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17-02-2008, 17:57
I am wondering if any warseers have used lothern sea guard, and what sort of units people have had success with. I am looking to field some in an all infantry high elf army that I am starting, and I am leaning toward using a large block of them (19 with command). The reasoning here is totally aesthetic-- I have some cool old maiden guard models and an everqueen, and am looking for a way to field them. The only lists that I have seen using the sea guard so far use them in rather smallish units, so I am wondering if this unit would be overkill. The rest of my army will include a couple bolt throwers, a unit of archers, two units of swordmasters, two units of shadow warriors, one mage, and two heroes (swordmasters-- eltharion and the guy from mordheim). I am really trying to keep to an all infantry and Saphery theme, but I'm wondering if anyone else has any suggestions.

17-02-2008, 18:49
i have never used LSG myself, but there's a thread on the High Elf Forum that could help you out


17-02-2008, 18:55
i have never used sea guard myself, but there is a thread on the High Elf Forum that you might find helpful


18-02-2008, 13:19
LSG are much better in skirmish games, where their ability to shoot and be effective in HTH makes them worth every point. TBH, if they could shoot in 2 ranks they'd probably be effective even now. If they skirmished, no one would use them (no static CR). LSG are one area of the HE book that pretty much anyone can agree, GW messed up on.

If you take them, units of 10,12, or 15 are ideal. At 15 they kinda need a hill so they can all shoot, but at 10 they can be spread out like a normal unit of archers, and reformed just before they get charged into a combat line.

Our local player uses them exclusively as his core, in units of 10, and never reforms them. He hides his WLs and SMs behind them, and dares you to charge them. He's also infamous for lots of RBTs and Shadow Warriors.