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Colonel Haizelhoff
17-02-2008, 19:09

Some may know of my deathworld veteran renegades project log but apart from that, all my projects in the future will be posted here. First up is my paper tank company themed on WW2 German European Blitzkrieg, using the original german tank schemes and DKoK. Here's the first sculpted tank commander. Also coming up sometime WH fantasy: Kislev.

18-02-2008, 11:41
Sounds good so far.
I like the theme, look forward to more pictures!

Colonel Haizelhoff
18-02-2008, 14:35
Well I've never before made a paper tank so that way this is pretty nice, but it still needs the tracks and I think I'm gonna 'ard coat all of them to give them some well needed texture. The turret is modelled like the german tiger 1 tank's turret

18-02-2008, 15:44
Looks good, I really like the Turret, looks like the crew acually has room to fire the hugecannon.

Are you working from templates or are you just making it up as you go along?

Colonel Haizelhoff
18-02-2008, 18:06
That was pure feeling, but I'm gonna try Easy-E's Ragnarok templates replacing the turret with my own one.

18-02-2008, 22:41
Cool, it looks nice. Wouldent plasicard be better though? Firmer and whatnought?

Colonel Haizelhoff
19-02-2008, 05:39
Yes just didn't have it yet

Colonel Haizelhoff
19-02-2008, 18:25
Here is the almost painted Russ, not the best I've done but it looks playable. The Camo was inspired by the German 3-tone tank camo, but since I'm not a good copier I made it a little different. Behold the 112th Krieg Armored Battalion Tank number 4 (gosh that's long)!

Colonel Haizelhoff
20-02-2008, 09:18
Heres a Kislev captain I started to work on for those WH Fantasy fans...

*EDIT* very bad picture the face looks mutated, gonna get a better one.

Colonel Haizelhoff
21-02-2008, 11:06
I've been trying to make a new better scheme for the russ, but failed in each attempt and I thought I might try a one colored tank with another color for the numbers etc. but with no scheme. What color would be good, remebering the WW2 german theme? Or do you have ideas for a good color scheme (I suck at painting them onto tanks, don't know why). plz help!

21-02-2008, 11:19
The tank looks melted. Seriously, just buy a standard kit.

Colonel Haizelhoff
21-02-2008, 14:20
The tank looks melted. Seriously, just buy a standard kit.

Yeah, I know what you mean, thats why I'm currently working on another army as well. This was just something I wanted to try out.

Colonel Haizelhoff
21-02-2008, 15:08
This still needs all the detail and the commander needs tidying but what about this concept?

And better pics of the Kislev captain whom I gave a banner for gaming reasons.

Colonel Haizelhoff
22-02-2008, 15:21
I finished both the kislev captain and the russ, I know that you aren't posting because the russ is ugly, but remeber I did it of standard paper and had no templates, it's only a test model. posting would be nice:mad:

Captin Korea!
23-02-2008, 13:52
I like that paper tank, its bettter looking than my firends ENTIRE recast tau army:eyebrows: lol

Colonel Haizelhoff
25-02-2008, 14:11
Well thx. I'm working on a second one with templates.

25-02-2008, 14:32
I like that paper tank, its bettter looking than my firends ENTIRE recast tau army:eyebrows: lol

Now THAT i would love to see! :D

Captin Korea!
25-02-2008, 21:28
Now THAT i would love to see! :D

Its err 1/2 decent. The mechs/tanks look legit from 3-4 feet away. Im scard to look at the troops though lol.

Colonel Haizelhoff
01-03-2008, 13:06
Well I'll take it as a compliment that my tank still looks good at under 3-4 feet away;). Here is a tank rider I've been so busy on, also starting to paint my Kislev knights:confused:.

Colonel Haizelhoff
04-03-2008, 19:12
Here is the subscription in a box SM veteran which I painted to be a Crimson Fist (my favorite chapter). Plz C and C on anything really.

Mr Feral
04-03-2008, 19:28
I reckon to improve your painting standard, you'd be better off with the basecoat then ink approach to keep the details clear. I'll have to agree with Grimtuff on the tanks though, but then again my scratchbuilding skills aren't too fantastic either.

Remember, simple is good.

*EDIT* That didn't come off as too harsh, did it?

Colonel Haizelhoff
05-03-2008, 12:38
no it didn't it's fine. After a little looking at the crimson fist guy I tried to neaten it. Also the flash on the cam was making the whole model seem ugly :(.

Colonel Haizelhoff
06-03-2008, 14:01
Well I tried doing as clean and simple as possible with these Kislev knights, keeping to the original pallet which was in the Kislev captain. The fluff of my Kislevs will be a village garrison, with defensive mortars and the state troops will be made using both the militia boxed set and the state troop boxes. The knights are old veterans, retired, who are called upon to spearhead the garrison and I used the questing knight models (the coolest knight box out there IMO). What do you guys think?

Colonel Haizelhoff
09-03-2008, 17:50
Here are pics of SM I got from my brother. He had already painted them and they have already lost some of their shape. The heavy bolter symbolizes the lack of resources of the crimson fists chapter. I also got some CSM from my brother. They are unpainted and hopefully will turn out nicer. Still working on the legion:confused:. This really shows my painting skill, and I hope you still comment, although they are bad.

Colonel Haizelhoff
15-03-2008, 10:54
well clearly something isnt nice in ur opinions, but here are pics of 2 squads of CF together and a word bearer Chosen CSM I just painted. I like the new Bloodletters so much that I just needed to get them as lesser daemons. They'll be out in may... sry for bad pics.


Colonel Haizelhoff
19-03-2008, 17:23
Well although this is my 5th post in a row here is some background for the word bearers:

Dark Apostle Kailon of the Word bearers was once chaplain of the 4th great company. Nowadays he has managed to gather a mighty army of word bearers from renegade space marines who have sworn allegiance and painted onto their armor the colors of the Word bearers. He has built a temple and stronghold on a highly unstable moon on the edges of the mailstorm and it works as a beacon for all manner of heretics. On top of recruiting zealous renegade space marines, Kailon has inducted great amounts of Heretic auxiliary. Kailon is a highly intellectual person and a great orator and through his minions he preaches the name of chaos, starting uprisings and cults on imperial worlds, after the rebelions and riots he brutally attacks the worlds with his army, slaughtering and sacrificing for all the gods of chaos (sometimes even the original rebels and cultists). The army itself compromises of all the different god's warriors and instead of chosen, kailon prefers the assault marines that he fought with before the heresy, thus all his chosen are mounted on jump packs.

Her are some bad pic (took with a phone because the card reader for my camera is broken) of the finished base of the model (vermin brown around the edges and some wasteland foliage to give a chaotic feel) and the jump pack of a basic SM assault marine I added. I personally hate the CSM raptor models and decided, since I had 12 Khorne berserkers, with no khorne markings (don't ask me why, they were my brothers) they would make great chosen raptors, with their modified armor. I will propably have 1 CSM unit with the icon of Khorne, since I have bloodletters as my lesser daemons, but will otherwise keep with the icon of glory. I tried different armylists, but decided to go back to only 1 squad that has a certain patron god. Hope you like it (now would certainly be a good time to post;))

Mr Feral
19-03-2008, 18:26
From what I can see, it looks good. Dark and grimy is definitely your thing, and the Jump pack looks good on the KB parts.

Colonel Haizelhoff
21-03-2008, 21:19
Well nice to hear compliments from the lord of dark and grimy;). I'm working on Dark Apostle Kailon from the BA Mephiston model. He's coming out nicely with a giant jump pack and personal icon and a unholy crozius which has turned into a daemon weapon. Picks coming soon.

Colonel Haizelhoff
23-03-2008, 17:11
At the time of the destruction of the World Eaters a few squads made their way to the safety of Lord Kailon's domain. It was from these that he learned the creation of Berzerkers. he immediately started experimanting in making his own perfect shock infantry and since than they have been spearheading Lord Kailon's assaults, however some of the squads are destroyed in the experiments and donšt do much on the battlefield (this is when the conscripts with lasguns rapid fire the whole squad to oblivion thanks to my bad throws:D).

Well I painted my 10 man squad of converted KBs. I used the BA death company (becoming quite clear my bro collected BAs) which IMO is quite fluffy, A squad who chose the wrong path out of their terrible curse. I like the crippled skin effect and it's ironic that one of my plasma pistol KB is actually blind:eyebrows:. Yeeeeee some pics+ a lovely old school pic ;)

sry for bad pics.

Mr Feral
23-03-2008, 17:28
*thumbs up*

Looking good, nice use of Death Company models.

Colonel Haizelhoff
24-03-2008, 19:57
Thx m8. I'm taking pics of the WIP dark apostle, but probably will only get around to it tommorrow. Until then:

I have finished assembling:

5 possessed, 10 CSM (undivided) and Kailon

I have finished painting:

10 KB and 1 raptor.

C&C plz

Colonel Haizelhoff
27-03-2008, 17:42
Here are finally pics! The dark apostle pic is a little bad, since I already sprayed it black:(. i will maybe start a Vostroyan artillery regiment, using catachans as a basis for servitors I'll use to form the bulk of fire support squads and command squads it truly was inspired by the artwork below. I thought this would be useful since the Vostroyan range is way too expensive for under aged ppl:p. Also IMO there is a lot of servitors in the IG artwork so why not use this, besides who would want to dirty his hands if a servitor can do it for him. I would still have grenadiers to firm a solid core and maybe even some ogryns who would normally carry the heavy loads for the big guns. The servitors would be all those free at the time of the battle, who would be re-armed to suit what ever role they were given. However I would anyway give it a go with just a 500 points combat patrol. Thoughts?

Colonel Haizelhoff
30-03-2008, 19:18
Guys what do you think of this 6 man squad of grenadiers? The rifles were modified to look more like some WW2 bolt-action rifles to mark them out as better armed with hellguns. Any suggestions on what I would possibly need to add, change some tone or do you just hate them? plz comment.

30-03-2008, 23:21
In a cruel way I may not be able to see your conversion on the rifles...
But in a fine and good way you should be proud of your simple-effective colorscheme. Though the snow on the bases is to much for me....concerning to the armour of your guys this is too much, if one would ask me.

Colonel Haizelhoff
31-03-2008, 14:26
I see your points pu...lu or which ever replied;). It's just that I don't necessarily take the painting on the artist side, but more with some reality pushed into it, and IMO the color scheme would really be used on Winter worlds. Maybe someone else could say his/her opinion to give me a broader perspective. Thx for the possitive comment and yes the rifles are hard to distinguish, but I sawed off the magazine and slot in which the mag goes and replaced the spot with a small pocket:confused:(not sure what to call those small packs that soldiers have on their belts). Keep the comments coming, I do appreciate negatve comments too, because I've realised that those comments really make your skills evolve faster and in the right direction.

Colonel Haizelhoff
06-04-2008, 19:09
Well I havent updated in quite a while but nobody has really being replying either, but I've been busy painting expanding my Vostroyans into 1 command squad, missile launcher heavy weapon squad and the grenadiers. Here are some pics I also thinned the snow and added in gravel etc. to make more lively the ground and less plain white. Lu&Pu u reckon cityscape would be better?

Colonel Haizelhoff
11-04-2008, 14:41
Well here are pics of my converted centaur for my command squad, it's a artillery command vehicle (I'd like to thank Mr.Feral for making the stupidest understand how to use photobucket and get the photos in the text). the snow on the front and tracks looks still too gluey but I'm working on it.

First an overall pic

Than a closeup on the source lighting I did in the back for the command desk with some maps, a ruler, a pencil, comm and plasma lamp (funky!)

The gunner converted from cadian and catachan parts:
and a closer pick off the whole vehicle:

plz some C&C to start some conversation?

Captin Korea!
12-04-2008, 13:04
Sorry that I haven't been replying to this thread.
The Glow effects are very nice looking, that command tank looks impressive, great Vostrians I always loved them. The chaos stuff is cool with the jump packs! Keep up the good work!

Colonel Haizelhoff
13-04-2008, 06:57
thx a lot, the strict color pallette of both the WBs and Vostroyans really helps IMO.

13-04-2008, 07:25
The Vostroyans are cool, and while any Word Bearers at all are good, these ones are particularly so.

Colonel Haizelhoff
13-04-2008, 08:33
thx a lot Reallos!

Here is a Vraks rengade I just had to sculpt after reading IA5:D. The sleeves turned out really nicely IMO.
sry the first pic is really dark.


13-04-2008, 08:41
not bad at all ,will you be sculpting a whole army or renegades ? or will you sucum and buy the FW set like i did ,lol

Colonel Haizelhoff
13-04-2008, 09:21
Thought of trying to make some moulds:eyebrows:. Not sure if it will work but would be great fun.

Captin Korea!
13-04-2008, 16:39
Nice heretic! I wish I could use greenstuff, *curses bad scuplting skill* As for forgeWorld, there stuff is ace, but it takes awhile to get it. :(

Colonel Haizelhoff
13-04-2008, 16:52
Nice heretic! I wish I could use greenstuff, *curses bad scuplting skill* As for forgeWorld, there stuff is ace, but it takes awhile to get it. :(

yes gooood stuff but they are also expensive and I'm really dependent on my parents, since in Finland children arent sent to factories to earn money at the age of 14;).

18-04-2008, 15:26
Great sculpt!
Now paint that Heretic!
Have you bought any of the Forgeworld miniatures?

Colonel Haizelhoff
18-04-2008, 19:52
No I have never bought FW because they are so damn expensive :(

Colonel Haizelhoff
20-04-2008, 06:24
I've managed to order a KG of magic sculpt modelling thingy and with that I should get a few platoons finished;). I'm also working on something for this years finnish Model Expo so stay tuned. When it's almost finished tonight I'll post some pics.

20-04-2008, 08:44
nice work colonel, although i do think your gs'ee could do with some smoothing, hes a bit... woodish... then again i'm not sure if this is what your going for! it certainly works on the gun as a kind of retro-lasgun feel...

keep it up!


Death Korp
20-04-2008, 15:21
To be honest, i think it needs smoothing down a little (the Green Stuff), but other then that, i think it looks fine :)

I would say, if you have patiance, is to slowly build up your renegade army with the FW bits. It will take time (like my Krieg :() but it will be worth it in the end.

Then method is saving and patience :)

Nice stuff though :)


Colonel Haizelhoff
20-04-2008, 17:08
Absolutely the guy isn't great I mean the gun isn't straight:eyebrows:. Here are some pics:

The thing for model expo I was talking about almost finished, but I still have a week time so I'd like your comments on things I should add, improve etc. (no I won't do a new one just because that one sucks)

On the Vostroyan front I've also started work on a heavy mortar, as you can see it's heavier built and not to be used in conjunction with regular infantry regiments, it's pure dig-in artillery.

and pics of a gun emplacement I started for the Vraksians armed with a vanquisher cannon.

Colonel Haizelhoff
20-04-2008, 17:08
And the back of the emplacement (is that a hair in there), damn 4 images only rule:

20-04-2008, 18:26
Mmmmm cardy goodness!

nice work though, that vorstran is pretty much "it". damned cool work,


Colonel Haizelhoff
23-04-2008, 19:15
Thx hawk here is the finished product.

23-04-2008, 19:30
you left your red paint open :P

Colonel Haizelhoff
24-04-2008, 19:25
Did I? Oh dear but luckily I haven't found dried red paint so it was propably closed again after that. I've undercoated the gun emplacement with was added a sloped front since is was too boxy before and I just hope to take glancing hits instead of penetrating:p Im going for some maxim machine guns from this site (http://www.theassaultgroup.co.uk/store/product.php?productid=448&cat=34&page=1) for my heavy bolter fire support squad. I get 5 machine guns for under 4 dollars and free shipping around the world, unbelievable ain't it?

Colonel Haizelhoff
26-04-2008, 11:21
I've almost finished the gun emplacement, it still needs some mud and the militiaman running out of it. I'm not too happy of the rust effect but it will do for now.

Captin Korea!
26-04-2008, 22:44
woot for chaos ;)

27-04-2008, 16:31
looking good colonel! the rust is seriously nice work!


Rabid Bunny 666
27-04-2008, 17:59
Wow, you're painting has improved leaps and bounds since the first post, those Vossies are damn nice.

The renegade looks a bit rough, if you're trying to smooth it down, remember, if in doubt, lick a finger and rub away :D

Colonel Haizelhoff
27-04-2008, 18:33
Thx guys heres a pic of the Vraks crew:

27-04-2008, 19:37
guess you didn't straighten the gun then:p

chaos projectile: What the hell is this "laws of the universe" business. It sounds foreign, this is a local weapon for local laws!

good stuff mate!


Colonel Haizelhoff
01-05-2008, 16:49
Actually I straightened it a lot, but decided it would be better if the wooden parts weren't perfectly symetrical ( I'm sure there are some Russian counterparts on Vraks to make not so great gun parts;)) the picture just makes the gun look really odder than in real life (which seems to happen often). Heres what I have been plotting lately: Arkos! That should scare the faith out of you 'cause he gives me a no limit on Alpha legionnaires in a Renegades and Heretics army. I want the R&Hs and CSMs to work well together and I'll also use Arkos and his AL in my CSM army. I've always loved combi weapons...


Mr Feral
01-05-2008, 16:55
I like his pose, and his book. Oh and his cloak too. The gun though seems a bit oversized to me considering the Melta part is supposed to be a single shot.

Finish cleaning up the mould lines and get painting!

Colonel Haizelhoff
01-05-2008, 19:16
Yes the melta is big, but melta weapons are highly unstable and so need a lot of fuel even for 1 shot, I will however balance it out with the bolter somehow. While thinking of ideas for Arkos I happened to make a sketch that looks awfully lot like a mr. feral in a red corsair warlord form (the hair just made me feel like it, yes feral I've seen your my space account:skull:) I went along and added a nice roar to it.

Colonel Haizelhoff
01-05-2008, 19:17
chaos projectile: What the hell is this "laws of the universe" business. It sounds foreign, this is a local weapon for local laws!

now that is lol

Mr Feral
01-05-2008, 19:34
There's nothing wrong with my MySpace account, thank you very much! Black and turquoise FTW!

It appears I've got a catchphrase now, and may that random burst of something haunt me forever :D.

Anyway back on-topic, do you have much planned for the Alpha Legionnaires? The Dark Angels cloaked bodies make nice and stealthy marines, and it goes with the AL fluff.

*EDIT* @ Hawkie Boi - Well I'm sigged in three nowadays. ZING!

01-05-2008, 19:46
good mother of the gods... i'm getting quoted IN TWO SIGNATURES!

Well, good to see ROAR is getting carried over. Guess i need to do one now!


edit: *COUGH* nice model btw, i forgot to say that... nice mini indeed!

hawke... MKII

Colonel Haizelhoff
02-05-2008, 14:17
Well for the AL I'm experimenting. Army-wise they will form a big part of my CSM warband and I will use them in the R&Hs. model-wise I'm trying painting the models first in DA colors, than covering up some of it with bluetac and then painting on AL colors, however the color schemes are pretty close, so the contrast has to be clear between the two schemes.

Captin Korea!
03-05-2008, 02:03
Where is that book hand from? The model is quite lovely, in a chaotic unholy sorta way :)

Colonel Haizelhoff
03-05-2008, 06:33
The book is originally from a adeptus soroitas canoness. He thought it looked cool and decided to have a go at reading it;).

03-05-2008, 11:21
Your gun emplacement looks very nice. Those rust effects are done quite well.

And I love the idea with the book. It is very Word Bearer like. Advancing while reading insane texts about the powers of the dark gods. This is very insane and thus very fitting for 40k.

Colonel Haizelhoff
03-05-2008, 16:21
Actually Arkos is a Alpha Legion lord. The rust on the gun emplacement called for something I had never done, since the basecolor was vermin brown. Normally I'd use Vermin/Bestial brown, and the blazing orange needs some smoothening. Here's PIP shots of the first AL test mini, I want your thoughts.

Mr Feral
03-05-2008, 16:41
Hmm, I'm not sure where you're going with this colour scheme, so you'l have to explain. The random patches of green look like camoflague to me, but I'm not sure.

Colonel Haizelhoff
03-05-2008, 16:45
Thats because I had to lighten the green. It's meant to be remnants of the DA scheme painted over the AL colors when they infiltrated onto Vraks, but how did you patch on your raptors? That would help me alot.

Mr Feral
03-05-2008, 17:02
Ah I see now. That's a Dark Angel icon on the shoulder pad. Very fluffy!

How do I paint my Raptors? Well the trick is where the two colour schemes meet is a kind of "vine" effect, like flames but in just one colour.

If you paint some Chaos stars over the Dark Angel iconography, and mix in Space Marines parts as well, then you'll be sorted!

Colonel Haizelhoff
10-05-2008, 07:57
Unfortunately I decided not to give the test mini SP parts, since this is to test the color scheme. I tried adding chaos stars etc. but couldn't find a color that would fit into the color palette I was using. Here is mk.2 the horns need finishing

10-05-2008, 08:45
Very nice work,

as a suggestion for the DA overscheme, i'd say go with it on the top side only, for example most of the arm and then have it sneaking over onto the chest, but stopping in a nice line where the alpha legion comes from beneath it


Mr Feral
10-05-2008, 10:47
as a suggestion for the DA overscheme, i'd say go with it on the top side only, for example most of the arm and then have it sneaking over onto the chest, but stopping in a nice line where the alpha legion comes from beneath it

Do what Hawke says :p, because I was to suggest the same thing, as well as a controlled wash of black in the armour crevases to make the armour plates stand out more.

Colonel Haizelhoff
10-05-2008, 21:13
Thx guys I will certainly try it out. Now feast your eyes on this troop lorry. The idea comes from does good old days in -45 when the army was a ocean filled with different colored uniforms and the so called mighty motorised regiments drove around in troop lorries. Here is a modified mining lorry taken from the mining colonies of the small world of Logur to "motorize" the PDF of the planet. I love different guard armies and I thought that I could mix them all together into a force like this. No more cadian 8th, cadian 122nd, vostroyan 32nd etc. just the 009 Logur PDF Regiment. maybe a little more fluff later, but I'm sure your already on the brink of going crazy so pics:


10-05-2008, 21:52
well... i can say two things.

One: Your model is very... Err.... Unique looking.


Two: Is it suppost to look like its been attacked by baking powder from above? I could imagine the tag line.

"PDF APC's: When cardboard boxes meets baking powder!"

Aww who i am kiddin :( It is very original looking, i can't say i like it, because i haven't seen it in its element yet, so i can't judge it propa. However, good work, keep it up!


Colonel Haizelhoff
11-05-2008, 15:06
I tried taking away most of the weathering and also I've started straightening the whole shoe box. I know that I'm not good at scratch building and thats why I'm doing it, to evolve and learn:evilgrin:.

Captin Korea!
11-05-2008, 15:29
I like the combat tank thing! home-made models are the best!:D

11-05-2008, 15:33
i love the little hand painted pdf thing, really lovely touch!


Colonel Haizelhoff
11-05-2008, 19:40
Thx for the encouragement. The PDF mark was there all the time, it was just covered in weathering. Here is a guardsmen based on a starship troopers light infantry model (mongoose publishing). Thoughts? The army is also use the Vossies (every1 wants that thick armor and warm clothing) some catachans I have left over, and if possible financially some classic models, like mordians, valhallans and steel legion, or maybe just one more cadian box.

11-05-2008, 19:58
i think you've got him more 40kised, definatly, but i think the gun needs some bulk, even if its camo bulk, since, as we know, no one in 40k doesn't have a gun the size of a small horse. if they are a small horse, doubly so.


Colonel Haizelhoff
12-05-2008, 17:30
Heres a comparison photo with one of my jungle renegades. IMo the gun is like a fine autogun easy to get for a poorly equipped PDF force


Logur is an ice world reasently captured by an Imperial force commanded by a Radical Inquisitor called Daemous, because the planet was highly daemon infested. Not knowing of Daemous' corrution, High command issued the Daemonhunter Governor militant, since no one was sure how badly the planet was still corrupted by chaos. For Daemous this was the ultimate opportunity to make a personal army from the Logur PDF. Instead of using the resources given by the Imperium to make the PDF, he took equipment from IG regiments in the area with his high authority as an inquisitor lord (Logur is still part of a border warzone). Instead of letting adeptus arbites on the planet, he keeps his own personal stormtrooper army, which he calls the PPF or Planetary police force. These men snatch all the best equipment and gladly burn down entire blocks of houses in pursuit of a "heretic". The resources for the PDF were used to experiment on Spirit hosts and other radical projects. Logur itself only provides great mines to fuel the industries of the region of planets. The high command of Logur is mainly just radical Inquisitors, whom Daemonus has personally picked, and nobody knows the true extent of corruption. The 009 regiment is a motorised regiment. Fast regiments are key to any planets defense, but with no funds to buy chimeras for the regiments, and snatching that many vehicles being so hard, the APC are lorries taken from the miners and modified to bear multi lasers and firing slots. Miner militia groups are usual, some groups named terrorists and some groups perfectly legal, either are used in conjunction with planetary defense, when the need is great.

p.s. Vostroyan uniforms are mainly snatched by officers and group bullies due to their excellent armor and warm clothing.

Colonel Haizelhoff
15-05-2008, 19:03
So to take you away from 40k my friend is going all crazy about the new FB daemons, and realising I don't have a fantasy army (personally I prefer the easier 40k rule system) I'll have to start one that I can use against him. After failing terribly with a shooty army, I realised that hitting on an average of 5+ sucks, which brought me back to the drawing board. Finally I decided, that with the Dogs of War i could take in new units every now and than from any race in the future, and thought that it would be a fine army and fun to model. After looking at the list, I decided to center my army around pikemen, 'cause their fight in 4 ranks special rule is so good. Here's a test on making the pikemen, since I love the men-at-arms models (the units are useless in a bretonnian army). Too much talking, I'll show the pics.

15-05-2008, 19:50
that is one insane pikesman! i love him!


Colonel Haizelhoff
17-05-2008, 12:33
@ G. Hawke: Thank you sir, if the pikeman had feelings he would be happy.

Well, some of you will be glad to hear this: My APC was attacked by a yet unidentified dog! So here is the finished PDF squad but no transport. I've also managed to do the first rank of pikemen.

Colonel Haizelhoff
18-05-2008, 19:56
So here is a not finished test color scheme. I still need to blend the highlights and layers together, but you get the idea. It ws fun using a white undercoat for change.

C&C plz.

18-05-2008, 20:18
lookin good col!


Colonel Haizelhoff
19-05-2008, 14:19
Thank you Hawke. I thought i could try white undercoat for FB, since they are fantasy and fantasy should be some gay (not to offend any gays) elves running around in forests, happily killing goblins.

Colonel Haizelhoff
21-05-2008, 16:12
So here is the finished painting. Thoughts?

Mr Feral
21-05-2008, 17:26
I see improvement in your painting, but I wouldn't of used red and green together personally.

Colonel Haizelhoff
21-05-2008, 17:29
I wouldn't of used red and green together personally.

Is that one of those artist things? Never use these and these colors, because they contrast badly together? The idea was to tie the unit together with red, and use any colors on the rest of the clothing, for a more mercenary look. Thx anyway.

Mr Feral
21-05-2008, 17:35
Yes, it's one of those artist things. Colour theory and that.

Contrast is good though in some circumstances, but ignore my gibberings and keep painting!

Colonel Haizelhoff
21-05-2008, 19:12
Here is another lovely little project. True scale marines. They are not the biggest of kind, but still big. I'll have a silver/black color scheme and the theme is death-watch. I have only used basic marines/CSM bits (no terminator parts) which I am very proud of:). I imagine the pose as the marine heroically dueling a carnifex :evilgrin: , no marine would otherwise aim up, since all basic troops are smaller than them :D

21-05-2008, 19:13
well feral there are exceptions, i find dark green and a good red work together a treat, then again i'm a fan of both, and often use a brown to create the colour balance... but then i've got a style that breaks a lot of rules in order to exist.

where was i... oh yeah! Looking good colo, i personally like the scheme, but it does seem to lack depths... are you using a white basecoat?


Colonel Haizelhoff
21-05-2008, 19:22
Yes It's a white basecoat, I've never tried it and that's why I think the model didn't go so great. I'll be doing the rest of the first rank and the second rank during the weekend (along with some of those SMs).

Mr Feral
21-05-2008, 19:27
well feral there are exceptions, i find dark green and a good red work together a treat, then again i'm a fan of both, and often use a brown to create the colour balance... but then i've got a style that breaks a lot of rules in order to exist.

I knew that, I just forgot to mention it :p. It was in an old White Dwarf, in a Slaan painting article on colour theory (I liked the purple one). Also, brown works well with most things because mix most colours together and that's what you get!

On topic, interesting Space Marine, the pose reminds me of one of the Tyranid Hunter models.

21-05-2008, 19:28
Yes It's a white basecoat, I've never tried it and that's why I think the model didn't go so great.

i had the same though, white coats work well once you've had alot of practise, however i still recommend doing the rank and file using a blackcoat, its just better and faster for mass producted units


Mr Feral
21-05-2008, 19:34
It also speeds up the painting process by leaving a thin gap of the basecoat between colours, known as "blacklining". Doesn't work with white undercoat though. That was my useful tip of the day.

Colonel Haizelhoff
22-05-2008, 19:42
Yes I remeber you telling me of blacklining and the model does have it, just doesnt propably show in the pic. Here si some PIP blending I did, Thx to starks333 for his great tutorial vid. I really didnt like the metal and so changed the scheme of SM.

Colonel Haizelhoff
24-05-2008, 07:10
So here it is finalised. Thoughts?

24-05-2008, 07:44
i like it, the bone works really nicely! keep it up!


24-05-2008, 14:21
I like the gritty look, plenty of character !

24-05-2008, 16:53
Maybe it is just the pics but it looks like you'D used too much colour. But the results looks good. Looks very used.

Colonel Haizelhoff
25-05-2008, 11:32
Yes after first trying silver and than swapping to a technique I hadnt tried before there ended up too much paint on the model. Anyway I thought I'd show my progress on the PDF. I stumbled into the WD article on abhuman doctrines and really liked the feral ogryns fluff wise. words like "crisis" and "hastily" sprang up and I thought I'd add this element to the army. Instead of paying for some guardsmen that start talking at the first sign of corruption, Ogryns are cheap to maintain and don't understand politics. These auxiliaries are given basic equipment and than thrown into the fight wherever manpower is low, with the guardsmen manning artillery and heavy weapons.

25-05-2008, 11:59
hmm any chance of some diffrent angle to the photo's? the current one gives him extreme constipation/using a knife to whipe his backside look...

painting is pretty mint though, nice work!


Colonel Haizelhoff
25-05-2008, 14:06
I'll edit pics on later tonight, but heres the pose. He's clutching the knife (men-at-arms halberd actually) in his hand and scratching his head going like "what am I doing on this strange cold planet with barking stunties:wtf:" as he's just been shipped a few hundred light years from a volcanic feral world and he's never used anything else than bone tools:D. I hope you get the idea. He's meant to be a bit comical. Before any1 mentions it yes he's been influenced by WW2 russians;)

Colonel Haizelhoff
06-06-2008, 15:24
So after been without the internet for some time, I've done a lot. A sculpted 'fex, an orky piece of art i call: Orky Dakka, and well thats it. Plz comment on the NMM on the ork's gun (I know bad pic)

Colonel Haizelhoff
06-06-2008, 15:29
and the 'fex. Base WIP

Colonel Haizelhoff
11-08-2008, 09:57
I have been away for a long time, but thought I'd start updating again:).
Here's what Ive been doing: IW with some siege traitor guard and now starting lizardmen for the tale of fantasy painters. The bases on the siege guard are the final that will also be on the IW (I'm using the renegades and heretics list).

Colonel Haizelhoff
11-08-2008, 09:58

Colonel Haizelhoff
11-08-2008, 10:00
and finally the lizardmen:

Mr Feral
11-08-2008, 12:54
Welcome back!

Your painting standards have quite clearly improved, the Renegades and Lizardmen shall be ones to watch out for.

The chevrons on the Traitor's shield are a bit wonky so that might warrant a bit of a tidy up, but it's looking good overall.

Colonel Haizelhoff
30-08-2008, 13:59
woah the whole month has gone with the TOP logs (I'm in both fantasy and 40k), but here are some stuff i'd like to show.

my PIP chimera (scratch built)

and a sculpted mordian lascannon firer (both for the To40kP)

Colonel Haizelhoff
07-09-2008, 08:42
So time for updating! The chimera finished:
bad pick of my lizardmen BSB (converted from a regular saurus)

Colonel Haizelhoff
07-09-2008, 08:46
and some picks of this weeks stuff. I started the army on monday and i have 1000pts. I'll still add some blood red highlights and cleaning, i just couldn't resist them on the tabletop and so based them already:D. These guys are mostly back from 3rd ed so they have suffered on the way (they look a little molten or that they would have had too many coats of paint).

for those who don't know, the fleshtearers are a blood angels successor chapter, which has been crippled by the black rage down to 4 companies, thats with all the battle damage and odd tanks. The main tank arsenal of the chapter is rhinos and razorbacks since fleshtearers really don't like to sit back and fire at the enemy, so my tanks represent the need for fast fire support, stick a missile launcher to the back of a rhino troop compartment.
The fleshtearers had their own list in the index astartes source book.

Colonel Haizelhoff
05-10-2008, 15:50
So I thought I'd add some pics for this thread. I've been working on trying out speed painting black, and doing my scratchbuilt leman russ. Some may recognise where the infantry are originally from, but they have been reassigned the 31st Krik Intelligence Corps, the tanks will be from a supporting regiment (not named yet, ideas are welcome:D). Unfortunately the I used the flash when taking this pic so It's pretty bad, I'll probably also be adding colors to the browns of the tank.


05-10-2008, 16:47
your lizie BSB looks nice :D

Colonel Haizelhoff
05-10-2008, 18:56
Thx a lot.
Talking about lizies here are the ones I made for this months ToFPs.

Mr Feral
05-10-2008, 19:49
At first glance, I didn't recognise that the Leman Russ was scratch-built so that's probably a good thing. :)

The Saurus are looking great, I rather admire that shade of green. What is it?

Colonel Haizelhoff
07-10-2008, 13:43
Woah I'm happy than, 'cause that means it'll probably be fine on the gaming table. The green is catachan green + camo green edges and than a devlan mud wash.

Colonel Haizelhoff
12-10-2008, 10:40
Alright I'm updating again.

The hive city of Clacos has been infected by a nurgle plague, mutating the population into plague zombies. However 1% of people seem to have a natural immune to the virus, which has no cure. That 1% battles against the zombies in the small streets of the hive city, scavenging for weapons and armor. It is rumored that a valkyrie gunship is still somewhere in the upper hive, only waiting for the lucky group that will get that free ticket off the killzone.

This is the setting for a zombie carnage i am ,along with my friends, organising at our local hobby store. The rules are loosely based on 40k, but the most fun part is the weapons. U start with basicly nothing, but by entering buildings, u roll on a random chart. At the best you hit an army bunker, and weapons, but if ur unlucky u might just find 2d6 zombies lurking in the corners. Zombies are also randomly spawned at the start of each turn. Each player has a 5 man squad (can be what ever gang members or dock workers u want) and here is my squad. One of them even has a frying pan :D. I was aiming for a bit fun in the squad, and didnt mind the face of the shouting HB loader looking unrealistic. He's just about to recieve the charge of 20 zombies, he being only armed with a shovel, afterall. http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn176/haizelhoff/img5-2.jpg

Colonel Haizelhoff
13-10-2008, 20:49
Ok so to add some painting to this thread here is my painted farseer thoughts?

17-10-2008, 10:47
Ok so to add some painting to this thread here is my painted farseer thoughts?

Thoughts....mmmh kay....
Like it alot, do you have any bigger and/or even better pics of it?
And maybe some more images from different angles?
Would be great. I also like your scratch Leman Russ, looks good but have no idea for the name of its regiment. But to get there think of a name for its pattern you know where it came from like Styges or Mars or whatever.

Colonel Haizelhoff
18-10-2008, 15:48
Thx Lu&Pu. Here are some more pics I'm still working on the purple (not happy with it yet).

04-11-2008, 00:09
Maybe the purple would need one more highlight but in the other hand I like it as it is, because it looks darker and is surrounded by the lighter/brighter color of his cape/cloak. In the end it is up to you but I would leave it as it is.

PS: fixed the problem with my marine pics made with the b&c marine painter, so if you want to look. ;-)

08-10-2010, 17:55
Oooh, a fellow finlander, *Subscribed* :D I love the Scratchbuilt Leman russ...
Really Cool... Hey, and mind if I steal the zombie-Mission idea? It could be a lot of fun around here Nivala... :D

Keep 'em up!


08-10-2010, 18:06
Here is a Vraks rengade I just had to sculpt after reading IA5:D. The sleeves turned out really nicely IMO.
sry the first pic is really dark.


Hey sorry for the double post, But this guy is wicked! I was reading this trough and when i remembered what i was going to do with GS, (Stick it to mouth and chew? :confused:) That is much, MUCH more better than i can do. (unless we don't count hair making from GS)


09-10-2010, 10:14
Thx Lu&Pu. Here are some more pics I'm still working on the purple (not happy with it yet).

i can't believe your not happy with that if i could paint like that i would be over the moon