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16-02-2008, 00:20
Hi folks,

Had this come up today and wasn't sure how it works:

A unit of Dryads are behind - but not touching - a hedge (obstacle). A unit of Silver Helms are within 6" of them, and declare a charge. Charging through an obstacle is allowed, but the unit's movement is halved as per the "moving through an obstacle" rules. In this case the Helms charge range is lowered from 16" to 8", so they are still in range.

The problem is that the Dryads are closer to the obstacle than the length of the Silver Helms' base; see attached diagram.

What happens?


16-02-2008, 00:40
Remove the wall, rank up the units as they should do.
Replace the wall once the combat has moved off the wall.

16-02-2008, 02:02
... or balance the knights on the wall
... or put the knights against the wall, line up the dryads where the battle line should be (leaving a gap between the 2 units fighting), but understanding that the knights are actually where the front of the dryads are.

16-02-2008, 10:13
If terrain or units make it impossible to align properly against the target it you may instead move the target unit to complete the battle line. In this case the front rank of the Silver helms is unable to clear the obstacle due to the Dryads not giving them enough room.

Merely move both the Silver Helms and the Dryads into combat with the wall between them.


16-02-2008, 17:06
Important note: Moving over an obstacles does not reduce a units movement in half, it cost half the the units normal movement. Thus, the Silver Helms use 4" of their normal 8" move to cross the obstacle, yielding a 12" charge distance.

16-02-2008, 17:33
I don't have my book with me atm, but I thought there was an example with a unit charging over an obstacle that did exactly that (halved it's charge range from 8" to 4"). Can someone confirm that for me?


16-02-2008, 17:51
Half your movement value.
So you can charge 1.5x your movement rate over an obstacle, but can only move 0.5x your movment rate over it normally(as you cannot march over it)

16-02-2008, 19:50
Quick question: Since when can you see over an obstacle?

Unless agreed with your opponent obstacles block line of sight.

If you agreed that you can see past an obstacle, movement is halved. So your charge move is in effect your M-value.