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16-02-2008, 00:13
Does anyone have any info on this chapter? I searched Lexicanum but unfortunately it yielded nothing, which leads me to assume that GW has not actually produced anything regarding them (other than the colour scheme in the Codex).


Salty :)

Leftenant Gashrog
16-02-2008, 00:27
Pretty sure your right about there being no real background on them, however their colour scheme did also appear in Insignium Astartes, where it was stated that that like the Ultramarines they denote company by the colour of their shoulderpad trim (so the gold trimmed marines in the codex are 2nd company).

16-02-2008, 10:48
Yeah, thanks anyway. I was looking for a bit more of an obscure chapter to write about for the Black Library short story competition, as you can't make up your own. But ultimately I decided that a passing reference in the Codex and Insignium Astartes probably doesn't qualify as an established part of the GW background as is required, and went for the Flesh Tearers instead. Would have been nice to have a pretty much free reign though.


Salty :)

18-02-2008, 23:33
cool i didnt know about the gold being their company colour, that will allow me to maybe use a similar scheme for my marines.

and good luck with the short story, was going to try a go myself but couldnt think of a full idea.