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sagittar slaith
17-02-2008, 18:07
do any things stand out in your =][= games as being unbelievably lucky or unlucky as the case may be. i remember one time when my brothers power sword weilding inquisitor with just above acolyte stats gutted my entire warband in a few turns. he just kept getting critical abdomen hits again and again and again...

Dark Seraphs
17-02-2008, 19:06
stupid luck was when my Acolyte saw a truck with a full warband of orks driving past him (he was inside a building), he picks up his only krak Grenade and throws it and hits the ork driver in the face with the grenade, it exlodes in his face and he dies...the car was at full speed and the car flips to the side, killing or stunning most of the ork warband. The Acolyte starts walking to the car, taking up his stubber and killing the rest of the band.

the same Acolyte was shot 4 times in the groin by a Tau Watercast and suffer system shock (and is crippled) but he is saved by a Guardsman with a shotgun, later the Acolyte somehow got a legendary bionic groin (got a 01% when seeing what kind of a bionic implant I get for the groin) so I got to costimize my own bionic groin, so I made the groin give me +2 in armor and have a implanted meltagun (one use per battle) where his thingy used to be.

The Acolyte ended with becoming a Inquisitor Lord of the Ordo Mallus.

This Acolyte was a total hero, he even fought a Khorn Space Marine head on, and killing him by taking his head off with his powersword. But by that time he was a Inquisitor.

He never got himself new items, through the whole thing he had a Powersword and a Stubber.

I figured I'd stop playing him when he had more bionic then flesh. (both arms, both legs and groin)

Colonel Kevlar
20-02-2008, 04:36
One time, my Rogue Trader, with not so good stats, and only a short sword and bow, killed a Space Marine Librarian with a single arrow to the face. Not quite sure of the details (it was a while ago), but I think he had accidentally poisened it with nightshade (that's a poisin, right? read it a long time ago in a sherlock holems novel) he got froma Water Caste member. He now is quite famous in my campaign, with his trusty bow and sword alwys manageing to get rid of the most evilcharacters, then his body guard would become useless (a very powerfull Eldar who owed him his life for some reason I've forgotten), so he's just funny. Dark Seraphs, that's scary. Oh, that would be funny though.Also, that water caste dude was sue angry, wasn't he? Not even hitting him in the face. :)

Dark Seraphs
24-02-2008, 18:05
:) in the end I was having problems modeling bionics on my hero :), also another reason why I quit using him...I didn't want him to die, he had done so much. (played with him for over 2 years, once a week)

The Water Caste dude was killed by a guardsman who shot the Water Caste in the knee and then stabbing him senseless with a knife, the Guardsman was awarded by becoming the Acolyte's (after that battle became a inquisitor) Acolyte.

The guardsman wasn't all to happy though, he didn't want to become too much part of Ordo Mallus buisness (fighting demons and what not, and chaos space marines).

and woah, your Rogue Trader got to be a super guy, killing a space marine with a bow, I take it the space marine didn't have a helmet?

oh, silly marines and not having their helmets

25-02-2008, 18:16
I can remember one game where a Space Marine was killed by a Techo-magos armed with a breacher...
He was hit in the crotch, from behind with a breacher...

Needless to say, that marine wasn't sitting down for a while.

sagittar slaith
29-02-2008, 16:31
ouch! armour penetration!

01-03-2008, 14:53
Once my Vindicatre assasin was in a great sniping position at the top of a basilica when he got hit by a hallucegen grenade and decided he wanted to fly, dropping 8 storys only to lie at the bottom with a fair amount of injurie( enough to survive) only to be killed by a bayonet critical to the head, killing him. ******* guardsmen.