View Full Version : Magicy Wood Elf list, 2250 pts

02-10-2005, 05:35
[343] Spellweaver, L4, Deepwood Sphere, Dispel Scroll, Power Stone, Befuddlement of Mischeifs, Elven Steed
[175] Spellsinger, L2, Calaingor's Stave, Dispel Scroll
[165] Branchwraith, L1, Cluster of Radiants, Laminations of Despairs
[169] Noble, Spear, Light Armour, Enchanted Shield, Hail of Doom Arrow, Great Eagle

[96] 8 Dryads
[96] 8 Dryads
[120] 10 Glade Guard
[120] 10 Glade Guard
[122] 5 Glade Guard Scouts, Standard Bearer, Banner of Saemrath
[129] 5 Glade Riders, Musician
[129] 5 Glade Riders, Musician

[120] 3 Warhawks
[130] 5 Wild Riders, Musician

[285] Treeman
[50] Great Eagle

The general idea is to use the Glade Guard as irritant-style bait. They cannot be ignored and, while they are somewhat mobile, they will be a lot slower than the rest of the army. Meanwhile, the glade riders will bait and flee, getting close, shooting and fleeing all charges to draw units in the directions I want - Ideally, apart from each other.

The scouts will help disrupt his march lines and act as a sacrificial unit to force my opponent into a forest, where his unit will likely spend the rest of the game if it doesn't die. That same forest will likely hold my Spellweaver, making it a very dangerous place to be (S5 hits to every model inside at the start of my magic phase). As wood elf magic doesn't need LOS and is often enhanced by proximity to forests, it makes for a great hidey hole for the 'weaver. The spellsinger will serve to dump dice into Treesinging to move said forest wherever I want to to be. If the treeman isn't needed elsewhere, he can tag along too :)

The Dryads and Wild Riders are there to beat down units that actually threaten to get to my Glade Guard, most likely Cav units. If there are scary fast units, then the treeman will stay back a bit to help out with those.

The air force - warhawks, great eagle and noble on eagle - serve as mage hunters, cannon munchers, and fast cav smackers. VS undead (TK, VC) they serve entirely to play hunt and kill the necromancers (undead) and heirophant/lich priests (TK)

Oh. I know people don't like the Branchwraith mage. I know I could get a L2 Spellsinger w/ dispel scrolls or whatever for the same cost, however, this gets me 1 power/2 dispel instead of 2 power/1 dispel. As it is, I'll have 9 power dice, 7 dispel dice, and 2 scrolls - that's good enough defence, I won't need more scrolls. The Branchwraith gives me a more solid wizard, and allows me a little more hittiness whereever I may need to throw her in. She can hang out with/near the dryads, and stay alive until I can get her Lamenations through to kill off a major points-sink type character/monster.

In a perfect world, I'll play on a table with 2 or more forests. With a bound treesinging from the Treeman, and 9 power dice to cast as many Treesingings as I want (thanks to the Stave) I'd be able to draw these forests close together, forceably blocking off portions of my opponents army. If he enters the forests, I can use those same unlimited treesinging casts to damage those units, and the Spellweaver can enter the forest as well to have her stave do even more damage.

Even without those forests, though, as long as I've got the one I can place at the beginning of the game, it's all good.