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17-02-2008, 07:02
The New VC book has reinstated the "Screaming Banner" which is the same as it was in the old book; When the model or unit bearing the Screaming Banner cause a fear check the unit taking the test must roll 3 dice and discard the lowest. (not EXACT wording but super close)

1. So if I am charging with a terror causing unit, and the unit has not taken a terror test yet do they have to roll 3 dice? The BRB says that the rules for terror automatically include all of the rules for fear.

2. If a unit has already taken a terror test and is now downgrading all terror checks to fear checks; would they then be subject to the same effect if again being charged by a terror causing unit? I am pretty sure, no BRB here with me, that once a unit has passed a terror test all further terror tests are downgraded to fear.


17-02-2008, 09:09

It does not apply to Terror tests (at least as far as RAW is concerned), so Terror test are still taken on 2D6, while Fear tests (even those caused by a Terror causing creature) will be taken following the banner's rules.

This may sound stupid and it certainly is in a way. But this is the rules ;)
Maybe time for a house-rule in your group, or better still - a FAQ?


17-02-2008, 17:22
I tend to err on the side of caution when interpreting rules so I have been ruling along with what you said, however the terror test is downgraded to fear aftre the initial terror test is passed.

example: scary vampire appears and the unit has to take a terror test. the following turn the vampire charges, if the unit fails its test, it does not flee because the vampire no longer causes terror it now causes fear.


17-02-2008, 17:26
The test is not downgraded. The Terror causer simply causes Fear instead in all units which have already tested for Terror.

It is not a Terror test anymore, even less so a Terror test handles as a Fear test. It simply is a Fear test - nothing more, nothing less.

As he then causes a Fear test, the Banner's rules apply.