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16-02-2008, 09:20
Hey all, this is a rough list I scribbled up to fight Skaven Bubonic Court tomorrow. Tips & list advice needed :)

*Derv stop reading now plz :D*

General -Highborn
Heavy Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak, Draich of Dark Power

Sorc 1
level 2, Darkstar Cloak

Sorc 2
level 2, Tome of Furion

BSB, HA, SDC, Blade of Spite, Seal of Ghrond

AHW, Touch of Death (:p), Talisman of Protection

Warriors x 20
Spears, Shields, M, SB

Corsairs x 20
FC, Warbanner

Warriors x 10

Dark Riders x5

Cold One Chariot x2

Witch Elves_1 x15
SB, Hag, Cry of War

Witch Elves_2 x15
SB, Hag, Cry of War

Executioners x15

Shades x6

Black Guard x10

Cauldron of Blood

Bolt Throwers x2

3000 points

So....? I've 99% of the DE range if that helps with giving me advice.



16-02-2008, 13:37
Agianst Skaven Bubonic Court it should do very well.

But try get a Ward Save on your Lord to man points to just let die.

Good Luck

16-02-2008, 14:25
Thank you Gimp

Anyothers with advice they would like, nay, must share?

16-02-2008, 18:42
Anyone at all?

16-02-2008, 20:01
I hope I'm not too late...

Against bubonic court, you're bound to have some plague spells cast on your T3 units...Thus a dispel scroll or two is an excellent choice.

Plague censers will seriously hurt your elves as well, so a counter-plan is in order. The bolt throwers can kill a fair amount, but in bubonic court you might be seeing 50 of them!!!

Cauldron of blood is an excellent choice, as it's high toughness you'll be facing (armour saves are non-existent). Nurglitch himself is a pain in the **** to kill, mainly due to his special rules; plus, he's immune to killing blow!

Try to use frenzy to your advantage, don't let him lure you into traps and keep out of BtB of the censers!

Another suggestion would be to insvest in another unit of dark riders or two. (to bait chargers or flank charge robbing the rats from their rank bonus)