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17-04-2005, 21:16
Hey guys,
Hope the title got your attention.
A couple of guys and I in my local gaming club are trying to come up with some house rules for a campaign that we are developing, and we need some help!

The idea is this. Based on the 40K version of demonhunter, we are trying to create a army list for an empire equvilant and "hunts" vampire counts, tomb kings and choas. The list's structure will resemble a dogs of war list. Ie standard empire core with own items, upgrades and special choices.

Here are some early ideas that I hope you guys can evaluate and refine.

Magic Items:
-Silver bullets: Wounds VC on a 2+
-Holy Water: Use as dart. Bottle of holy water wounds on a 2+ with no armour save

Special Choice:
-Jones' Grave rubbers: based on FC, armed with one hand weapon and one torch that does fire damage. (Mummys are flameable right?)
-Van Hellimon's Vampire Hunters: based on Swordsmen, Hatred against vampire

Troop upgrade:
-garlic: +1 initiative in combat with VC

More ideas will be added later. How many points will these cost? Improvments?
Any other ideas?

Thanks for all the help!

KDP Morgoth
17-04-2005, 22:11
Interesting idea.

Off the top of my head, I would suggest using the Templars of Sigmar (aka The Witch Hunters) as the core of the army since they're the closest the Empire has to the Imperium's Inquisition. You would obviously have a Witch Hunter General as one of your Lord Choices and a Witch Hunter Captain as either a secondary Lord choice or Hero Choice. A Sigmarite Priest would also be good as another Hero Choice. For troops I'd say maybe Milita (Representing riled up Peasants or Hired Thugs) as Core Choices, maybe throw in a regiment of Knights dedicated to Sigmar, Hunting Hounds, and of course Flagellants who usually aren't far behind Witch Hunters. The big thing to remember is to have no Wizards or non-humans (i.e. Ogres, Halflings) as the Witch Hunters are very suspicous and untrusting of those who practice Sorcerey and those who aren't human. Oh and you also would want to steer clear of any Ulrican elements as well. That's about all I can think of at the moment. If I think of anything else I'll let you know. In the mean-time you might want to check out the Mordeheim Witch Hunters Warband and the Witch Hunter/Finder books for some more inspiration (Witch Hunter has a little bit of info on Witch Hunter organization/ranking).

17-04-2005, 22:50
There used to be two two DoW Special characters in 5th Editon (johann and somebody), one basically looked like your typical Witch hunter the other was in robes carrying a staff with a rams jawbone on the end. Have GW rereleasde their rules for 6th Ed?

Sir Charles
17-04-2005, 23:02
There used to be two two DoW Special characters in 5th Editon (johann and somebody), one basically looked like your typical Witch hunter the other was in robes carrying a staff with a rams jawbone on the end. Have GW rereleasde their rules for 6th Ed?
Yes, I think they were in the 2002 Annual

Three Headed Monkey
18-04-2005, 05:03
The Witch hunter mentioned was Johan Van Hal, who was followed around by a sigmarite priest who carries a staff on which the jawbone Sigmar used to defeat an entire army of skaven is tied.

I would consider checking out the rules for these two. I know that they also apeared in a WD. Johan carries to pistols (with blessed bullets) and stakes taken from a holy tree. The stakes can instantly kill any undead model, but I cant remember much more than that. Inpiration for you characters and wargear could come from these two.

18-04-2005, 21:35
I got the 2002 Annual here. First of all, their rules were written by Alessio Cavatore, which means that there is a pretty good chance that...they might no be...entirely balanced. ;) Fortunately, he did not write the rules for Warrior Priests of Sigmar for as far as i know, so it's not all that bad.

Basically, it's 2 guys who run around being immune to psychology but hate chaos/undead (skaven are chaos). The priest got a great weapon that doesn't strike last and auowounds skaven, daemons and undead. His bud has magical bullets and a two-handed stake that is a powerfist vs. undead and daemons, and works on vampires like Mr. Pointy.

Other good sources of inspiration are Mordheim Witch Hunters and any fluff involving the Templars of Sigmar and the Black Knights of Morr.

On another note, i made a system for Empire armies with which i could produce a relatively balanced list for this, including a Warrior Priest of Morr but excluding new magic items. Interested?

19-04-2005, 23:02
Sure...I'm very interested.
Here are something that came up on another forum.

Garlic: can be given to basic units like a shield up grade. -1 Ld for any vampire that's in base contact. Costs 2 pts per model.

Silver bullets inscribed with runes: magic item. 4+ to wound on a vampire and were-creatures with no modifiers. 50pts.

Holy Symbol: Magic Standard. +1 combat resultion again undead, vampire, chaos..etc. All undead, vampire, chaos...etc ingaged in CC will have -1 Ld. 40pts

Banner of the Hunter: magic standard. hatred against undead, vapmire, chaos..etc.

What do you think? Can you come up with some specail units that can be represented by units form the empire with some modification?


20-04-2005, 01:54
Well if you mean what would a WFB army that hunts those look like, i'd say you'd best start with the Marienburg list (DOW core 1:1 per non-flaggelant infantry). Militia represent angry villagers, state troops the support from the state or local law enforcement, etc.

22-04-2005, 17:57
I'm thinking that if you want for this army to look in anyway like the deamon hunters list you're gonna need to make a few minor changes to the Empire army list, because I see this army as being Luthor Huss' chosen to seek out and take down the forces of chaos. I know this list may be unbalanced, but it was concieved directly after reading this thread. Tell me what you think.

Special rules

Characters are great!- Should a character die being as they are strongholds of morale when facing the wicked legions of undead and chaos all friendly units (except warhounds and grey knights and other units lead by characters) on the battlefield must take a leadership teast or flee when a character dies. Also, should it be the general that dies then all units except the gray knights and warhounds must make this test). But the range for a general's leadership is increased to 18" and all other warrior priests can extend their leadership 6".

Vile Beasts- All untis in the army are immune to panic against undead and chaos except for free companies (and even them when accompanied by a warrior priest).


Luthor Huss or some other beefed up warrior Preist option.


Warrior priests

0-1 wizards (priests) for every warrior priest (this is because a wizard is more likely to join an army where he might have some chance of protection from evil things such as vampires, but he/she seeks to learn much in going on the expedition) They may only choose spells from the lore of light and life.


0-1 Knights for each warrior priest (represent's the knights who have devoted their lives to erradicating the world of chaos)

Free companies (represents the less skilled men who volunteer to join the ranks for a good cause)

0-1 for every character. Warhounds (3 points each, 10 points for a hound master (freee company with control over hounds) one must be bought for every 5 hounds)
M Ws Bs S T W I A Ld Sv
6 3 - 4 3 1 4 1 5 -
They have frenzy only towards undead units as that is the scent that they were given to follow, as well as hating them.
(if they lose hound masters then the dogs disperse and count as being lost)


0-1 Grey Knights
same stat line as chaos knights except that they also have a magic resistance (2), killing blow, and they have halberds (except +2 stregth on the charge) and full plate armor. They cause fear in all undead and chaos.

0-1 per Warrior priest. Veterans (greatswords)
Essentially the same unit except has to be accompanied by warrior priest in order to be stubborn


Holy Flame flinger (for lack of a better name)
Works just like a mortar except that if the unit hit is chaos or undead, killing blow and hursts flammable targets more.

0-1 Apprentices These are "trieds of experiennced witch hunters who excel at taking out essential command structures of the legions of darkness.
Basically an Eshin triad with warrior priest stats and hatred towards all of chaos and undead.

0-1 per character Flagellants (spelling?)

Well this is what I see the army list looking something like if you were to ever make such a thing. Though maybe you could find a way to make a fantasy incarnation of a dreadnaut (spelling?)...... now that would be interesting. I know it's a stupid list and probably lacks balance. But I think it fulfills the desire to have a genuine witch or deamonhunter army.