View Full Version : Playing 2v2 Soon, need help !

16-02-2008, 08:34

I'm setting up a 2v2 game with some friends soon. We've never played before. We just have a few troops that we bought. This is what we have...

Battalion + box of Glade Guard

box of Warriors +box of Knights + about 20 Marauders

Battalion + 10 Miners + 16 Ironbreakers


Battalion + box of Saurus

We were wondering what would be some good 500 pt lists to play with using the stuff we have. What would be a good way to play 2v2 small games?

Thanks !

16-02-2008, 09:40
At 5oo points with two players a side ( I assume you mean 500 each)

Personally we determine one player each side to be the magic player, that means they're the only one that generates power and dispell dice.

Duke Georgal
16-02-2008, 19:23
I have never seen a 2V2 game go very well.

Armies get mismatched, and there always ends up with disputes about the order events take place.

If you are all friends looking for a good time just drop all of your models on the table and slug it out. With these small armies I would limit each to a single hero as your general. You might want to think about using no magic at all to keep it as simple as possible.