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17-02-2008, 10:28
Ooook, well, I gotta admit I haven't followed the rumours much, and I'm a bit busy now to gather all the informations for that, therefore, before I get a bit more time in my hands, I'm turning to you, warsser people, for some advices.

Well, I don't about the other countries, but here in France we used to have a card system where they added skulls for each 20 euros bought, and you got freebees when you reached certain points on your card. The offer is now gone, but ongoing cards are still accepted. Now, my bro has reached the "free army book" point on his old card, so he called me asking me if we needed any new army book, telling me it needed to be used up before the 17th of march. After looking at the army lists in the BRB (which, in my case, is a SRB, but whatever), I stumbled upon the VC army, so I quickly checked in the latest WD, and there you go, release: 8 of march, so it was good.

Sooooo what? you say. What's that lenghty, boring and useless introduction leading us to?, you might add.The point is, we have a VC army (kindda shared, even though I never really played them).
It's not very big, it could use some fleshing out; here is what we got:

20 skellies with spears
a certain amount of zombies (I'd say 40)
10 of these mounted skellies (I really should revise my undead lore)
One (:p) spirit swarm
2 giant bat things
2 (:p) direwolves (we used Dark Eldar warp dogs as proxy to complete them)

A banshee
A wraith
A black coach
Two necromancers
A vampire on foot (the one with the halberd from Mordheim, my bro painted him blond and called him Spike, huh ><)
I believe my bro has a vampire on winged nightmare at his place.

I suppose you've already guessed the question by now, but let's ask it anyway: what to add (based on the upcoming book, of course)?
I think Crypt guards will get in that list, they look too cool not to be taken. Blood Keep knights are a no go (at least for me, my bro can do whatever he wants with his money), too expensive, to brutish, and I don't like the models. No characters either, we don't play these (only exception being the Green Knight, because there's some sense in seeing him in normal battles).
So, what next, according to you? The obvious answer, I know, would be "everything else". Well, it'll probably happen some day or another, money is not really the issue, but time is. So the question, in fact, is more like "what to get, in which order?", take the idea that we would add, for exemple, one unit every 5 months.
So take into account that battles are (for now) small scale with them, so while the logic behind "you need 100 zombies for rising purposes" is fair and sensible, well, there's more fun things to get right now, to spice up the battles a bit, rather than just getting more off-the-tabletop models. Well, unless you think the numbers above are really not enough for the battles size (don't really know how much all this above costs, point-wise), which would be a welcome comment, btw.

17-02-2008, 10:41
How about a couple of battalions? This will give you 40 skeletons, 40 zombies, 20 ghouls and 2 corpse carts. You already have 10 black knights so throw in a few more wraiths to have a nice ethereal unit and you should be good to go. ;)

17-02-2008, 11:01
im also going to go with a couple of battalions, i would have suggested the spearhead but as you get a free army book you;d be loosing money :p

as dominatrix said, 2 battalions will add to your force nicely. maybe get the new varghulf (quick, vampiric beasty thing), maybe some wolves and the new grave guard, and maybe (if you like the models) some of the characters.

17-02-2008, 13:15
Let's see...

First of all, you should try making the existing choices you've got playable (ie fieldable)

-Dire Wolves: Get a pack of 10, it's cheap and you'll be able to field to small units

-Wraiths: As far as I know, they come in units of 5 now, so you'll need three more of them to field them(with the banshee acting as champion). I personaly don't like the models, but I'm sure you could find some Rackham equivalent...

-Fell Bats: An extra bat or two is needed, as the unit is 3+

-Spirit Hosts: You'll need an extra base or two. Bear in mind that you can build these from existing models in your collection(for example putting 2-3 dwarves in each base, painting them in a spirit-like way). Alternatively, you could use the ghouls from the battalion for this purpose...

On to bulking up the force:

As far as core units are concerned, you wil probably need a battalion, as this will get you a corpse cart (shiny new thing!! :D), and bump your core troops to a much-needed level of 100+ models. The ghouls could prove to be a waste at 10-strong, but I wouldn't buy more at this point.

On to the special choices: Black knights are OK, you won't need more of them . Grave Guard are getting new models, and they look sweet! Whats more, they'll probably be more affordable now. A unit of 20 will do fine, I think.

Rare:No need to spend your money on the Blood Knights, unless a)you playtest them as proxies and you like the way they perform b)you find suitable models from another range (Rackham still comes to mind). Black Coach is good. As for the Varghulf, it's really a matter of preference, since you already have 2 good rare choices. Maybe as a purchase for later on?

Characters: A single vampire on foot seems too little; I'd get another one, plus one on a horse... That's where the new special characters might actually come in handy.

24-02-2008, 20:16
Cairn wraiths are rather taisty, quite pointy though but they are deffinatly a good idea. black knights are good and with the new plastic grave guard - you can use the grave guard plastic bodies on top of TK horsemen, they look rather goood.