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16-02-2008, 14:56
Okay so I have started an all-mounted army, Gondor, with only Knights of Minas Tirith and including one Captian, Faramir w/lance and Boromir with Banner of Minas Tirith(or whatever its called, I dont have the book with me). The army is at 700pts with 25 models and 11 mights. I have only played aganist my brother's warg army and his uruk-hai army. And both of those are hard to beat.

So what I want to know is if any of you have any experiance with all-mounted armies? What tactics do you use? With such small numbers how am I to beat the opponent? And any other kind of advice you can think of?

battle captain corpus
16-02-2008, 15:42
I currently run an 18 Knight with 24 men of Gondor army and it reaaaaalllly works.
~Take Boromir on horseback with the knights, you will always get the charge if you play it right, thus you will never be bogged down!
~Charge in lines. Yes thats right, cavalry really used to work this way. Form a line with your hero first, then another a couple of inches behind. Your opponent will thus be hammered on two charges and you fill in gaps if needs be from shooting.
~Dont be afraid to deploy using a refused flank. IE: Deploy your horseman over one edge of the table. Your opponent may then deploy opposite, seeing them as a dire threat. As soon as battle commences you just ride away sideways and leave him out to dry, having to walk for ages to get to you.
~Uruk Hai will be trampled by you, next to Knights of DolAmroth Gondorians are awesome, never forget it! They press out a massive charge!
~If in doubt...charge!
~Try forming different formations, triangle etc and see how you do. A wedge of knights hitting a line will hammer through most things, even an Uruk phalanx!
~Never get bogged down, if you lose combat withdraw, turn around and charge again.
~Dont use them as bait, its a waste of points.
~Try not to let them get sperated into tiny groups. Think of them as Space Marines, they are far more effective in a group hitting at the same time!
Best of luck, glory for the king and all of Gondor!