest of the points on War Machines might have been just as effective as Swarming, which obviously didn't seem to work this time round.

Well, it's all part of the learning curve :) Thanks everyone!

23-02-2008, 01:42
Funny you should say that, I was part of a siege game where my Skaven and allied VC attacked an Empire castle with High Elf reserves. Things were going okay, VCs got a few ladders up, I repelled a SilverHelm charge, and then I rang the Screaming Bell.

And almost every wall of the castle came crashing down! It was insane. Warmachines exploding left and right. Forget magic, the Bell is the siege engine of champions!

23-02-2008, 01:45
Seige games with lizardmen can be hugely unfun.
Ruination of cities, woo the castle fell down we win!

23-02-2008, 17:44
Lol, Greymarch, in the Siege Rulebook it says that the Screaming Bell can only use that effect on one section of the wall, much, and I repeat, MUCH to my dissaproval after we'd set up - still, it blew up all three of the war machines on the wall after several ringings.

Pwned :D

23-02-2008, 21:29
Lol, Greymarch, in the Siege Rulebook it says that the Screaming Bell can only use that effect on one section of the wall, much, and I repeat, MUCH to my dissaproval after we'd set up - still, it blew up all three of the war machines on the wall after several ringings.

Pwned :D

Well that's good to know. This was a 6th Ed game using the Siege rules in the back of the book. It did seem kinda... er... overpowered otherwise! :angel:

24-02-2008, 12:43
Shamfrit - Great BR and what bad luck with all those misfires....