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Autarch Jay
15-02-2008, 21:07
Ok i dont have access to a rulebook and im pretty new to warhammer So please tell me if its legal and if not whats not also comment on the list overall
Its 1.1k points roughly "it can be a bit above but not more that 25 points"
before anyone point out its above 1100 points and yes please tell me if i got bad arithmatic.

Noble BSB Barded steed, dragon armour, Battle Standard, Sheild, Lance, 214
Mage LVL 2 Barded Steed, silver wand, Dispel scroll, 161

Archers(10) 96
Spearelves(25) Full Command, Sheilds, Lion Standard, 264

Dragon Princes of Caledor Full Command, 290

RBT, 100
points total 1125

BTW if your wondering why theres a core choice with a magic banner
The rule First among Equals allows one up to 25 points
Q: Can a BSB Have a Sheild

15-02-2008, 22:04
To answer your question yes, a BSB (in High Elves at least) can have a shield, and a lance, give him one.

Also, 14 archers is kind of strange. I would drop them down to 10 and get rid of the light armor, it won't do enough to protect them. Use the points you save to turn the Silver Helms into Dragon Princes. Can't do the math to see if you have enough points, but it think you should. Dragon Princes are just sooo much better than Silver Helms for a mere 7 more points.

Good luck with the High Elves, they are very cool.

Autarch Jay
16-02-2008, 09:18
Thanks alot