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Lone Monkey
16-02-2008, 03:32
So, in the recent past I have started a Dark Angels army. I never really saw myself a a Marine collector, but once I read the chapter on the DA's in The Siege of Vraks, I was hooked. I'm stumped where to go next, as I want to get a good value for my money, and I have too many directions I want to go. So I figured I would defer to the wisdom of the forums and see what you guys thought. Here is what I have so far:

Company Master w/ Power Weapon and Combi-melta
Interrogator-Chaplain in Terminator Armor
Chaplain on bike

Deathwing Terminator Squad w. assault cannon, 2 chainfists and Sgt w/ Power Weapon
Scout Squad w/ bolters and heavy bolter (5 man)

Tactical Squad w/ plasma gun, plasma cannon and Sgt w/ plasma pistol and power fist (10 man)
Tactical Squad w/ plasma gun, plasma cannon and Sgt w/ plasma pistol and power fist (10 man)
Tactical Squad w/ plasma gun and Sgt w/ plasma pistol and power fist (5 man)

Fast Attack
Assault Marines w/ 2 plasma pistols, Sgt w/ plasma pistol and power fist

Heavy Support
Devastator Squad w/ 4 missile launchers and sgt w/ bolt pistol and close combat weapon (5 man)

Rhino x1

I played in a team fight the other night using 1000 points of these guys; the chappy in termi armor, the termies, 1 tac squad (10 man), 1 tac squad (5 man), the dev squad, and a rhino. I had a blast and did pretty well (we won).

Now the direction(s) I'm looking to go are any 1 or 2 of the following; Dreadnought, Predator, Ravenwing Bike Squad (3 bikes), Ravenwing Land Speeder Tornado, or Veteran Squad in a Razorback. My army as it is now sits at just over 1650 points, what would you guys or gals recommend?

16-02-2008, 05:31
Welcome to the Rock brother, I trust you will enjoy your stay (just steer clear of that shadowy hallway and never approach the Chaplains on Thursdays).

I'm a bit leery of plasma pistols on Sergeants, as overheating will lose your powerfist and PPs are expensive anyway. You would also do well to make your squads 10-man when possible to have more ablative wounds and last longer, plus it opens up combat squadding as a deployment option.

To expand upon your army, I would definitely add some more vehicles and more mobile elements. 1 Rhino isn't going to last long on its own, but adding 1 or 2 and throwing some more heavily armored vehicles (Preds, Dreads, Vindicators) into the mix will make them a lot more survivable. Also, RW squadrons are fantastic for speedy scoring, terminator delivery, general harassment, and tank-hunting.

I reccomend going for the bike Chaplin, boosting your squads to 10 men, picking up another Rhino-mounted Tactical Squad, adding a Predator (autocannons, heavy bolters), and a Dreadnought (assault cannon or twin-linked lascannon or autocannon/missile launcher, always venerable). That should put you around 2000 points and give you a flexible, balanced force to work with.

I also swear by the RW battleforce box. 6 bikes, an Attack Bike, a Speeder, and 3 lovely RW sprues. It's a must-have for any DA player. Same goes for Company Vets. Best of all, you can swap them out with other units (the assault squad) to change up playstyles.

Good luck brother, hope this helps.

16-02-2008, 06:29
The Ravenwing Battle Box is awesome. It's a GREAT deal. I bought five. :D

You can also never go wrong with more Marines. Make use of the Combat Squads rule, because it is awesome. There's nothing at all wrong with taking 5 or 6 Tactical Squads and splitting them up into 10 or 12 Combat Squads.

The Razorback Squad box is also nice. It's a Razorback and a 5 man squad for like $45. So you basically get a 5 man squad for less than half price.

Lone Monkey
16-02-2008, 13:54
Thanks for the responses so far guys, I hope more keep coming.

@ ==Me==: You gave a lot of good info, but unfortunately in the process validated how I felt about most of the units I was debating over. So as of yet I remain indecisive. Oh, and now you tell me about the Chaplains on Thursdays....

A couple more specific questions:

Is the Autocannon/Heavy Bolter Predator better all around than the Lascannon one?
A Ravenwing boxed set would fill out my 2000 points by itself, would it be a decent direction to go, or would I be better suited by getting more Armor (Rhino, Dred, Pred)?

16-02-2008, 15:13
The auto/HB predator and the triple las have vastly different roles: anti-infantry and anti-tank. The benefits of the auto Pred is its mobility (since it can move and fire all it lovely guns) and its low cost (you can almost get 2 auto preds for 1 triple las). The tri-las makes for a nasty pillbox with limited mobility, stick it in some nice cover with good fire lanes and watch tanks and MCs vanish. Auto preds are much more supportive of a mobile army.

If you go the RW route, I would suggest you drop the Rhino as on its own it will not last long. You could go for 1 big plasma squad, 10 man, and then 2 10 man squads with las, plas, and a PW to split up. The 5 man choppy squad can provide counter-assault and objective grabbing, while the 5 shooters give you some extra firepower against tanks.