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16-02-2008, 14:21
I have jest recieved the VC spearhead today and have had my first shot at making a army, feedback would be appreciated.

Vamp Lord
Dark Acolyte
Lord of the dead = 350
Red Fury
Tomb Blade
Flayed Hauberk

Dark Acolyte
Avatar of Death = 200
Enchanted Shield
Book of Arkhan

Dark Acolyte
Avatar of Death = 190
Rod of Flaming Death

10 skeletons
Full command = 100

10 ghouls = 80 oops edit

10 ghouls = 80 oops edit

5 dire wolves = 40

5 dire wolves = 40

19 grave guard
Full command = 283
Banner of the dead legion

19 grave guard
Full command = 283
War Banner - oops edit

2 Vargulf = 350

Total = 1996pts

9 power dice
6 dispell dice

The plan is that the lord goes with the skeletons and the vampires go in each unit of grave guard. First turn i ION to increase the size of the skeletons to a reasonable size replenish the grave guard from shoting casualties and the 2 Vargulfs go light cav/ warmaching hunting with the aid of vanhels.

From turn 2 onwards i then get to be a lot more aggressive with magic if i want.

the main questions i have with my list are:
Should the grave guard take greatweapons, and do i need to take 2 vargulf?

17-02-2008, 12:53
It looks pretty nice. But no cavalry at all? That's pretty weird. But the varghulfs would make an ace "cavalry unit" if used in a pair ;)

Oh and you have two banners of the dead legion - you cant have that.

17-02-2008, 12:54
Great weapons would be very nice on the graveguards, especially since your vampires can help thin the enemys front rank when the gg strike last (after charges).

17-02-2008, 15:31

I don't have the book yet, so is that a typo - "10 Ghouls = 40 pts" or are ghouls really only 4 points/model?

Carlos the Craven

Jack of Blades
17-02-2008, 15:33
It's a typo :)

17-02-2008, 19:59
ooops i have edited the mistakes.

i know what your saying about great weapons but personally i prefer the look with shields. (also i have just built 5 that way before i thought about it doh!)

also what do you think about getting rid of one f the vargulfs and replacing it with 2 cairn wraiths and a banshee = exactly the same points.

I too am worried about no cavalry and black knights with ethereal steads would really fit into the look of my army but the models are just so crapy, compared to all the new stuff. i really like the blood knoights but there so expensive and there a rare slot.

17-02-2008, 20:01
I would probably drop a vargulf and one unit of Grave Guard. You could then get a 6-7 man unit of Black Knights and get some more skeleton units (whatever you have points for). I too hate the Black Knight models even though I have a bunch, going to convert my BK using Bret steeds and possibly leg portion of the Bret Knights (will have to see how that looks) and then the tops will be the new Grave Guard, possibly converting them to be holding the spears from the skeleton sprues or something else lance-like.

18-02-2008, 00:30
Overall ok, possibly a little light on the PD though, and for me personally the rod of flaming death isn't really worth it; yes, it's zappy fun, but it would make more sense to use stuff that buffs/rezzes your troops instead and let them do the talking.

Try taking one of the vamps out of the units, giving the GG the banner of the barrows and GW, give the vamp the helm of command, drop a unit of ghouls and get a corpse cart in there?

Don't know about you, but a WS6 ASF unit with +1 to hit and GW would scare the heck out of me...

Jack of Blades
18-02-2008, 00:55
Well the Rod can be invaluable for anti-Glade Rider etc duty. And if it doesn't go off, it's drawing a scroll/1 or 2 DD. Put a pair of Power Stones on another Vampire with Lore of Death and get two attempts at Doom & Darkness! + Rod of Flaming Death on the general's/a very scary unit.

FYI, you can do the same with the Lore of Fire instead of the Rod.