View Full Version : Plaguebearers - how to use

01-10-2005, 21:11
After the recent discussion on Daemonettes I would like to hear how people recommend the use of Plaguebaerers in a mortal army - unit size and uses etc.

02-10-2005, 01:49
In my Mortal army, I only use them every once in a while for fun and good looks ... Don't expect them to do much usefull stuff.

When I field them, I take a small unit (ten 'Bearers that is) and put them either on a flank (to claim / deny table quarters and maybe be of some use flank charging) or I keep them close to my Marauders / Warriors to provide a Cloud of Flies once those combat units tend to get stuck in.
But only take Plaguebearers if you already have taken your Nurgling Swarm and still have 160 pts. left. Anything the Plaguebearers can do, the Nurglings can do better - and cheaper.

Great models though! :)